Two things, first…

  1. Nobody- nobody ever in the future- should EVER run for office promising “solutions” (not that Hope and Change were “solutions”) when in fact your favorite saying after taking office is: “I inherited…”
  2. I have said many times on this blog that this man was not ready for prime time. But most of you that read this blog KNOW/knew that already.

If Aliens came to this planet and said “Take me to your leader”, well… most of us would have to shrug and wonder what the hell they were talking about. “We don’t really have one. But, we DO have a guy that said he could change it all, and blames everyone else for his inability to do so…”

Barry is now under a flood of negative information. Unemployment. Economy. Terror attacks increasing under his watch. Expansion of government power grabs. Trying to buy Sestak out of the race against Specter. The gulf oil disaster.

If you listen to his advisors, it is no wonder why we don’t make progress. They all blame everyone else. And, yes of course, Bush comes up often…

And yes, Barry now has his own Katrina. He didn’t create it. He failed to solve it. And the ramifications of the oil spill are going to be around for DECADES.

But what I really want to focus on today is Barry’s response today to Republicans complaining that the administration is not doing enough on the southern border with Mexico.

Barry had a rare meeting behind closed doors with Republicans today. I say rare, to remind everyone that any kind of open, transparent meeting is rare in the first place with this ass who claimed he would have the “most transparent” administration in history (lie), but that he would also try to change the partisan nature of Washington. This meeting with Republicans today was NOT an olive branch. It was not “bi-partisanship”. It was something else completely. What exactly is “was” in a minute. Let’s recap first.

Today in his meeting behind closed doors with Republicans, Republicans basically called him out on the AZ law. They told him he was irresponsible for mischaracterizing the reality of the text of the law. During this conversation, he bristled, and said little. The Republicans requested a large amount of troops be added to the border, as well as more money to aid the problem. Not ONCE did Barry talk about anything that was “in the works” from the White House on the issue.

He then left, and shortly, ever so shortly thereafter, the White House announced that they would be increasing the money spent on the border and the troop level. $500 million, and 1200 troops.

WHY did Barry do this?

FIRST off, this PROVES that this colossal asshole has the POWER to at ANY TIME increase the intensity on the border in order to secure it. And we all know, in fact, it is the RESPONSIBILITY of the Federal Government to do so… Period.

But what does it reeeeealllly say?

This man is a politically clever ass who thinks of himself and his party first. Why do I say that?

Because he did NOT acknowledge that the White House had already planned such a thing, he insulates himself and the left from the ramifications from the left and hispanics that HE ever had a plan. His meeting with the right shows he really wanted political cover for the action. Blame the Republicans, I was just trying to be “bipartisan”. How do we know this?

Because – as I said, Barry never told the Republicans when they asked for these things, that he already had a plan. NO President comes out of a meeting like this with the opposition and enacts a decision like this within hours without already knowing where he wanted to go with this. He needed Republicans for cover. He used them to allow him to cover his ass for the minimal move he already had planned.

He did not give the Republicans the level of support they wanted, so he has that “excuse” as well. “I was bipartisan, and I offered an olive branch to the right even though I knew it was not the whole solution.” If he reeeeealllly wanted to solve this, he would understand that half measures and backroom deals that are halfheartedly implemented will NOT solve the problem, but rather serve his political needs…

This is not leadership.

2,600-3,000 illegal crossings PER DAY in ONE county in AZ… PER DAY… 1200 troops? Over the WHOLE border, not just AZ?


We don’t give a DAMN about what you “inherited”… We give a damn about what you can DO. PERIOD.

Mr. President. SEAL the border. LEAD.

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About the Author

COasis is the Conservative Oasis founder, editor, and main author.

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  1. S. Nicholson says:


    According to their politics — if you don’t want illegal aliens here then you are a “hater.” You hate brown people. You are a raaaacist. According to CNN, if you don’t want Obama’s health care you are a hater. You hate Obama because he’s black. You hate all black people. You are a raaacist. According to CNN and their talking heads, if you don’t want the NY mosque you are a hater. You hate Muslims and Islam. You hate Arabs. You are Islamophobic. You are a raaacist.

    CNN is the defender of the smoking police, the obesity police, the word police, the food police. CNN tells me that certain words can be used by African-Americans only. I reject that! CNN wants to control what I say and what goes into my body. CNN wants to tell me how to think because they think they know better. CNN thinks it can force people to be politically correct and offenders like Dr. Laura and Jennifer Aniston, who never used words maliciously, can be chastised and denigrated because they dared or accidentally used words not sanctioned by CNN.

    CNN has presented programming on bullying in school but oddly enough doesn’t recognize itself as one of the biggest bullies on the block. CNN uses all the tactics of 3rd graders, like name-calling and ridicule to attack — JUST LIKE ALL BULLIES. CNN spent over a year trying to find racists in the Tea Party while bullying the Tea Party and making fun of it all the way. Sanchez and Cooper even giggle like 3rd graders while showing childish contempt for what they don’t understand.

    CNN thinks it’s cool, thinks they are part of the in-crowd, thinks they should educate and harangue us with their dangerously liberal world view that is becoming so anti-American I can barely watch. CNN makes the mosque political when it has nothing to do with Democrats or Republicans or conservatives or liberals. Iman Rauf so far has the law on his side but this is a matter of RIGHT AND WRONG, SENSITIVE AND INSENSITIVE. Rauf and Daisy are building no bridges of understanding but CNN will support them to the end because it is the popular liberal point of view, the Obama view. CNN should change its name to OBAMA PRESENTS CNN.

    I’m not saying other channels couldn’t use some criticism. What I’m saying is that CNN used to offend me part of the time but that’s changed to most of the time. If I want a jolt of childish name-calling, arrogant rants, biased opinions and unsupported by fact reporting then CNN will do it.

  2. S. Nicholson says:


    The quotes and excerpts I will be using are from the book “Londonistan” by Melanie Phillips.

    (QUOTE)”A number of public figures have posed as virtual cheerleaders for suicide bombers under the guise of ‘compassion.’”

    Ah, the word “compassion.” Do you recognize it? This is the same word our open borders people have been using to sway us to accept illegal aliens, open borders, anchor babies. Are Americans that dumb? Some are. Their compassion and suicidal tendencies runneth over.

    (QUOTE) “In Britain, the notion of Jewish victimhood has now been all but expunged. In its place has come “Islamophobia.” While the Jews are defamed as Nazis, the Palestinians are considered to be the “new Jews.” Thus have the Islamists captured the citadels of thought at the heart of the Western alliance.”

    Hey guys. I guess this explains our President’s cool reception of Netanyahu and our outreach programs to Muslims. Some were puzzled, as was I, but Obama is just following the example set by the UK. I think Obama is turning out to be a great follower of the “European Model” but no leader at all.

    On page 138 of “Londonistan” we find a situation oddly reminiscent of the “mosque controversy” we are now experiencing. QUOTE: “After relatives of the murdered victims (London bombings)expressed their outrage at this suggestion, the government declined to accept it. The reaction of these churchmen was typical. The first instinct of many British clerics was to empathize and agonize not with the victims of the atrocity but with the community of the faith in whose name it had been committed — and to deny that religion had had anything to do with it at all.”

    WE ARE REPEATING BRITAIN’S MISTAKES. Here is where the church is failing: QUOTE: “Presented with a society that has lost its moral compass and descended into the nihilism of moral relativism, the Church has feebly followed suit. The prevailing view, as one bishop observed, is that ‘there is no one truth, and we all have to respect each other’s truths.’ A church that can no longer distinguish the truth from a lie no longer believes that its own message is true.”

    Islamophobia and hate are the two words coming at me from talking heads on TV right now. I know neither is true but it will be what channels like CNN so often follow. With no apology, I think Muslims like Rauf and Daisy will lie, cheat and steal to build their religion into our society, pushing all other religions aside and installing their laws wherever they can.

    But — it’s all for our own good. There is no God but God, and Allah is his name. If your idea of heaven is virgins and rivers of honey then Islam is for you.

    QUOTE: “…When polled, most Muslims reported no incidents of prejudice against them. Even after the July bombings, 80 percent of Muslims polled said they had experienced no hostility against them as a result. Nevertheless, the claim of Islamophobia is deployed as a weapon to shout down legitimate and, indeed, crucial debate on the basis that to criticize a minority faith group is by definition an act of prejudice.”

    Don’t let “them” (whoever they are) use ISLAMOPHOBIA as a weapon to shut down debate. Using Islamophobia in that way is the same as calling someone a racist and we’ve seen this tactic before in our Mexican problems. I do not “hate” or “fear” and I’m not “Islamophobic” but I do have my eyes open and I can see what’s happened in the U.K. and I can see what’s happening here.

    I will say it again. Wherever Muslims go trouble soon follows. Give Muslims and inch and they’ll take a mile. Muslims don’t want to fit in; they want you to change your culture and way of life to accommodate them.

  3. S. Nicholson says:


    I will be using an excerpt from the book “Londonistan” written by Melanie Phillips. In her book Phillips tells us what has already happened in the U.K. and I see the NY mosque controversy as a wake-up call to what is coming to the U.S.A.

    In the U.S. we’ve been tolerant and lucky where religion is concerned but we’ve never dealt with so many Muslims before and I believe Americans are unprepared for Islam, a demanding, aggressive religion that will trample us and all other religions if given the chance.


