My Own Conspiracy Theory

I’m usually not very big on conspiracy theories. More often than not, I find them laced with a little bit of craziness. But I want to present a conspiracy theory that I have not heard represented in the mainstream media, and I’m beginning to wonder why.

As we watch much of the Middle East unravel, what we seem to be focused on are military actions from our country, other countries, the activities of the UN, as well as trying to wrap our mind around the intricacies of each nations unrest, and their peoples desire to overthrow their leadership. In a strange way, I feel what’s happening here is losing the forest for the trees. We’re enveloped in the details of the day to day, and maybe losing sight of how we MAY have gotten here.

Are we really to believe that the whole of the Middle East, countries from Iran to Libya, are spontaneously erupting into civil unrest? On their own? Are we to believe that a grass roots style revolution has spread across the Middle East on its own from country to country, each country with its own unique governmental system, and economic problems, all out of nowhere? Do we really think that the unrest in Yemen, Bahrain, Libya, Egypt and others came about simply due to the fact that everyone got fed up everywhere, at once? Or is it something else?

I’m not hearing what I fear this really is anywhere in the news. Actually I’m a little bit astonished that this is not being bandied about for the sake of argument. But what I will tell you now might make just as much simple sense to you as some of the simplest inventions as they cross your TV screen each night, where you’re left to wonder “why didn’t I think of that?”

What’s happening in the Middle East right now is not by coincidence. What’s happening in the Middle East right now is being orchestrated. It’s being orchestrated by Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, the Muslim brotherhood, and every other radical Muslim group across the region. What’s happening here is that people are being incited riot for their “freedom”, when in fact what’s really happening is they are being used as tools for a much more clever and covert “operation”.

What is the goal of the operation? The goal of the operation is to defeat and remove every governmental figurehead or power that is in cahoots or co-operates with the United States in any form. Once this is accomplished, new governmental bodies can be put in place which are far more friendly to the radical agenda of entities such as Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, and the Muslim brotherhood.

Why do I think this conspiracy theory holds water? Because it works where other efforts cannot work. What do I mean by that?

What I mean by that is, terrorist entities have long ago figured out that they cannot do battle on an even playing field with the “powers that be”. They’ve long ago figured out that they must be more subversive, deviant, unpredictable, and immoral. This is why they bomb children in public squares. This is why they dress as women and sneak in to places of worship. They are like a cancer, or common parasite. The only way they can survive and win is by being as ugly and unfair as possible while at the same time inflicting terror, fear, and being unpredictable.

So how does that tie into my conspiracy theory?

Here’s how.

Parasites find the weakest point. Since parasites rarely deal from positions of power, they must always find the least guarded or unforeseen method of undermining their enemy or host. Al Qaeda and others have long ago figured out that they cannot defeat entities like the United States on a “battlefield” basis. What they need to do is figure out ways to weaken the enemy which would be unconventional and therefore unprotected, or unforeseen.

So how does that play into the current situations in the Middle East? Here’s how…

This mission is accomplished by attacking something we cannot protect. I believe the radical elements of Islam in the Middle East have influenced the people to rise up against the dictators and royal families across the region in order to overturn them for the sake of “democracy”—- FREEDOM!!!

What this effectively accomplishes is that armies are made out of whole cloth (seen as “patriots”, “freedom fighters”, etc…), attacking entities which the United States has been in bed with for many decades, and by doing so all at once across the region, this makes it impossible for us to effectively assist all of them (governments) in defeating the insurgance against them. Now aside from the fact that we have to wonder why in the hell we’ve been in bed with some of these dictators for 30 to some of 70 years, what we really have to wonder is:  why didn’t we see this coming?

It’s an amazing position to be in- one where you are in bed with the governments which oppress people, and at the same time you are obligated by the fabric which is the soul of your country’s existence, to stand with those who wish to overturn tyrannical oppression, or at least, a great deprivation of freedom.

Do you see what I’m saying? Do you see the irony? Do you see that what I’m saying is it is possible that radical Islamic entities have orchestrated that their people rise up against governments which we have supported, knowing that once those people rise up against those governments that we (the U.S.) can no longer support those governments, and would even give aid to those who wish to usurp those governments, all the while paving the way for radical elements of Islam to come in and take advantage of the chaotic governmental void which is left behind.

Do you see it? It is a freaking MESS!!! We lose in every way… Do you THINK our enemies in Al Qaeda (and Hamas, etc…) figured this out???

