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Fundamentally Change vs. Restore America

Fundamentally Change vs. Restore America

They’ve nailed it. “Restore” America. It’s – well, it’s perfect. I’m sure others are saying it, but Beck and Palin have struck a chord. We need not to “fundamentally change” America… we need to restore her. We’ve lost our way. Collectively, all politics aside, most Americans who have deep family tree style roots here in [...] Read more »

Obama the King

Obama the King

Well, it is upon us.  What seems like an eternal yet at the same time unbelievably short election cycle, tainted with as many imperfections as one would expect in a world of people fraught with challenges and imperfections of their own- we are here. We are at the nexus. We are at the zero hour, [...] Read more »


Irony Abounds Amongst Presidential VP Selections…

Irony Abounds Amongst Presidential VP Selections...

Some ironic observations surrounding the current mix of nominees… A liberal black man runs for office with nearly no political background that is substantial enough to brag about. He runs on the premise of bringing “change” to Washington, then picks as his VP an “in-the-trench” lifetime, white, old boy network Senator (Biden) as his running [...] Read more »

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