    “…. At the University of Leicester, Muslim students asked for halal food and were told they could have their very own cafe. Elsewhere in the city, municipal swimming pools provide separate women’s sessions and even a separate session for women to swim fully clothed in chadors. When sporting or music activities are planned, some Muslim groups say they don’t want men and women to sit or participate in the activity together. Meetings held in public buildings are sometimes divided by screens so that woman are separated from men.” No other minority group has asked for such privileges. That is because they run counter to the normal relationship between British society and its minority groups. While minorities are free to pursue their own customs, they do not expect public services available to all to be adapted to their requirements, let alone encourage a form of separate development.


    I have said before 1) Wherever Muslims go, trouble will soon follow and 2) give them an inch and they’ll take a mile. It’s your country and if you want to give it to Muslims to rearrange you make problems for the rest of us.

    Many, not all Muslims, do not want to fit in. Many Muslims want you to change your rules and your culture to accommodate them and their religion. On CNN today I saw my first “Poor, Poor Muslim” story. Usually CNN does “Poor, Poor Illegal Alien” stories but today begins a new chapter.

    Today is the day you must ask yourself the question, “Is Islam compatible with America” and if not — what can MUSLIMS DO TO MAKE IT RIGHT? WHAT CAN MUSLIMS DO, OR CHANGE OR ACCEPT TO MAKE IT RIGHT?

  4. S. Nicholson says:


    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton needs to explain why Iman Feisal Abdul Rauf was chosen to represent the United States and travel throughout the mid-east as part of a special State Department cultural program.

    Everything I learn about Rauf tells me this man is no “moderate Muslim.” Just exactly what is Clinton’s definition of a “moderate Muslim.”? Just the fact that Rauf wants Sharia law tells me this man is not compatible with the U.S. and its laws and should not be representing the U.S. around the world.

    The U.K. has been struggling with its “Muslim Problem” for awhile and now our “Muslim Problem” has become evident with this mosque. I’ve had enough of American Government dumping on its citizens while they pretend to know what’s best. Obama, for all his book learning, has no common sense. He is so busy being multicultural he has no idea who he is or what he represents. I’m not even sure who this man called Obama thinks he is.

    Tolerant? What are you talking about. Mohammed, in is time, gave every city he conquered a choice, “Convert of die.” That’s how tolerant Muslims were and are. That’s how tolerant goofball Rauf is. I want Hillary Clinton’s definition of a moderate Muslim and I want it now.

    So far Hillary has been able to avoid the mess that Obama rule has created but not this time. Hillary Clinton, you are a part of this chaos full of confusing messages, economic stagnation, unwelcome strangers called illegal immigrants and now you have the nerve to gift us with this Imam who is happy to live here but represents everything Muslim this country doesn’t want or need. I haven’t forgotten that health care was your cause and I blame you for ObamaCare.

    True moderate Muslims live here and you don’t hear about them because they do their jobs and live their lives without demanding their own laws and special treatment JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE MUSLIMS. You couldn’t have found one of them to represent us? Get Rauf off the government payroll.

  5. S. Nicholson says:


    Every country builds monuments to its dead. They don’t build monuments to the religion claimed by those who murdered their people. So should it be in this instance.

    If Islam wants more monuments then it should send a coherent message to those within the religion who kill and dirty the name of Islam. Islam, a religion that seeks to control everything about its women, can’t or won’t control its men. Islam can’t claim to be a religion of peace until it has culled out the jihadists and made jihad murder a crime. I know Islam is still writing and changing its laws and rules. Perhaps Islam should look to the future and not to the past when it passes down law to its people. Or — as I suspect — is Islam so rooted in the dirt-floor ideas of implacable Imams that it fears change, truth and its future?

    Nancy Pelosi must be an “old-timers” victim. Her statement about investigating the funding of those who oppose the mosque is insane. Here I am Nancy, arrest me! I OPPOSE THE DAMN MOSQUE and I haven’t donated a penny to anyone.

  6. S. Nicholson says:


    On one front we have Mexicans bringing us everything Mexican, an effort supported by Obama. On the other front we have Muslims bringing us everything Muslim, another effort supported by our government. Americans are in the middle being squeezed.

    There are two truths about Muslims you must understand. 1) Wherever Muslims go trouble will soon follow and 2) If you give them an inch they’ll take a mile. I didn’t just make this up. If you study and read “Londonistan” you’ll understand and you need to understand because this is still your country FOR AS LONG AS YOU CAN KEEP IT.

    I consider the NY mosque controversy a wake-up call. Some see no harm, no foul. Simply follow the law and allow them to build. Others, who actually read and think, see a sinister motive in building this mosque so close to ground zero. Still others think it’s about being sensitive and they address the wisdom of the building of this mosque and cultural center.

    A question has been asked: Is Islam compatible with America? You’re going to have to answer that question a hundred times over, in many little, different ways, as an aggressive ideology and religion seeks to own this country.

    Here are some passages from “Londonistan” as they author tries to explain what happened to her country.

    1) (page xix) “More fundamentally still, many do not accept the terms on which minorities must relate to the majority culture in a liberal democracy. Instead of acknowledging the Muslim values must give way wherever they conflict with the majority culture, they believe that the majority should instead defer to Islamic values and allow Muslims effectively autonomous development.”

    2) page xix) … “No other minority attempts to impose its values on the host society like this. Behind it lies the premise that Islamic values trump British ones, and that Muslims in Britain are necessarily hostile to the values of the society of which they are citizens, a premise with which many British Muslims themselves would not agree.”

    3) page 189) … Yes, a few thinkers have now questioned the wisdom of multiculturalism. But the push for Islamization continues, British Muslims are still being recruited for the jihad, and the country’s elites are still in the grip of the nation-busting, universalist mindset that has hollowed out Britain’s values and paralyzed it in the face of the assault by Islamism. A liberal society is in danger of being destroyed by its own ideals.”

    This is London, England today and it will be hometown, USA tomorrow — or perhaps we’re already there. It is a mistake for anyone to give Islam even one tiny concession to its religion because they will come back and demand more tomorrow.

    The “trouble” that Islam brings is evident. As I said before, Islam wants the U.S. to bend to its rules, and laws, and culture. They do not want to bend to fit into American culture.

    The line between a “moderate” Muslim and a “terrorist” is often blurred and I think they like it that way. It gives all Muslims, through the fear of physical assault and murder, a leverage no other religion has. All the other religions have grown up, matured, and come into the 21st century — ALL BUT ISLAM.


  7. S. Nicholson says:


    A talking head on FOX just used those words, provocative and offensive, and those words were perfect to describe the proposed mosque and cultural center near ground zero. They were perfect because they’ve already been proven: THE AMERICAN PEOPLE HAVE BEEN PROVOKED BECAUSE THEY WERE OFFENDED.

    And what a perfect ruse: the bad Muslims did it. How convenient is it that you have these bad Muslims running around destroying American lives and property, and what arises from the dust and ashes of their horrible offenses: A MUSLIM MOSQUE AND CULTURAL CENTER. That sounds like bad acts being rewarded to me. That sounds like an invitation to attack, attack, attack because Americans are so stupid they will allow Muslims to create Islamic shrines over the conquered land.

    That’s what Muslims do, isn’t it Mr. Feisal Abdul Rauf, head of the Cordoba Initiative? Mulsims conquer and convert, right? Isn’t that what Muslims have been doing from the time of your prophet, Mohammed. Isn’t that what Mohammed did?

    And you, you little sweetie, just want to build bridges between cultures even though you really can’t say that Hamas is a terrorist organization, even though you don’t admit that Muslims were responsible for 9/11, even though you’re on record blaming U.S. policies for 9/ll. I do not understand why you are part of a special State Department cultural program explaining what it’s like to be a practicing Muslim in the U.S. Only Obama the appeaser could have picked you. Only Obama the appeaser, a cerebrally challenged man, could think of telling NASA its new mission was to make Muslims feel good about themselves and their contributions to science. Only Obama would be trying to attract more Muslims to this country when he knows some of them will become jihadists.

    If you don’t get it by now, Mr. Rauf, then something is truly wrong with your bridge-building skills. What happened on 9/11 is still an open wound with many Americans. I know it is with me.

    When you go on your speaking tour tell Muslims they are not special. Tell them they will get no more or less respect than any other religion operating in the U.S. Tell them that Sharia law is out. We have our own laws here and “Muslim Law” cannot replace them. Tell them we don’t tolerate “Honor Killings” and the subjugation of women, or stoning or mutilation. Tell them we don’t like to see women draped in robes from head to toe. Tell them, if they don’t want to be Americans, STAY OUT.

    Tell them I’m still tolerant of other religions but I’m more careful and much more suspicious. Tell them they can earn respect by fitting in and not sticking out.

  8. S. Nicholson says:


    Isn’t it amazing what you see when a country goes broke. As resources become more scarce you can easily identify the people vying for them. You can see who has what and what they are willing to do to keep what they have. Stealing and wasting resources is highlighted. Government incompetence in delivering resources is evident.


    Bush did it! I am creating and saving jobs. The border is more protected than every before. I have fixed Wall Street. Everyone has affordable health care. I have taken care of the oil spill. NASA, through Administrator Charles Bolden, must improve relations with the Muslim world. We are “wining hearts and minds” in Afghanistan. A NY mosque is going up against the wishes of the people of this nation.

