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Obama’s Pipe Dream

Obama's Pipe Dream

Where’s the Beef? Today, President Elect Obama announced more members of his administration/cabinet. These appointments had to do with mostly energy and environment. Obama waxed philosophical about the woes of our economy, as it is tied to our energy dependence. He talked in his normal broad platitudes, pontificating that we have for too long buckled [...] Read more »


Conservative Blog Political Potpourri, 11/09/08

Conservative Blog Political Potpourri, 11/09/08

Well, here we are. I wonder how many people are just waking up, asking out loud “We elected WHO??!!” Exactly. Except, most of us were wondering this before the election. At least, those of us who are not prone to be constantly captivated by CSI and American Idol or Survivor. So what can we expect? [...] Read more »


Another Obama Hidden Agenda

Another Obama Hidden Agenda

If you haven’t heard enough examples of how the press does NO digging on Obama, and how Obama has plenty of hidden comments revealing his true feelings about certain things, here is yet another example. This comes from the man who stated, when he thought nobody else would hear it, that in some of those [...] Read more »

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