Controlling the Herd is Imperative to our War on Terror

As we watch the Mexican President chide the US for the law passed in Arizona, it is no wonder that so many Americans have lost all faith in the sensibilities and common sense of our politician’s abilities to stick to the basic laws of this country, let alone the sentiments and intentions of the founding fathers.

Opponents would paint conservative efforts to get a handle on the border as racist attempts to penalize Mexicans. This is sophomoric, shortsighted, and perhaps intentionally so. After all, the assumption of nearly all is that most of those millions of illegals will be government program dependent, making them likely Democratic party supporters when and if citizenship comes either via amnesty or naturalization. I concur that this is the motive of those on the left to “protect” these people and their ability to come and stay in this country illegally. If millions of them started going home on their own, the collective sad “sigh” from the left would be audible.

But there is a much, much larger threat, and that is becoming more apparent, even though the major media outlets are not spreading the word. You absolutely have to see these videos:

WSB Atlanta reports on who is coming across the border besides Mexicans (#1)

WSB Atlanta reports on who is coming across the border besides Mexicans (#2)

The problem is, we have a couple of obstacles in protecting our nation from terrorists:

1. Millions of illegals

2. The politicians who want to protect them as a voting block.

So inherently, we cannot address the “terror” problem, which is a small fraction of the number of people coming across the border, until we stem the tide of millions who keep trying to CROSS that border illegally, presumably for jobs. Put another way, there is a reason birds flock, and grazing animals run in herds. There is comfort and protection in numbers, and the people who wish to get into this country to harm it know this. They also know that for the most part, they LOOK like mexicans. Dark skinned, black hair. All that is missing is fluent Spanish.

We must greatly reduce the number of illegals trying to enter this country in order to lower the ratio of the “herd” that is (unwittingly) offering protection for the terrorists to get INTO this country. And the only way to do this is to utilize broad sweeping measures. After all, we are talking about millions of people here.

Conservative Oasis’s plan for solving illegal immigration?

  1. Never allow another politician from another country to “testify” or “lobby” for the illegals in the halls of our congress. In the news, fine. On the streets? Go for it. In the halls of our congress? Kiss my red blooded ass.
  2. Close the border with fences and modern surveillance techniques. Drones, UAV’s, dogs, National Guard, whatever it takes.
  3. Immediately remove the federal “anchor baby” provisions. This was never enacted into law to address illegals. The purpose of the law was to protect newly freed slaves after emancipation, NOT to give illegals a way to jump the border and become “legal” because they could pop out a new dependent of the State.
  4. Give every illegal 1 month to come forward, begin a complete registration process (not made legal, just registered, fingerprinted, etc…) Anyone found after that month who is caught will be arrested and deported.
  5. All “registered” illegals will be given “end of the line” ability to naturalize (behind ALL who are in line already, legally); a temp 2 years working permit which will be renewable only twice (if you are not naturalized in 6 years, we don’t want you).
  6. ONE MONTH after the window for illegals to come forward on their own has begun, commence to assess a penalty system to employers of illegals:
  • Give all employers 1 month to screen current employees. Illegals will be terminated, and arrested, and deported. Penalize employers who refuse $2500 per employee. Per year.
  • Penalize employers who, after that month, continue to hire new employees who are illegal or continue to use illegals who should have been screened out in the first month, $2500 for the first month, $5000 for every month thereafter. PER ILLEGAL.

Watch the exodus. I would follow this all up with the drying up of ALL free-lunch government tit programs. NO public school unless your parent(s) are BOTH either legal, or registered. No free emergency care at hospitals ad infinitum because you simply don’t have money or insurance. If you use the emergency room over and over, well, after the first two visits, we are going to have a nice little “account” building for you for when you become a citizen, that you will pay for later. A running tab, so to speak, that you will pay for if you ever become naturalized. Food stamps? No more.

Imagine how much easier all of this would be when we no longer have an easy path into this country. How much easier this would be to manage when there are no jobs for illegals because employers are scared out of their “bottom line” wits about losing thousands and thousands to penalties. How many millions would be going home? How many millions would just STOP coming? How much of a relief would that be on our states funds? And, how much easier it would be to round up the terrorists in those “smaller herds”?

All it would take is one or two states to get this rolling, and the exodus of millions from those states to bordering states would create a rapid snowball effect, born of necessity. EVERY state would have to follow suit, or go under financially. Or, as I said in this article, we could let them all go to San Francisco, to be awarded their “sanctuary. We could all watch San Francisco implode.

We cannot secure our borders against terrorists as long as we have herds of people coming across the border. No lion could ever catch every gazelle. Unfortunately (mildly so), this means we have to address the illegal migration of people who are far less dangerous, but who also create a different type of danger for this country- a danger which has to do with state and federal budgets, job markets, wages, etc…

It’s time for this country to take seriously the protection of its borders. The terrorists understand where the weakness is- why don’t we? Because much of this country has its eyes on the wrong issues- primarily issues of a political nature.

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