    Obama’s sees all the hands out, waiting to be filled by his largesse. Obama sees all the problems of this nation coming at him like a giant snowball. The figurative wailing from all the needy groups must be almost incapacitating. No wonder he allowed Gibbs, his press secretary, to tell some from his party to stand back. No wonder he must play golf or shoot hoops to keep his sanity. I would feel sorry for the man if I didn’t despise all his programs and the way he implements them.


    The money our government has wasted at the border is sickening — and for what — to strengthen the border, to make it safer, to make it more secure?

    We don’t want it “safer” or “more secure” or “strengthened”. We want you to do your job, Mr. President, and own the American side of the border. We want to know who and what is coming in and out. No more illegal aliens, anchor babies or drugs. Keep the terrorists out. OWN THE AMERICAN SIDE OF THE BORDER!

    You and Janet Napolitano and John Morton are a joke. There is one thing you can do now, for your country, AND THAT IS CLOSE THE BORDER AND CONTROL IT COMPLETELY. Ahmadinejad will still be doing his insane dance in Iran, China will still be collecting our money, Russia will shake your hand and stab you in the back, Muslims will use you because you can’t identify your friends — BUT WE CAN HAVE A BORDER THAT WORKS.

    I am way past being “fair” to everybody. I want to be fair to Americans. I am way past “being careful not to antagonize” Latinos. They have been antagonizing me for years by calling me names like bigot, and racist, and hater. I am sick to death of their slogans and marches and lies. The Republicans and Democrats may not want to antagonize Latinos but I don’t care anymore. Let the Department of Mexican Propaganda die a natural death.

    We’re broke, you government idiots, and I want you to stop wasting my money at the border. It’s not your money; IT’S MY MONEY. Close that border and do it right. It’s not space science. Only you idiots can make it sound like something beyond human capability.

  9. S. Nicholson says:


    Who are Muslims? They are tribes, within primitive tribes, within sects who have been killing each other since their great prophet, Muhammad, died. Now they are here to kill us — or as the politically correct would say — one small element of Islam is radical.

    Here’s what Muhammad said before he died: “Know that every Muslim is a Muslim’s brother, and that the Muslims are brethren; fighting between them should be avoided and the blood shed in pagan times should not be avenged; Muslims should fight all men until they say, ‘There is no God but God.’”

    Obama-style appeasement is not the answer to getting along with Muslims, if that is even possible. Muslims don’t want to get along with you; they want you to change to accommodate them. If you give them an inch they take a mile. Wherever Muslims go trouble soon follows. Read “Londonistan” to see what’s coming our way.

    This good Muslim/bad Muslim bunk is just stupid. There’s no way to tell the good from the bad by looking and there’s too many of them to monitor. Muslims must be treated as a group, a religion with radical elements who may, when they become unhappy, call up their Imam overseas, or in the next American town, and ask for permission to kill. America is now in the business of raising, teaching, nurturing young jihadists who kill Americans. It is a fact that a certain number of American Muslims will become radicalized.

    Now our President, a clueless appeaser whose main concern is how low do I bow to the next Saudi King, says we must not treat Muslims differently. Well, I beg to differ. Muslims are different, distinct, unlike any other religion that has put its roots in this country. An element of Islam wants to kill us, Mr. President, or at least drive us into their religion by whatever means they have.

    Prejudice is having preconceived ideas without facts. I have facts. The twin towers are a fact. Nearly 3,000 Americans dead is a fact. I still shiver when I think of 9/11 and the cold cruelty of the act never leaves my consciousness.

    If you expect me to welcome a Muslim mosque and cultural center near ground zero then you are nuts, insensitive and your sense of self-preservation is completely gone. If this mosque-building gentleman wanted to build cultural bridges then he would not continue against the wishes of the majority of the American people. It is that simple.

    Once again, President Obama, you so easily slap the American people in the face.

  10. S. Nicholson says:


    Oh, no. I can’t look. Both Waters and Rangel are black. Am I allowed to notice? Is noticing racial discrimination? Perhaps I’m profiling. No, it probably falls under political correctness. Yeah, well it’s most likely a conspiracy by the far right.

    Will I be shunned for noticing? Will they write nasty things about me? Maybe Al Sharpton will show up on my doorstep to ask for help for the NAACP — you know, just a little donation for the cause. What about the PC police? Is there a warrant out?

    Hmm. I’m not sure what to think. I guess I could be a little paranoid in this racially oversensitive atmosphere where attacks can pop out of nowhere. Don Lemon of CNN already told me there are certain words that blacks can use but whites can’t. I’m not a rapper and I’ve never used the “n” word but what if I used it by mistake. You heard what they did to Dr. Laura?

    I guess I bristle when told I can’t use a word. Aren’t words for everyone? Doesn’t the First Amendment allow me freedom of speech, no matter how ribald, insensitive or stupid?

    I think Don Lemon and talking heads were wrong. I don’t want words erased, extracted from history or banned. We need to remember who we were. I think everyone should have a chance to show what idiots they are by their speech. After all, people don’t wear signs on their foreheads saying “smart” or “mean” or “stupid.” Their speech is a good indicator of who they are and if we don’t like that speech we can always walk away.

  11. S. Nicholson says:


    It’s small and useful. Coupled with “thank you,” as in “no, thank you” it’s even polite. It sets parameters. Yes, you may do that but “no, you may not do this.”


    The politically correct are afraid to offend anyone, especially Latinos. These timid Americans don’t realize the inability to use the word “no” has contributed greatly to our growing problem with the Mexicans next door. When those Mexicans cross the border they are illegal aliens but heaven forbid — let’s not call them what they are. Let’s not tell them they’re breaking the law. Let’s not impose any rules on them. Let’s not count them. Let’s not know where they are. LET’S NOT OFFEND ANYONE!

    I once knew a wealthy man who read the latest books on child rearing and thought he was smarter than anyone else. He read that children shouldn’t be told the word “no” because it might inhibit their creativity and bruise their little egos for life. Of course, no one could bear to be around his children for long. They were bratty, disrespectful and destructive and their mother finally had a nervous breakdown.

    I once had a friend who had trouble with the word “no” when sales people knocked on her door. She kept buying things she didn’t need and kicking herself afterward. She finally had to stand in front of a mirror and say “no, thank you, no, thank you” over and over again. It worked. She finally got tougher and more assertive. She taught herself.


    President Obama thinks “The Constitution is a charter of negative liberties,” and it is. It does its best to set parameters, something all of us must obey — EVEN LATINOS!

    The Democratic Party has called the Republican Party the “Party of No” as a slur against Republicans who will not vote yes on policies their constituents don’t want, on policies that are unconstitutional, on policies that are wrong-headed. I commend Republicans for standing their ground against growing pressure, name-calling and political displays of favoritism and censure. SOMEONE HAS TO BE GROWN UP ENOUGH TO SAY THE WORD NO.

  12. S. Nicholson says:


    Welcome to the United States, home of cuddly, sensitive Muslims and fuzzy-wuzzy illegal aliens, most from Mexico. Here we have forced health care, racial name-calling, no jobs, growing government, economic uncertainty and an intellectual ruling class trying to produce cookie-cutter citizens under social justice for all. They have this great plan in their collective big brains only it isn’t working.

    Here it’s all for one (Obama) and one (Obama) for all obedient cookies who are willing to follow Obama’s policies. Bad cookies will be slurred and ridiculed while obedient cookies and cookie groups will receive our money.

    If you think you want to live here, think again. They only thing allowing me to write this is an old document called “The Constitution of the United States” and certain progressive politicians and our liberal judiciary are doing their best to destroy it.

    Today in the United States we have to fight for the right to protect ourselves while government sues us. Here our budgets are tight while Michelle Obama vacations in Spain. Here we are ignored while the President’s squeaky wheels are rewarded for adoring him and his blighted ideology.

    If the U.S. represents the last bastion of freedom and liberty on this little blue planet, as we’ve been told, then our world will be out of luck when Obama gets through transforming us.

    I am one bad cookie waiting to be crumbled and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am an American.

  13. S. Nicholson says:


    This week we’re not calling each other racists on TV. What happened? Did the ugly accusations finally reach a crescendo so loud that they couldn’t be ignored? Did the TV anchors realize they had gone over the top? Did they conclude faces contorted in anger and screaming voices turned off their audience?


    TV has to take responsibility for race baiting and race mongering if they make a habit of it. I have to wonder if Omar Thornton, the beer warehouse shooter, was influenced by what he saw on TV. I have to ask why CNN made a vendetta out of hunting down racists in the Tea Party. I am forced to ask why words like “Demonizing babies in the womb,” were used on MSNBC. The anchors on MSNBC were so impassioned and loud they actually hurt my ears.

    Maybe, in the quiet of this cease fire from name-calling, we can all look at ourselves and realize the hostile environment created by TV race mongers isn’t conducive to intelligent conversation or any conservation at all.

    Maybe anchors will be more careful in selecting guests who do not use invectives. Maybe the Department of Mexican Propaganda can take a new tack and leave “race” out of their campaign for amnesty.


    One thing is certain, this cessation in name-calling is wonderful and I hope it lasts. I hope TV news checks and rechecks its programming to make sure race is a topic and not an accusation. I hope anchors call out any guest who tries to use race as a slur. No anchor should allow the “race card” to be used and the disapproval should be swift and hard.

    Our feelings about race cannot be legislated but bad acts, in the name of race, can be punished until that time when all men know race doesn’t matter. Today is not that day, even though most of us would like it to be so.

