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Obama’s First 100 Days

Well. Let’s see how “Hope”, “Change we can believe in!”, and “Yes we CAN!” are working out. I wanted to write this “First 100 Days” for Obama ahead of time, knowing it would take several hours to work up. For that reason, and because time will be shorter for me later in the week, I [...] Read more »

This Is Your Country

This Is Your Country

This is just a short list of things that should be disturbing any thinking American right now. Unfortunately, I think there are far, far more to come. Read more »

Presidential Tradition- Bush’s Note to Obama

Presidential Tradition- Bush’s Note to Obama

Our great country is steeped in tradition. In fact, one of my most treasured principles is that we need to cherish and preserve our traditions, wherever they enhance our enjoyment of life, and where they do far more good than harm, collectively. Well, there is a tradition that many are unaware of on inauguration day, [...] Read more »


President Obama- Why you are in danger with this ass…

President Obama- Why you are in danger with this ass...

Well, we have hit a new low. Another example of stupidity from an over-zealous ass who has no experience, and shows it with his stupid remarks or suggestions. Barack Obama is encouraging the people of the United States to “take the day off” in order to vote. Right in the middle of an economic teeter-totter [...] Read more »


Five Reasons McCain Should Lose…

Five Reasons McCain Should Lose...

 How many things can conspire to make sure McCain is going to lose the election? How did we ever get to a point where a man like Obama could even have a chance? Right now, all evidence points to the fact McCain should lose. Most of the reasons are clear to most of us who [...] Read more »


Irony Abounds Amongst Presidential VP Selections…

Irony Abounds Amongst Presidential VP Selections...

Some ironic observations surrounding the current mix of nominees… A liberal black man runs for office with nearly no political background that is substantial enough to brag about. He runs on the premise of bringing “change” to Washington, then picks as his VP an “in-the-trench” lifetime, white, old boy network Senator (Biden) as his running [...] Read more »

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