How hard is it to conceive of a scenario where the radical elements of Islam, which have been pinned down rather heavily since at least September 11, 2001, and quite honestly in some cases relegated to hiding in caves, would come up with a plan that would direct all of the Muslim countries in the Middle East to attempt to overthrow their governments in a one-month period-  March of 2011?

How hard is that to conceive? What set off this movement through the Middle East? I don’t recall a single event that is capable of spreading such a movement across the whole region. Granted, one street vendor set himself on fire in protest to how he was being oppressed. This in no way is enough to create a movement across all of the Middle East. Could there have been something else happening which cause this groundswell to erupt?

Much credit was given to Facebook for its ability to help the people in Egypt coalesce around the movement which happened in that country. But did we perhaps lose track of what really might have caused that uprising? In other words, isn’t it possible that the “uprising” was already scheduled and orchestrated, and Facebook was merely a tool which was used to facilitate that end?

I believe that the uprisings that have happened in the last month or so were all orchestrated, coordinated, and planned, long ago. I believe that these uprisings were coordinated and planned by the parasites which are radical Islam because they were brilliant enough to recognize that sometimes the least obvious route to disrupt your enemy is the best choice. Overturning numerous governments in the Middle East which were cooperative with the United States and opening up the possibility for more radical elements to control those countries and territories now appears to be, surprisingly, the “low fruit” that could be easily picked, which we did not protect. And again, there is a brilliance there. What is their brilliance?

How can the United States protect oppressive regimes, especially when doing so would mean we had to fight against those fighting for “freedom”.

We clearly can’t. Did our enemy figure that out before us?

I believe they did. The unrest in the Middle East is not an accident. Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Muslim brotherhood… All of them I believe have participated in coordinating a “Facebook” style networking system that has created this turmoil in the Middle East. How did they do so? Easy.

They did so by using “their” Facebook.

They sent out hundreds of people through their network. What is their network?

The mosques.

America? Wake up. We’re not fighting a conventional enemy. We are not fighting an enemy that uses the same tools we use. We are fighting an enemy that doesn’t have any rules, and quite honestly, I believe, any real morals. This kind of enemy will constantly be looking for the most clever unconventional way to undermine us, and the reason why we’re always unprepared for that is that we don’t think like they do. Evil has no rules.

The unrest in the Middle East, from Iran to Libya, was not a mistake. And if we can control this uprising across the Middle East, at this time, I believe we are headed for World War III.

But more on that later…

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  1. S. Nicholson says:


    Get over yourselves! You are not Shakespearean actors and everything is not a Greek tragedy. You are not a forensic team searching for any perceived slight against Obama to embellish and cause anger. You are not tasked with creating the news but analyzing it and stating your opinion.

    Mr. O’Donnell, if the people in the media, like you, had done their jobs correctly the birther issue would not have shown its ugly head. Instead, our media pussyfooted around Obama, leaving gaping holes in his history. Many Americans lament the fact they had no idea who he was and still don’t today.

    You idiots treated Obama like he was a holy man not to be questioned or touched and you remain in awe of him today. Your violent emotions make you look like you’re under a spell. Dare I say “black magic” or will you threaten to stone me to death? Its gotten crazy out there and you and MSNBC are one of the forerunners in the craziness.

    Watching you, or Matthews, or that other guy makes me feel drained. You are the idiots who partnered with Anderson Cooper of CNN to harpoon Palin on the Gifford’s shooting and blame conservative speech instead of the nut case. You are over the top, outside the ballpark, off the reservation delusional. You turn molehills into mountains and everything into mush.

    Obama, your untouchable holy man, would be better off without you because you’ve gone too far. You’re becoming cartoonish and scary just like Olbermann. Your zeal is off the charts and the frightening part is that it’s real. As zealots there’s a religion you compare to and these people shout my blood, my life, my soul for their cause.

    How far are you guys willing to go? Do you not see yourselves? I like to watch TV, not become emotionally invested in your theatrics. Horrible things are happening all over the world but it’s not the end of the world — not yet. And if it were the end of the world I certainly wouldn’t run to Obama for my salvation.

  2. S. Nicholson says:


    My clicker landed on MSNBC where anchor Lawrence O’Donnell was emoting in somber, theatrical terms. I paused to see what significant and sad event had occurred. It was shades of Keith Olbermann all over again and I had been glad to see Olbermann go.