  14. S. Nicholson says:


    I checked in on MSNBC to hear one of their paid idiots saying something about the 14th Amendment and criminalizing children and found it odd, strange and over the top. These people were seriously frantic about any idea that might stop Mexicans from having their children here in the U.S. and gaining a foothold for family members. When I say “seriously frantic” I mean one guy spoke so loudly and emotionally I thought he might bust a blood vessel. I changed the channel.

    Then this evening Luis Vicente Gutierrez, a congressman who I always remember because he reminds me of a cartoon singing mouse, said those against anchor babies were trying to “DEMONIZE CHILDREN IN THE WOMB.” Even Anderson Cooper, who was interviewing him, had to divert his attention to keep a straight face.

    I mean really, Gutierrez was born here yet there seemed to be something lost in the translation of Spanish to English that would make a congressman say something so stupid. “DEMONIZE CHILDREN IN THE WOMB”? It sounded like something from a horror movie. Who would do that? Who would say something so galactically sick? LITTLE LUIS GUTIERREZ WOULD!

    I have never before seen so many frantic Hispanics locos on TV before. If Democrats have trouble speaking to and understanding Republicans how are we ever going to understand those Hispanics who act and speak like melodramatic clowns? I guess the memo from the Department of Mexican Propaganda has gone out and we’re all going to hear about “criminalizing and demonizing babies.” Wow. Is that the phrase of the day amigos?

    Do you guys know how silly and stupid you sound to the American ear? Do you understand how such language separates you? I’m too tired to write anymore tonight but get all your groups together and make sense. Most of the time I just want to yell to La Raza, MALDEF, ACLU and all the rest — JUST SHUT UP. Oh, and please don’t send Luis to speak for you. He used to be simpering and ingratiating but he’s gotten better with old age. Still — looking at Luis makes me want to laugh. He’s as strange as the “hat lady” La Raza used to have. Remember her? She adjusted her hat, stuck her nose in the air, and acted like some Spanish queen. She made me want to laugh too.

  15. S. Nicholson says:



    In 1866 the 14th Amendment to the Constitution was put in place to protect the children of freed slaves from being disenfranchised. No one could have foreseen that it would be used by Mexicans and foreign countries to gain American citizenship. Yet — that is just what is happening today and it must stop!

    People like Harry Reid say “we’ve lost leave of our senses” because we want to stop anchor babies. People like Mr. Ed of MSNBC say (paraphrasing) we’re trying to criminalize little children. What is wrong with Reid and Ed? Have they no sense of America as a country that controls instead of being controlled by illegal aliens and wily Chinese visitors? They are so angry and so loud. I’ve often wondered if those on MSNBC are on steroids or if the testosterone levels are too high. That would explain Olbermann, Mr. Ed and even Rachel Maddow.

    Today I hear people from China are flying into American resorts with hospitals so they can stay, have their babies, and leave with American citizenship for their children. We already know that Mexican couples have gone to extreme lengths to have their babies on American soil. I would like to see some facts and figures on this subject. I would like to know the perks they get for having a child born in America and how it attaches them to my country. Rick Sanchez of CNN, who seems to suck the air out of me through my TV, needs to go down to the border and ask these women why they want to have their babies here, or CNN could send Soledad O’Brian. All I ask is the truth, guys, and nothing slanted toward CNN’s open border bias. Anderson Cooper says truth matters and then tells half truths but it doesn’t have to stay that way. Sanchez, O’Brian and Cooper could actually get real and honest with the American people if they wanted to. CNN ratings might go up.


    Why do I call it ugly? Because if it goes up it will be a symbol of American stupidity. It will be a beacon for Muslims, both terrorists and non-terrorists. It will be an insult to all Americans and I live in Arizona. I can feel the insult from here. Mayor Bloomberg is confused. This is not about religious freedom. This is about the namesake of the religion that bred the people who killed and continue to kill Americans marking its territory and figuratively peeing on the cornerstone of the building. Go pee somewhere else!

  16. S. Nicholson says:


    President Obama has only one question he needs to answer with regard to amnesty. That question is: IS AMNESTY IN THE BEST INTERESTS OF THE NATION?

    Is adding 20 million (an estimate) people, mostly from Mexico, to our country and our entitlement programs good for Americans already here and struggling in an economic recession without jobs?

    The people we are talking about are poor, uneducated, unskilled, can’t speak English, Catholic and most will become Democrats. I say Catholic because our ex-Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales, told us that his family loved America and when they moved here two of his sisters each hand nine (9) children. I say poor because many of these people will require public assistance. I say unskilled because they will be vying for jobs our low wager earners need. I say they can’t speak English because they will require extra help to learn. I say uneducated because they will act as citizens without the knowledge they need to make good decisions. I say Democrats because they will tilt our political system.

    As a citizen I consider amnesty very seriously but I am not president. I do not have states begging for help. I do not yet get shot at. I’m not the one who posted signs to warn Americans to stay off public lands because of drug and human smugglers. President Obama gets paid to protect me, a citizen, and he and the Democratic Party hold our border hostage for AMNESTY, A PURELY POLITICAL STANCE THAT IS HARMING THIS NATION.

    This is beyond outrageous. This is dereliction of duty and a grave, grave mistake. Adding 20 million of “Calderon’s best” IS NOT IN THE BEST INTERESTS OF THIS NATION.

  17. S. Nicholson says:


    President Obama doesn’t want a patchwork of laws on immigration. We all realize by now that states wouldn’t be writing their own laws if Obama had been protecting American citizens and our border. We all realize by now that building a fence is something Obama will not do and the farce they’ve made out of doing it, and the millions they’ve wasted on an electronic fence, are a matter of record. Our fence is a joke because our government doesn’t want our border with Mexico controlled. They would rather concede land in Arizona to smugglers and warn Americans off with signs. How sick!


    They will not close our borders. They will not protect citizens. They would rather sue Arizona than disturb their Mexican friends. Mexicans swarm in Phoenix shouting demands, demands they expect to be met because Obama has made them promises. Obama and this Congress thwart the WILL OF THE PEOPLE AGAIN AND AGAIN.

    Only monsters try to create their vision of a perfect country and for Obama this is his time. Monsters don’t know they are monsters and they always have the best of intentions. Their visions always end up with oppressing the people and murder.

    These monsters don’t realize their visions are out of sync with time and natural enlightenment. They try to force, into years, what would occur naturally if left to grow and come to fruition. They are conscious only of their limited time on earth, or in office, and they try to bend natural time to fit their timetable and their vision. They try to make men better but they can’t. They try to legislate fairness and instead create chaos. Life is not fair, Mr. Obama, and never will be. Did your communist father tell you socialism would make life fair instead of create misery for everyone?

    We’re here, Mr. Obama, THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES, and we see you and what you’re doing and not doing. You can’t divvy us up by race and arrange us to fit your perfect vision. We do not fit into the neat little pockets of your imagination. We are not used to being meanly used and ignored, no matter how much government has already done that to us over the years as honor, morality and accountability decline before our very eyes.

    We are uniquely American, in all our various colors, and usually polite Americans stand up and fight back when forced against a wall. You have ignored and provoked us. You have bent arms to force your vision of health care on us. You spend our money as if it is nothing and soon it will be worth nothing.

    Now, on illegal immigration, the Department of Mexican Propaganda is working overtime to make sure our border stays open and amnesty is granted to every poor, uneducated Mexican who failed to “migrate” back to his land of origin. You, and previous presidents, have made Mexico an American problem for purely political reasons and the Federal Government will have to rectify it rather than make citizens pay for government’s mistakes. The people have implored the government to fix the problem for years. We have paid enough in treasure and time and aggravation.

    No pathway, loophole, alley or back door to amnesty for me. DO YOUR JOB!

  18. S. Nicholson says:


    It used to be “we do the jobs Americans won’t” and “compassion” and “what would you do without a Mexican.” For each amnesty push there is a new slogan and I think this year’s slogan was supposed to be “we clean your houses and wipe your babies’ butts.” I only heard it for a couple of days before it stopped. I think the visualization of “wiping babies’ butts” killed it. What a shame!

    The latest lie is “although most people like the AZ law they also want a “path to citizenship for illegals.” This I don’t believe and I’ve only heard it pushed on CNN for a few days now. They want to convince us this is so but I’m not falling for it. I don’t want any amnesty and I say this with a straight face as I know my government is constantly working to give small amnesties, small perks, small economic gifts to those who live here illegally. It’s like some memo goes out to all talking heads in the Hispanic Bloc and they repeat and repeat and repeat the lie until the dumb and ignorant come to accept it.

    I sometimes wonder if there isn’t an “Agency of Mexican Propaganda” set up somewhere and nobody told me about it. I know a lot of news media must subscribe with CNN being first in line. “Hola, Rick Sanchez. Love your Salsa music and Fotos del Dia. We don’t have to ask what your target audience is.”


    When I think of migrants I can’t help but recall the gift Fidel Castro sent us. He cleaned out his jails and asylums and sent those people to Florida.

    Now Phillipe Calderon is different. He tells us he sends us his “best people” every year and expects us to believe it. Sorry Phillipe.

    What you say is garbage and I’m throwing it out!

  19. S. Nicholson says:


    If it becomes necessary for you to sue the Federal Government I would like to join the suit individually and will be glad to pay any filing fees required. Just announce it on TV and I will follow through.

    I don’t know what damages you will be asking for but I certainly believe past and future damages are required. For myself, I would like to have compensation for extreme emotional distress and I have the documentation to prove it.

