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Al Franken’s Solution

Al Franken's Solution

This is growing more amazing by the day. Having been personally involved in overseeing a recount process in Washington State, however, I should really not be surprised at the lengths to which Democrats will go to win. First off, let’s just point out the following: What happens in a lot of these situations where canvassing [...] Read more »


Assailing Christmas and other American Traditions

Assailing Christmas and other American Traditions

In case you haven’t noticed in the last several years, the attacks on Christmas and other traditions, mostly those related to religion, are under increasing attack. Now mind you, I don’t mean ALL religions are being attacked. No, that would be ludicrous and those attacks would be considered, hypocritically by many, to be unfair and [...] Read more »


Conservative News Political Potpourri, 11/15/08

Conservative News Political Potpourri, 11/15/08

Franken Ain’t Joking Now You all know the story, or should. Here we go again. Dems trying to recount and recount until they “find” enough votes to get their guy in. In a very close race, incumbent Senator Norm Coleman is hanging by a thread against a Democrat party and Secretary of State in Minnesota [...] Read more »

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