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Our “Racist” Society- Obama’s Election Proves a Point


I just heard former NYC Mayor David Dinkins say we are a “racist society”. Now, I know this man comes from a very rough era of Jim Crow laws, riots, lynchings, back-of-the-bus-this-is-your-fountain-this-is-OUR-fountain… BUT, this is not then, just as today is not 200 years ago when slavery was part of the American fabric. Still today, [...] Read more »


Conservative Blog Politcal Potpourri, March 19 2008

Conservative Blog Politcal Potpourri, March 19 2008

“Brown” is Down Due to Lack of a Frown Surely that headline will get me labeled as a racist. Go figure. Jeremiah Wright can suggest that whites don’t know crap and that we do our best to hold down blacks, but if I just suggest that the stock of black people who support Obama is [...] Read more »


Because He’s Black

Because He's Black

Barack Obama has risen to Rock Star status. People faint at his rallies, which overshadow by thousands the rallies of Hillary Clinton. Without a doubt, the union of the two O’s, Obama and Oprah, has helped him immensely. Dealing with Hillary as an opponent is also an advantage, as she is so unlikeable. He pontificates [...] Read more »

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