    Good luck with the next step. The Appeals Court may be liberal but perhaps they have common sense and a healthy regard for the Constitution and the people it represents.

  20. S. Nicholson says:


    People, mostly Mexicans, from the foreign country next door walked in and took what they could. Now they are marching in our streets in Phoenix, AZ with signs that say, “Stop Racism, Stop the Hate.” That’s just an insult. Racism and hate have nothing to do with what’s going on.

    All our great President has to do is enforce our immigration laws and protect the border. Will he? No! That might take some votes away from his great cause called re-election. Obama would rather serve another term as president than protect American citizens. Obama would rather sue Arizona than enforce our laws. Obama would rather cater to the Hispanic bloc than follow the Constitution. Obama would rather go on vacation than face the truth that he is letting the entire country down.

    Today some pro-amnesty idiot was on TV talking about the “forces of fear and ignorance.” Does he really think I fear him? Does he think I’m ignorant compared to his friends and relatives crossing the border? Insult after insult is what I get as an American citizen. Today Mexican Governor Guillermo Padres Elias from Sonora came on TV to tell us we needed Comprehensive Immigration. He was also concerned that newborns from Mexico night not get citizenship. We call them “anchor” babies. Every time I have a Mexican, speaking for Mexicans, tell me what this country should be doing I get angry.

    I shouldn’t. I know the Mexican interest in America has NAFTA at the root and that NAFTA promised open borders for the transportation of people and goods. Yes, the Mexican trucks were supposed to pick up our food from China and distribute it throughout America and Canada. The three countries, Canada, Mexico and America conformed rules and regulations in each country to make it so. We were going to be one, big happy family, a union of countries, The North American Union to be exact.

    To make this global/progressive dream true Mexico’s economy had to come up. Lord knows everyone tried. We pumped billions into Mexico but the infusion failed and then came the big global recession. Today on FOX news Lou Dobbs was called to address the AZ ruling and he mentioned what was happening was in keeping with those in government who held a “bigger concept.” I could only surmise that “bigger concept” was the North American Union which no one dares speak of but which is ready to go into effect as soon as the stage is set and Americans pummeled and bullied hard enough to accept with meek whines.

    Vicente Fox is ready. Phillipe Calderon is ready to be attached to what was once a rich country. In fact if he keeps stuffing Mexicans into the U.S. we will become Mexico, vote in Mexico’s interests and act with Mexico. I want to remain a sovereign nation, making decisions on what is best for America alone, and for that I’m called a racist. So be it.

    In the meantime President Obama wastes more of our money in litigating against one of his own, Arizona. What a waste of time and money when all he has to do is his job. Race and politics are all I see and hear anymore. On both Obama is as divisive as they come. I long for a softer, gentler, calmer time and fear that revolution is on the menu. Obama’s presidency has brought out all those on the fringe, all the nut cases, all those who don’t mind trampling others for a cause.

    No one talks about the common good or the best interests of this country. Instead the races and political interests yell give me, give me now. Our government grows in size, regulation and control. Our president is a sex symbol, an icon, and an unrelenting ideologue. We are becoming a beehive benefiting the collective at the expense of the individual. We need jobs, not lawsuits. We need jobs, not entitlements. We need jobs, not pats on the head. We need jobs, not more race baiting.

  21. S. Nicholson says:


    Yes, the ruling on the AZ preliminary injunction was disappointing to me. The important working parts were gutted. When Mexico and ex-Presidente Vincente Fox weighed in I decided I had been fooling myself for too long. It seems we’re a Global Socialist Nation now and nobody told us. It seems Americans no longer own America. It seems that our land can be be marked for use by Mexican smugglers and Americans warned off by signs. It seems that illegal aliens can walk in, with impunity, and live here a lifetime.

    I kept asking, for a long time, are we still a sovereign nation? Do we still make decisions based on what’s best for America? The answer is a big, huge no! Today we make decisions on what’s best for America and Mexico. Tomorrow, if our progressives get their way, we will make decisions on what’s best for the oppressed of the world and redistribute our wealth accordingly.

    CNN’s Soledad O’Brien has been showing us how needy the world is. Rick Sanchez shows us Poor, Poor Maria stories and cries for illegal aliens. Anderson Cooper gives us droning upon droning reports of environment under attack. To third-world countries all Americans are rich, right, and they can give more until we are one warm, fuzzy people living in a third world nation called America or a part of a region called The North American Union.

    I know that when I grew up I said I want to be part of a region where I can work hard for the oppressed of the world, give my money to the community, dedicate my life to a big brother government, and have no control over what I earn, where I live, what I eat, which doctor I see and how warm my house can be. Yep — that’s living! And to help us along they will give us trash TV filled with trashy people without morals or good sense and lots of sexual exploitation and cartoons for propaganda.

  22. S. Nicholson says:


    Shirley Sherrod, the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) employee who had to pull over to the side of the road to give her resignation is no saint. Some say her story is one of redemption. It’s true that Shirley is not the woman of 24 years ago who explained this white farmer came to her for help and she did not give him “the full force of what I could do” because he was white. Further, Shirley believed this white farmer was “trying to show he was superior to me,” by his speech.

    Could you call Shirley Sherrod a racist because of her thinking 24 years ago? Evidently President of the NAACP, Ben Jealous, thought her words were incendiary enough to fire her. The President of the United States, through Tom Vilsack, Secretary of the USDA, thought so too. Does this prove that all white people who sought help from black government employees 24 years ago were discriminated against? Should a class action lawsuit be filed? Oh hell — how much longer is this race babble going to go on!


    Ben Jealous, President of the NAACP, says, “What we are asking the Tea Party to eschew (shun) is not the racism of some outside the organization, but the bigotry (intolerance) from within.”

    Wow Ben! I don’t hear the word “eschew” too often. Are you trying to act like you’re superior to me, better than me, smarter than me because I’m white and you’re the president of the NAACP AND USE BIG WORDS LIKE ESCHEW.

    I applaud the Tea Party for not addressing your race mongering, race baiting, Tea Party smearing campaign begun by Nancy Pelosi who called the Tea Party Astroturf, Democrats who can’t abide it, and the Black President of the United States who called the Tea Party tea-baggers. Insults against the TP, plus false reporting have continued for over a year because dumb white people will not understand their place in the Obama era. White people are to shit down and shut up because African-Americans and Hispanics (mostly from Mexico) are running the country.

    Ben, I will eschew when you eschew the same. Maybe we can get together and eschew in unison. Maybe we can have a special eschewing day when all the races come together.

    In the meantime Ben, why doesn’t the NAACP look in the mirror? Why don’t you stop wasting time and skirting common sense? Why don’t you stop the government created, race based smear campaign that makes you look stupid.


  23. S. Nicholson says:


    Well Mr. President, all illegal alien supporters, including the infamous ACLU, are converging on Arizona by bus, train and plane to create what may become a civil unrest conflagration that could easily turn into a brawl. Lives of Americans are at risk, especially law enforcement, and YOU DID YOUR PART BY LYING TO THE NATION ABOUT THE AZ LAW. HAPPY YET?

    Now we know it’s all political and your lie was told to energize your base of Hispanics (mostly Mexican), but was it worth it? Is this what you intended? Do you think it’s all fun and political games? What is wrong with you as a human being? What is wrong with you as The President of the United States? You do remember you represent United States citizens and not illegal aliens or Mexico, don’t you?

    I’ve had it. If even one American is hurt or injured I’m laying it at the door of the White House where the most racially divisive president we’ve ever had lives. And as for that “blanket amnesty” you’re reportedly cooking up behind closed doors, DON’T!

    I’m thinking you should be impeached for failing to protect the people of this nation and actually inciting riots by YOUR SPEECH. YOU LIED, YOU IDIOT, AND PEOPLE LIKE THE ONES AT CNN ALLOWED IT. How does that pale puppet at CNN, Anderson Cooper, have the nerve to say “Truth Matters.” CNN tells half the truth half the time and gets away with it.

    In short, you are responsible for any trouble in Arizona, Mr. President. The burden and responsibility are yours. I HATE LIARS!

  24. S. Nicholson says:


    Congratulations to Erick Erickson for refusing to engage when Professor Michael Dyson went all Angry Black Man;I want a bigger cookie; Life is not Fair; Stomp, Stomp, Stomp on him. Naturally it stopped intelligent conversation and I never learned what the debate was about.


    Congratulations to Jon Stewart for the very funny “You’re a racist — No, you’re a racist skit.” It mirrored what is happening today and their efforts to prove they weren’t racists were original. The “Beard Buddies” part was so stupid I had to laugh. Thanks again for the laughs. Humor can be poignant and biting. Humor can cut straight to the issue and leave the peel behind.


    The last 50 years since the civil rights movement never happened and the nation is back to races shouting at each other. The new kid on the block, Illegal Hispanics (Mostly Mexican), act like they have a right to be here and further degrade the conversation while at the same time stealing resources Americans need.

    As an American citizen I would like a place at the table but I don’t seem to count. If I speak I’m a racist. If I agree with the Tea Parties I’m a racist. If I disagree with Obama I’m a racist. This climate of Radical Political Warfare by the numbers wounds the soul.

  25. S. Nicholson says:


    We’ve seen, through two racial incidents, 1) the white cop and the black professor and 2) the firing of Shirley Sherrod of the Dept of Agriculture that race is something this president does not want to address. President Obama acted quickly, too quickly and without the facts in both incidents to forestall commentary and kill the stories before they could further develop.

