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I think it is time for a simple poll. Please take the time to rate/rank Barack Obama as a President (and his upper administration) so far. PLEASE feel free to email this poll to your friends, or send them the link to this poll/site so they can rate Barry as well.

There are approximately 15 questions… please answer them all. Those with “radio” buttons (circle) can be voted on with one answer; those with squares allow multiple answers…

And like any good liberal, feel free to vote more than once… (kidding- that won’t work- your IP is logged to prevent that…)


















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  1. S. Nicholson says:


    Obama has no idea what he’s doing — at least I hope he doesn’t because if he did he should be imprisoned for treason.

    Gas and food are going up but I knew they would because of Glenn Beck. Thanks Glenn. Even my Starbucks treat went up 23 cents. All that money printing Obama is doing does have a price. Home prices are going down, down, down and no one can afford to move. Meanwhile Obama has made it impossible to drill in the Mexican gulf as the cost of energy rises. Obama has imposed a 7-year drilling ban.

  2. S. Nicholson says:


    Almost everyone agrees CNN’s former anchor, Rick Sanchez, was not the sharpest tool in the shed but Rick was the tool CNN chose to harangue Americans, on a daily basis, with biased for Mexico and illegal aliens trash talk that included calling us bigots, racists and haters. This was interspersed with poor,poor, sad illegal alien stories designed to gain compassion.

    I’m sure Rick had the blessings of CNN bigwigs because calling average Americans names is not the way to win hearts and minds, or viewers for that matter, but CNN persisted, to their detriment, while ratings fell. For a long while getting the propaganda out was more important to CNN and the progressive agenda.

    Now Rick Sanchez, the perfect tool or fool, I can’t decide which, has been fired for calling Jon Stewart a “bigot” and for saying “CNN and the other networks are all run by Jewish people.” Today I read that Sanchez has apologized to Stewart and his wife but you’ve already seen how the apology dance goes. It’s an impromptu, freestyle kind of thing with moves that offer no certain outcome.

    Today, and I say this with surprise, I’m feeling a little sorry for Sanchez, not that he deserves my pity. I mean the man has irritated me for years with his cuckoo for illegal aliens, all things Mexican, open borders and general bias which I believe are not in the best interests of this country. Rick was part of the reason I stopped watching CNN and now I find myself saying Rick was just the eager, off-key messenger — CNN WAS THE PROBLEM. CNN IS the problem.

    Perhaps Jon Stewart said it best when he called CNN “the most trusted name in over caffeinated control freaks.” I have personally called CNN “the bully channel” for “nudging” us with name-calling and the Obama/Michelle agenda that includes “control” over everything Americans do, say, and think. Yes, the word police are out there and they call themselves “politically correct.” The food police are out there and they call themselves “Obamacare.”


    The firing has made Rick more human to me but not any more likable. Rick said he was “a victim of discrimination at the cable news network and that Stewart couldn’t stand the fact that Hispanic journalists were becoming more legitimate.”

    Rick didn’t like what he called “the elite Northeast establishment liberals” and thought they considered him “second tier” instead of first tier. Rick saw racial prejudice everywhere and didn’t like being made fun of on comedy shows done by Stewart or Colbert. Rick wore his “Cuban ancestry” like a badge of honor but now I wonder if he didn’t misuse that badge to gain perks or ward off challengers.

    I really, really wonder what makes a Rick Sanchez. Rick brought up the economic disparity between himself and Jon Stewart as children. Does Rick think he was the only poor child in the United States and that everyone is against him because of his race? Does Rick see himself in the global model that says every minority is oppressed and abused and the worst abusers are the imperialists like Britain and the United States?

    I have no way of knowing what Rick really thinks but I think Rick feels sorry for himself, thinks he was abused in life because of his race, thinks that everyone got a better deal than he did. Damn! Life just isn’t fair, is it Rick? Even the great Obama can’t make life fair but he wants you to believe he can.

    What I do know is that Rick will not be soon calling me names from my TV unless another station hires him. Right now everything on CNN is gay, gay, gay until it moves over to Mexican, Mexican, Mexican, or they start telling me what to eat, when to exercise, what to say and when to think.


    • says:

      All I do know is that Husene Obama is turnning this Great country into a welfair state and giong totaly agnest the Constutition whenever he can.
      He is going aganest every thing that he had promesed and as for change, he is turnning everything UP-Side down.

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