    Oh darn. O’Donnell was doing a rehashing of the birth certificate issue and I had seen that all day. Then the “racist” word was played and that caught my attention. Was “basketball” now a black word only to be used by African-Americans like the word “nigger”? Darn again. I would have to write that one down. Note to myself: Don’t use the word basketball in the same sentence with the word “Obama.” It was racist!

    I guess it was similar to when I wrote “black cloud” in the same sentence with Obama and paused to think. Would someone think I was being racist? Did I have to change the way I wrote and thought to make sure no one was offended? But I had written “black cloud” a million times to express something wrong, ominous or threatening. I really did think Obamacare was hanging like a “black cloud” over my head. Would the speech police get me? Would the racist police get me? It was getting harder and harder to speak and write. There was no way to speak without offending someone somewhere. Were people sitting out there like trolls under a bridge just waiting to be offended?

    Then this birther fanatic female called Orly Taitz came on and O’Donnell pounced, demanding an apology now that the long-form certificate had been produced. Taitz kept flashing this document and urging a close-up from the cameraman. O’Donnell kept demanding an apology. It was a verbal tug-of-war and neither would give an inch. I was mesmerized. You know, the tragic and bloody accident you can’t take your eyes off of.

    Finally O’Donnell lost it. He started screaming about Taitz being crazy and yelled for her to be removed from the screen. Whew! It was at last over and I could breathe again.

  3. S. Nicholson says:


    Your words are parsed, carefully selected because you are on TV. You seldom say what you really think or feel because you try so hard not to offend and still get your message out. Your words jiggle and bob,shine and dance just like Jello. You are Krauthammer and Morris who should not diss The Donald in any fashion for having the balls to do what no other politician would, look for the truth to put a conspiracy theory to rest. It was so easy, so fast, so satisfying. It was how government should work, but doesn’t.

    Gentlemen, you may not realize it but your speech has been influenced by the \politically correct\ language that has been foisted on us. Pathways in your brains have been shut down or dimmed to serve your masters. You think with words and when those words and thoughts are controlled to please you don’t speak truth. You are less than you were yesterday. You are today’s political class.


    The price of facing the subject of the birth certificate was high: ridicule, hate, finger-pointing but it needed to be done and Donald Trump did it. It was Trump’s name, Trump’s prestige that made it feasible for the rest of us to speak up. We said: End this now!

    If only we had more leaders who were not afraid, not timid, not willing slaves to today’s attack on the English language and free speech. The Obama camp uses language to make apples into oranges. It uses words like \kinetic military action\ instead of war. It uses phrases like \jobs created and saved\ to confuse but that’s not enough. To control it needs more. That’s where Obama’s color comes in. Everyone is afraid to offend the black guy, the brown guy, and they should be because the masses of blacks and browns will attack and WE WILL COWER. Heaven forbid anyone be seen as a BIGOT or a RACIST, words which our Democratic friends throw out like confetti to accuse. Their mouths are their weapons, their accusations taken for truth, and they smile.


    Put the issue to rest and move on. There will be a new conspiracy theory tomorrow and if you are bed-ridden at home or just thought obsessive look for something else. In case you haven’t noticed, America is full of people who hate her, what she stands for, and what she’s done in the past. They will not rest until they rip her apart or put her under their control.

  4. S. Nicholson says:


    Brillance. Coincidence? Momentum. Are countries in the middle east dissolving into civil unrest by themselves and without orchestration?

    I don’t know but I tend to think it’s a combination of factors carried by the momentum of success and word of mouth. What are those factors? I see the world-wide money crunch as a factor. People are needy. I see 2012 prophesy of the end of the world as a factor. I see Islam’s coming of the madhi as perpetuated by Iran’s religious nuts as a factor. I see the people of the middle east growing up and realizing they don’t have to live under dictators, tyrants and kings.

    No, we don’t think like them and yes, the Islamic religious terrorists will use the chaos and unrest to their advantage. While the world holds its breath and hopes for the birth of moderate thinkers and moderate governments to fill the void left by chaos in these countries, I am not as hopeful and I fear for little Israel and the world if Iran lets loose on us to bring their prophesy of an Islamic world to fruition.

    They are different sects, different languages, different cultures BUT THEY ARE ALL MUSLIMS. What does Islam teach? It teaches that Muslims must fight until the infidel proclaims there is no god but god and Allah is his name. When will the world understand this?

  5. jim says:

    I”ll take this one step further in your theory…wikileaks does have it”s consequence and seems to have played a part?

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