    The media, like obedient political handmaidens, aided and abetted the president. Ed Henry of CNN called the story “done” when the White House and the Ag Dept refused him access to Cheryl Cook, Agriculture undersectary, who delivered the telephonic demand for Shirley Sherrod to pull over and resign. In this arrangement the President saves face, the media stays in the President’s good graces, and the people lose. THE PEOPLE ALWAYS LOSE WHEN TRUTH IS DENIED.

    Maybe that’s why CNN’s Anderson Cooper keeps repeating the recent tag line for CNN and says, “Truth Matters.” Tell me Anderson, if truth matters so much then why did CNN allow President Obama to get away with his misstatement about the new Arizona law? The president indicated that you could be arrested if you took your child out for ice cream. That’s just untrue; a lie. Is truth a standard for some but not for others? Are presidents exempt from telling the truth? Perhaps, if truth did matter to CNN then CNN could have pointed out the “President’s mistake” and had him retract or revise it. Would it be too much, just for all the people of this country, to use the power of media to reveal instead of obfuscate?

    For over a year CNN looked for the “racist in the tea pot.” I watched you guys ask everyone you talked to about the racists in the Tea Party. Nancy Pelosi called the tea party Astroturf and ridiculed it. The President mocked the Tea Party and his handmaidens, you, the media, skipped right along. Democrats and CNN pounded on the Tea Party for over a year yet they survived. Then last week the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) decided, in a politically motivated move, to insult the Tea Party movement with a resolution to “condemn the extremist elements within the Tea Party, calling on leaders to repudiate those in their ranks who use racist language in their signs and speeches.”

    No, Kirsten Powers (Democratic blogger), the NAACP did not actually call the Tea Party racist because the media had accidentally shown it wasn’t. The NAACP did the next best thing and called SOME OF THEM racists and demanded they act to “repudiate.” The objective is clear: brand the Tea Party movement, or enough of their members, to blur the lines. Calling people “racists” is the scam of the day. The Hispanic bloc uses it against anyone who does not agree with amnesty and illegal immigration and Democrats use it against anyone who does not agree with Obama.


    Geraldo Rivera of FOX said it and I’ve never heard him retract it: “Americans don’t like brown people.” There’s some little town enacting anti-illegal immigration laws and a woman was quoted as saying, “They don’t feel like they’re wanted.” Right now in Congress someone is pushing to get special rules for special Mexicans so that the illegal aliens graduating from high school in the U.S. can have citizenship. I’m sure that includes their families also. If the Hispanic Bloc can’t get one big amnesty then they’re going to get small groups in the best they can. Our President and our Congress are leaving our borders open and handing small victories to the Hispanic Bloc, one after another.

    Blacks feel empowered to make demands for their race because of Obama’s color. And, if Obama doesn’t get it, I’m sure Shirley Sherrod will set him straight and remind him he’s black. This weekend my TV had me back in the 60′s reliving the civil rights movement. Fifty years have passed since then but some Blacks are not happy. They call for economic parity and social justice.

    Hispanics feel empowered to make demands for their race because of Obama’s politics. Our border stays open and they come and go as they please. In the meantime Congress keeps enacting little bills that squeeze more and more of them into our country and reward them with citizenship just because they’re here.

    Whites feel — well, they certainly don’t feel empowered. They’re not sure where they belong or if the country still belongs to citizens. In the beginning of the Obama reign they were pushed to the sidelines as if a silent order had gone out that said, “SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP, MINORITIES HAVE THE BALL.” Two like-minded minorities and become the majority and Socialism was the order of the day. Democrats said we won so butt out, at the same time pretending they wanted bi-partisanship. They didn’t. All they wanted was for Obama’s agenda to be pushed through.


    Ownership and operation of the means of production and distribution by society or the community rather than private individuals with all members of society sharing in the work and the products. Socialism is the stage between the capitalist and the communist. “From each according to his ability, to each according to his work.”

    Yep, get those community gardens growing. Lose weight now or you’ll be eating more than your share of what the community grows. Hoe a little faster or your neighbor will report you. Don’t worry. The Government knows what’s best for you. Just ask Fidel Castro or Hugo Chavez.

  26. S. Nicholson says:


    Well, right after I posted on Cook, CNN’s Ed Henry, Sr. White House Correspondent, came on TV to say he had tried the USDA and the White House and had reached an impasse. To Ed, “The story is done.”

    I can’t say I’m surprised because I expected Ed and CNN to cave to their favorite president. What happened to Cheryl Cook, the under secretary who had harassed Shirley Sherrod with several telephone calls, to pull over and resign now? Has she been shipped to China or Russia? Has she suddenly been offered a promotion or come into some money? All this “transparency” is killing me.

    C’mon people. This one has Obama’s fingerprints all over it. Obama acted exactly as he did when another racial issue came up with the black professor and the white cop. Obama ordered a preemptive strike, WITHOUT THE FACTS, and this time he ended up hurting the wrong person. This time Obama looks like an incompetent idiot along with his staff. No need for a teachable moment here. Obama can’t be taught. This is twice and counting. Is anyone concerned that Obama could order a nuclear strike on a foreign country without all the facts? I am.

    I said it before and I’ll say it again, President Obama is the most racially divisive president this country has ever seen in modern times. This president is so afraid of “race” being discussed that he would do anything to prevent it.


    If you want to blame someone for the Shirley Sherrod mess you have plenty of choices but all are not equal. I have chosen the NAACP as the most culpable because it was their “resolution” condemning the Tea Party as racist that acted as the spark that sent Andrew Breitbart looking for a way to defend. How do you defend against a smear campaign and a sham resolution?

    What the NAACP did was hateful, wrong, politically motivated. If the NAACP wants to call itself a national tentacle of the Democratic Party then go ahead but be clear so that everyone knows who you are. Besides, the “Colored People” title is archaic. Some people probably still send you money without knowing what motivates you. And, what really boggles the mind is that Ben Jealous had the entire video and could have nipped this in the bud from the very beginning.

    At first I felt very sorry for Sherrod as I imagined the confusion and unfair demand for resignation she was harassed with but Shirley got past that and became the hero of the day, Queen for a day. Shirley became a TV personality and will be rewarded for her emotional distress by government.

    Now it’s Andrew Breitbart I feel sorry for. I understand his frustration in being called a racist, a charge it’s almost impossible to defend against, and when the NAACP threw out the charge against the Tea Party it was probably like a kick in the chest. I don’t defend partial and edited tapes and videos but I do understand what motivated Breitbart.

    I think the NAACP should rescind its resolution and apologize to the Tea Party. That would be the honorable thing to do. Get over yourselves NAACP, you’re Americans just like I am and if you want respect you’ll start respecting others instead of playing dirty political games.

    Ben Jealous, get real and stop the games. You guys looked like real idiots over this and you had the ability to stop it from the beginning. Shirely Sherrod, if she wants to sue, should sue you. Didn’t anyone think to look at the tape? Were you afraid Shirley would be condemned as racist for the way she thought and acted 24 years ago? Are you really that paranoid? Is Obama that paranoid?

    Let’s talk issues instead of calling names or does racial strife and hating make you feel better, Ben? You wronged Shirley, the NAACP and the Tea Party.

  27. S. Nicholson says:


    I was going to congratulate CNN for having an actual news story they were going to follow through on and acting like real journalists but maybe not since not a peep of the Shirley Sherrod story has aired today.

    THE SHORT VERSION: Shirley Sherrod, Georgia Director of Rural Development, was fired on Monday over a fabricated racial controversy. By the time it became clear to all that the video showing Shirley had been edited and she was taken out of context, it was too late. Shirley had been asked by Cheryl Cook, Deputy under secretary of the Department of Agriculture, to pull over to the side of the road and use her Blackberry to hand in her resignation.

    Who does that? Who asks people to resign by Blackberry while they are on a road trip in the course of their work? Tom Vilsack, Secretary of Agriculture, said he did. Shirley Sherrod said she was told by Cheryl Cook that the order for her to resign came from the White House. Shirley stands by that, does not deviate, and may be one of the few honorable people in this entire fiasco. Shirley is a product of her time and race and biased but she makes herself clear: The order for her to resign came from the White House.

    Who is there to directly refute Sherrod? That person is Cheryl Cook who spoke to Shirley three times while Shirley was driving and finally asked Shirley to pull over and resign because she was going to be on the Glenn Beck Show that night. Is Cheryl Cook as honorable as Shirley Sherrod where truth is concerned? I don’t know but CNN is supposed to be looking into it. CNN usually reports nothing that is negative to the President, indeed omits stories that would put President Obama in a bad light. Let’s see how they cover and investigate Cheryl Cook’s veracity.

  28. S. Nicholson says:


    The first time I heard the word “racist” used as an accusation and a slur was on the Lou Dobbs Show. In fact the Hispanic Bloc and Dems used it so often that Dobbs named it “playing the race card.” It was the kind of accusation that caused people to stop intelligent discourse and try to defend themselves which didn’t promote fair discussion.

    This childish and unfair name-calling continued against anyone who was against illegal immigration and amnesty. The Mexican faction used it often and concertedly to deter talk from issues to race. If you didn’t agree with the Mexican faction you had to be a racist, or at least that’s what they called you. You had to be branded a RACIST if you didn’t agree with them. Even Geraldo Rivera jumped on the bandwagon and said, “Americans don’t like brown people.”

