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Is Obama’s Glass Half Full, or Empty? (He’s NOT Black)

Is Obama's Glass Half Full, or Empty? (He's NOT Black)

Geraldine Ferraro has really, unwittingly, put her foot in it. In speaking of Obama recently, Ferraro stated that if Obama “was a white man he wouldn’t be in this position.” (See my article “Because he is Black” to see where I hit on this in a different, more direct way, long before Ferraro got into [...] Read more »


Preparing McCain for Obama

Preparing McCain for Obama

Were we to presume that John McCain and Barack Obama are going to go toe to toe in the General Election, I have said it on here before that all McCain has to do is keep punching and punching with the terror issue and Obama’s lack of experience, or proper foreign policy perspective. Barack has [...] Read more »


And Along Came the White Knight Nader

And Along Came the White Knight Nader

As predicted (on this blog) the first of two spoilers is now in the race. Ralph Nader has tossed his pinhead shaped hat into the ring, thus potentially hurting the Democrats, and helping McCain. There is no question that Nader pulls more voters from the ranks of liberals, and this has to be very very [...] Read more »

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