Left Ready to Blow a Circuit

Well, it is official.

According to the most liberal court in our nation, it was deemed in what was reported as a “sharply divided” decision that the President has the powers of “extraordinary rendition”, wherein we as a nation take what are deemed as critical suspects in the war on terror and ship them abroad in order to obtain, via intense methods which might otherwise be illegal in our country, information from them which may be helpful to our national security causes.

For the sake of making sure you the reader knows what we are talking about- ‘extraordinary rendition’ means using tactics which cause great fear, or non life threatening discomfort, for long periods of time, in order to induce cooperation. This does not mean for example, electrocution, or tearing off fingernails. No, it is more insidious and mildly treacherous than that. But it is NOT “torture”, in the classic sense, and the definition of such treatments have been avoided by our courts for some time.

Examples of extraordinary rendition might be forcing one to stand on a narrow, small unstable chair, with a hood on, and a rope around your neck, wherein you believe you might fall off the chair, and hang, but in fact, the rope is never fixed to anything. Another example is waterboarding, where you might be forced to have a cloth over your face, and water poured over your face, bringing on the fear of drowning. Even being forced to be hooded, and your hands tied behind your back, whilst on your knees for long periods on concrete, might be considered “extraordinary rendition”.

Essentially, it is utilized to create results which might ordinarily take the fear of death to induce cooperation. However, actual true intense life threatening pain, or a real death threat, is never actually “present”. In fact, this kind of rendition is performed by trained “professionals” with a full medical staff on hand to monitor the “patients” status.

In other words, your chance of dying is about zero. But, you will be intensely afraid, and/or very, very uncomfortable.

So- according to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, the left was wrong, as usual, and once again, on national security issues as they pertain to Presidential and executive powers relevant to war powers. And who better to tell them than the most liberal court in the nation?

While it might be frightening to some, we have to consider that our President, whomever he or she may be at any time, needs to have extreme measure at his or her hands when it comes to protecting country when an credible and extraordinary threat may be deemed present due to intelligence gathering. Most on the far left are particularly obtuse and paranoid, and do not understand that you do have to use extreme measures against extreme enemies.

The left, regarding extraordinary rendition, has been strongly against it from the point it was exposed shortly after 9/11/2001. I suspect mostly this was because it was George Bush who was behind it.

So what happened when Barry took office? Well, the left still had high expectations, and Barry seemed to intimate to his ilk that this would not be allowed or continued, but like many of Barry’s national security “promises”, like closing GITMO in a year, it quickly became clear that this punk, pop-culture-uninformed-slogan of a leader did not know shit about how he would or could accomplish what he promised, let alone the risks to the country if he got his way.

So- Barry, once in office, quietly continued the Bush approach to rendition. And the left was NOT PLEASED.

What does this all mean?

Well, once again, it is a lose lose for Barry, like so much of his presidency.

First, the left will be reminded how he is not what they had hoped he would be- i.e., a big magic wand that waves and makes their happy happy screw America fantasies come true. And due to this, he will lose even MORE support.

Second, the rest of us will be reminded what a ‘talk first, think second’ ass he is.

Lastly, the left will be infuriated, even more, when the Supreme Court rules the same way. Their ruling will  clearly show that those who are stupid enough to believe that we should make brick houses illegal so the big bad wolf has a chance to get into our little pig house have not a clue worth considering when it comes to adult leadership of this nation’s security.

I do hope this, whence it gets to the SCOTUS, will put to bed at least one of the most stupid ideas of the left- and that idea is that war time laws which concern “combatants” are and should be equated and compared to peacetime laws of citizens of this country.

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  1. S. Nicholson says:

    Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! Extreme measure for extreme enemies, makes good sense to me. Of course we won’t need such extreme measures when Obama and Nancy and Harry create our perfect world for us — but, until that time, a large dollop of common sense is always good.

    It’s too bad we have to ship them abroad to do what’s necessary to protect ourselves and the nation.

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