    Naturally the Dems, who were most often advocates of amnesty, were also advocates of President Obama so the name-calling ploy was shifted and used again for political purposes. If you didn’t like Obama or Obama’s policies you were a RACIST. It couldn’t be that you didn’t like big ears, or the way he talked, or his socialist programs, YOU WERE A RACIST.

    So congratulations Dems. You have taken the word “racist,” perverted it and used it for political purposes. This led to retaliation and more name calling but let’s not forget who began the branding. I wonder, is it a tactic from Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals?”

    And Democrats wonder aloud where civility went?

  29. S. Nicholson says:


    Urp! Burp! Shirley Sherrod was hard to swallow but the stomach ache may be worse.

    Who created this fiasco? The NAACP blames FOX News and says they were snookered. The White House reacted, without investigation, to fire Shirley Sherrod of the Department of Agriculture. Shirley blames the NAACP and the Tea Party for a racially charged political atmosphere. Cheryl Cook, Deputy Under Secretary of the USDA, warned that Glenn Beck was going to do the story and Shirley had to resign immediately.

    One conclusion is evident, FOX News and Glenn Beck had nothing to do with decisions coming from the White House and the NAACP but finger pointing is always a “fun” political move. Finger pointing diverts attention from the overreaction of the NAACP and the paranoid delusions of a White House that doesn’t want to lose votes.

    We can all understand more about Shirley Sherrod and racial discrimination, or lack thereof, once the entire tape is shown and make our judgments then. In the meantime Shirley Sherrod should not have been fired. Yes, the tape showed a woman mired in the vernacular of her race and the political language of her day but that day was 24 years ago.

    Yes, this incident reminds me a lot of the black professor and the white cop where Obama immediately blamed the white cop without the facts, but that’s what Obama does. Obama plays with race and uses it to his advantage where he can but this time it backfired on him.

    Shirley Sherrod should not have been summarily fired until the facts were in. Vilsack and Cook are not worth mention because they were only governmental pawns. The NAACP looks silly again, just as it did when Ben Jealous announced the resolution against the Tea Parties. As for the White House — well, Blacks and Whites take heed: only Hispanics (most Mexican) are exempt from summary execution or political assassination in a country where the President uses race as a political ploy against the people.

  30. S. Nicholson says:


    Obama is the most racially divisive person I’ve ever seen — and he is our president. Not only are we calling each other racists but we’re moving apart, not together as a nation. Blacks and Whites were slowly working their way through old divides until the ILLEGAL MEXICAN forced his presence on this nation and began making demands.

    They filled our neighborhoods, crowded our schools, made some hospitals go bankrupt and formed gangs while their parents took jobs that American citizens now need. Obama used them for votes, promising them everything, and now in Obama’s bid to fulfill his promises he is hurting this country.

    Blacks, Whites, Asians and every race I can’t think of should join together to tell Obama to do his job and close our borders. Enough of this name calling. Enough of staged and outlandish displays of political posturing like the NAACP and the Tea Parties. This is done for POLITICS. Politics is what Obama is using to divide the people of this nation. Politics is a tool to push us around.

    Most Americans don’t hate! At first I was angry at the New Black Panthers in their paramilitary garb as one hit his nightstick against his palm, but looking back they remind me of 60′s relics, mummified and dusted off for all to see. They were wrong and should have been prosecuted but they were also ridiculous. This is not the 60′s. Shabazz, calling for the killing of whites and white babies, just looked and sounded like he was insane. I would have been ashamed to claim I even knew the guy.

    We are all being played for politics people and I, for one, don’t like it. If Obama’s first two years on the throne don’t give you some indication of what’s to come then you’re blind. This is not good.

    Obama has warts and we had all better take a look at them. He is the son of a Communist and a Marxist and the follower of Reverend Jeremiah Wright who damns America and teaches Black Liberation Theology. Many of his czars are so far left they’ve fallen off the map and other of his advisers are just revolutionary loons dressed in expensive suits.

    Worst of all Obama divides the American people and this shouldn’t be happening. Take ahold of what you’ve got people, while you’ve got it, because America is still the best country in the world unless we allow one man’s political ambitions to destroy us.

    Right now we have a Mexican problem in this country and it would just take one word from Obama to fix it.

  31. S. Nicholson says:


    I keep hearing the words “SICK AND TIRED.” That’s how Americans feel about fighting the same problems over and over and getting no results. How long can Obama drag this Illegal Immigration drama on before he figures out that WE HAVE LAWS? Today Obama had the gall to say his financial bill would “see that everyone follows the same set of rules.” What rubbish! Everyone with eyes can see that this Government follows only the laws and rules it wants to follow. Everyone can see that this Government holds special rules for special races. Everyone can see, including the entire world, that Obama and this administration are prejudiced against some and biased toward others. You are fast becoming a joke, Mr. Obama! BUILD THE FENCE; ENFORCE THE LAWS; SECURE OUR BORDER. The world is watching and to the world I will say: Americans are being oppressed by the Obama Government.


    Here’s the short list. We’re tired of Illegal Immigration, the oil leak, no jobs, no trials for KSM and his cohorts, putting our voting rights in peril, the growing expense of the Health Care Bill, an ever expanding government, the out of control deficit, politics, an anti-American Congress, Mexican interference in our country, racial prejudice, name-calling and a SOCIALIST IDEOLOGUE NAMED BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA.

    Today, in Obamaworld, everyone calls everyone else a racist. How did this get started. Easily. It began when the Hispanic Bloc played the race card when confronted with answering real issues. If frustrated they just said, “You’re a racist.” The other side started defending themselves in blogs and on paper by throwing the label “RACIST” back at them. Now its devolved into this childish name-calling rhetoric and it won’t stop.

    If Americans want to get some intelligent rhetoric on race between Blacks and Whites they must throw Illegal Mexicans out of the mix BY ENFORCING OUR LAWS. What are Illegal Mexicans (over 65% of our illegals are Mexican) doing in the middle of this country stirring up trouble, making demands, and advocating for amnesty? They don’t belong here; they are not helping. Obama could solve this problem in a NY second by BUILDING A FENCE, ENFORCING OUR LAWS AND SECURING OUR BORDERS.

    Mr. Mexican, I don’t want to hear about you having to “defend your heritage.” Americans have heritages too. Americans, legal citizens, had heritages before you ever trotted across that border and claimed every right and privilege Americans had already earned by hard work and loyalty. I guess you think this is “THE YEAR OF THE MEXICAN” because Obama and Calderone are so tight. I guess you think “THIS IS THE YEAR OF THE MEXICAN” because millions of you are living here illegally. I guess you think “THIS IS THE YEAR OF THE MEXICAN” because Obama wants your votes in trade for FAILING TO ENFORCE AMERICAN LAWS and thereby putting races at each other’s throats. GOOD WORK OBAMA. You have set up a rule whereby Blacks, Whites and Illegal Aliens plus sympathizers are all squabbling, screaming and calling each other names. What a guy you are you little political organizer you. You are “organizing” us into mayhem and lawlessness to ultimately “help us.”


    Your kind of help will give us rationed Health Care with the food and exercise police at our doors. Your kind of help will have us report on neighbors. Your kind of help will keep the news media under your thumb and keep us ignorant and uninformed. Your kind of help will eventually monitor everything we say or do. Your kind of help will take over the care of our children and teach them about sex before they’re ready. Your kind of help IS DANGEROUS. It is not “moving forward” it is “moving backwards” into forms of government that oppress the people.

    There is one area where your help could be used but it requires you FOLLOW THE LAW. Now I know it will be difficult for you because ACORN has made such a mess of voting rolls by including felons, the dead, and Mickey Mouse to get you elected but really, THIS CRACKER NEEDS TO KNOW HER VOTE COUNTS. I would ask that you demand that Julie Fernandez, political appointee of the DOJ, PURGES THE VOTING ROLLS OF INELIGIBLE VOTERS. Is that too much to ask or are you depending on every “stolen” vote? I’ve never had this problem before but then I’ve never had you as a president before. How much more of this do you think Americans are going to take?



  32. S. Nicholson says:


    President Obama must go. He is my president and he is a mistake. I gave him every chance but he failed me. In fact he scares me. Under Obama the U.S. will become a cog in the world machine, not an engine, and our place seems to have been already chosen for us. All we need to do is quietly fit in but we’re not cooperating. Why? Well, because Americans are Americans. We’ve known freedom like no other nation and we’re not easy to herd around.

    Never have the races aligned themselves in such a strange constellation. Every newly empowered nutcase is crawling out from the woodwork to work evil. Obama has revolutionaries, communists, black racists, Hispanic supremacists and America-haters working for him. They were chosen by Obama. They smell blood in the air and the chance to draw that blood in the name of their race or their cause is a heady compulsion.


    Right now about the only thing separating me from anarchy (no government, lawlessness) is my vote and it’s in jeopardy under this president. His ACORN and affiliates, his NAACP, his New Black Panthers, his Hispanic army, and his complete disregard for rule of law make he a helpless cracker.

    The DOJ (Department of Justice) scandal under Eric Holder gives civil voter protection rights to Black and Hispanic voters but not to me because I’m white. If it’s true that no one is to be prosecuted if the defendant is Black and the victim is white then I must shout to the government: what in the hell is wrong with you? Are you doing some kind of racial payback or is this your plan for hope and change?

    Evidently some political appointee named JULIE FERNANDEZ works for the DOJ and has handed this racist mandate down. Not only is she racist but part of her job is to clear the rolls of ACORN cheating like having Mickey Mouse, multiple voters, and the dead registered to vote. JULIE, WE KNOW YOU’RE THERE. DO YOUR JOB! This is not some third-world Hispanic country where the vote can be fixed, or is it? IS THAT WHAT WE’VE BECOME UNDER OBAMA?


    I was excited when I went to my first GOP meeting because we were going to choose someone to run for president. I had been a 40 year Democrat and then I moved to the GOP when everything in government seemed wrong. Instead of voting word was passed down from the top that the GOP was going to support McCain. What a letdown! I had been fighting with McCain and Kyl over illegal immigration and had come to detest both of them. I left that meeting and soon became an independent. Who could I trust?

    It couldn’t be a Clinton or any of the entrenched old guard. I didn’t trust them. Later I would come to understand they were “Progressives” and had an agenda. Besides, Hillary was a Democrat who pushed public health care and I didn’t want that. Her husband was a snake oil salesman who had done very well with his slick sales routine and the family put up a good front even though ol’ Bill couldn’t keep his pants zipped.

    When I tried to think who I could trust only one name popped up: LOU DOBBS. He understood economics, trade and international issues. He was a businessman, tough on illegal immigration, knew about the North American Union and I TRUSTED HIM. The Hispanic Bloc and silent but powerful forces within government had tried to silence him on CNN which made him ever more trustworthy in my eyes. I think DOBBS loves America and he can have my vote any day of the week. I wish he wanted the job.

  33. S. Nicholson says:


    This is what Deneen Peterson of the site “Stop the North American Union” says and I believe her. Go to her website for the big picture and see where America is going. If you want to be a peon in a socialist/communist country run by the global elite then don’t strain yourself thinking; besides, they are doing your thinking for you with propaganda on the news and in your schools.

    Meanwhile, American government will hold your borders open and try to tie the hands of Arizona. In our two-tier system illegal aliens will continue to ignore our laws with none of the responsibilities and all of the perks the U.S. can provide. Men like Bob/Ricardo Menendez, whose parents ran from the repressive government of Cuba are here, in your Senate, to make sure America becomes more like Cuba every day. Hooray Bobby boy. Do you have any idea what you are dragging us into? Men like Rick Sanchez of CNN, whose family also came over from Cuba, will continue to shed tears for every Latino he meets.

  34. S. Nicholson says:


    CEO Tony Hayworth of BP became a whipping boy for Henry Waxman and the investigative committee that should have been investigating the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT and MMS whose rules and regulations forced BP to drill in such deep waters and then waited and waited and waited while the oil gushed. We all know this hearing was nothing more than political theatrics. Never has our Federal Government looked so stupid and venal in my eyes. Under President Obama my Congress puts on vaudeville acts and asks me to applaud. I DON’T! I am ashamed.

    The only emissions that need to be controlled and checked come from the mouths of Congressmen who talk too much and say nothing while they lead us to Obama hell. Need I remind you the economic collape of this country was CAUSED BY GOVERNMENT. Need I remind you our illegal immigration problem was CAUSED BY GOVERNMENT INACTION. Need I remind you that our health care bill, ill conceived and unread, will cost us dearly at a time we can’t afford it. Obama lied through his nice white teeth when he presented it. Need I remind you that our national debt keeps climbing and will rest on the heads of our children and this was CAUSED BY GOVERNMENT.

    The vocal emissions and actions of our Congress are the most dangerous pollutants the United States has ever known. The members pose and prosper while we suffer from their bad decisions and votes. This BP hearing fiasco did nothing but make Obama look small and stupid. Yes — stupid! To do it while the oil is still gushing is a waste of time and money. It was Kabuki theater and Waxman didn’t even have to wear make-up or a mask to look strange and threatening. He is.

    My government offends me on an almost daily basis now and I fear for the sovereignty of the nation. I fear for our safety with open borders and ineffective and dangerous immigration policies. I fear Obama is about to tax us to death so we can all live together as peons in a third-world nation once called the United States. Yes, I am fearful but I will not turn to government for help because they provide none and continue to allow this nation to be torn apart. Here thugs rule and scavengers live off our leavings. Already I feel like a prisoner forced to watch the dismantling of America and our Congress does NOTHING but make it worse.

  35. S. Nicholson says:


    I would ask the court to take judicial notice of the number of illegal aliens in this country; 12-20 million is the generally accepted number.

    Of this number, 60-65% are from Mexico. Some of the others may be terrorists.

    I would argue that the large number is the result of years of neglect at the Federal level and, in fact, an abdication of the Federal Government to support the Constitution and protect its citizens.

    The Federal Government’s failure to enforce its laws has created an artificial, man-made, and disturbing shift in the demographics of race, language and culture in the United States of America.

    This manufactured and dramatic demographic shift has made it possible for Mexicans to band together to promote open borders and special rules for one race, their race, in a system that has become biased for them and prejudiced against all other races.

    President Calderon gives us his poor and uneducated to support and raise in a time when money is scarce, AND THIS MUST STOP.

    President Obama leaves our borders open AND THIS MUST STOP.

    Our Congress sits like dummies at a ventriloquist’s convention, waiting to have their strings pulled, AND THIS MUST STOP.

    If the Federal Government has abdicated its duty to defend and protect, and it appears so in Arizona, then Arizona is doing what it must and should be compensated by said Federal Government for all costs. Moreover, the Federal Government should apologize to Arizona for inflaming the public against the new law and thereby inciting bad behavior.


  36. S. Nicholson says:


    “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Gopvernment and shall protect each of them against invasion and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.”



    The state of Arizona has been prejudiced for claiming what the Federal Government will not, namely the protection of the citizens within its borders.

    As long as the executive branch, under President Obama, fails to act to protect and as long as this currently convened Congress remains derelict in its obligation to pass meaningful legislation to protect the people from invasion and enforce THE LAW ALREADY IN PLACE, THEN ARIZONA IS OBLIGATED TO PROTECT ITS OWN.

    Let the nation know THIS GOVERNMENT FAILS ITS DUTY TO “SUPPORT AND DEFEND” THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES. If 70% of the people of this nation support the Arizona law then you can be damn sure they want their borders protected for once and for all against ALL WHO WOULD DO US HARM INCLUDING TERRORISTS.


  37. S. Nicholson says:


    Congress — you have brought the filthy corruption and crazed violence that is Mexico into my living room and into my state of Arizona. CONGRESS, YOU HAVE MADE PHOENIX, AZ THE KIDNAPPING CAPITOL OF THE WORLD. THAT IS YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENT! THAT IS WHAT YOU MUST OWN! THAT IS WHAT HISTORY WILL RECORD.

    Congress — as I watch the legal Mexicans, along with the illegal Mexicans and all their Hispanic friends march in my streets and make demands, I am reminded that I am small and defenseless against the Mexican hoards you have invited in by the millions. This makes me angry. THIS MAKES ME ANGRY AT CONGRESS and ESPECIALLY ANGRY AT PRESIDENT OBAMA WHO CODDLES THEM FOR THEIR VOTES.

    CONGRESS — I am angry because you have treated me this way, ignored my wishes and made me a pawn of a foreign country. You have taken my American dollars and forced me to spend them on the Mexicans who are now demanding America’s borders STAY OPEN FOR MORE MEXICANS. How many of their children have I sent to school? How many of my dollars went into the welfare they received? How many times have they been to the hospital for free — at my expense?

    CONGRESS — Surely you are the lowest of the low — politically subservient to foreign nations, without honor, and lacking even the tiniest memory of the oath of office you took.


  38. S. Nicholson says:


    Would someone of intelligence, because Brennan has none, tell Brennan, Obama’s counterterror advisor, TO SHUT UP. Brennan, playing Obama’s favorite game, CHANGE THE NAME, is now saying we shouldn’t call America’s enemies Jihadists or Islamists because “jihad” is a peaceful internal spiritual struggle.

    Listen Obama Regime — You can’t identify the enemy and you can’t even call jihad what it is. JIHAD IS A HOLY WAR, YOU IDIOTS, AND THAT’S WHAT THEY BELIEVE THEY’RE DOING, CONDUCTING A HOLY WAR. You can call it mustard but it will still be a holy war. The stark stupidity that comes out of this regime takes my breath away.


    Bill Clinton, charming globalist, NAFTA creator, progressive for a perfect world, world traveler of renown, IS A SLEAZEBAG. No, he’s a lying sleazebag. Bill “I did not have sex with that woman” Clinton can be dressed up, paid a billion and sucked up to but he’s still a lying sleazebag politician who uses his considerable influence in Washington and around the world to enrich himself and to gain political power. Clinton has his hand in the cookie jar on every continent. He is not to be trusted!

    Having said that go from Obama, to Rahm Emanuel, to Clinton to Sestak and there is no surprise.

  39. S. Nicholson says:


    The hive’s speech writers keep pigeonholing us with “American Values, Core Values and the latest, Universal Values,” which Obama uses to pretend we all think alike and stand together in Democratic bliss. Obama and his speech writers are wrong and they know it. Only Borg Democrats think like Borg Democrats. They think Americans are too stupid to know what’s best for them and therefore must be led into the light, screaming if necessary, because the Borg must prevail. One only has to look at the way the healthcare bill was done to see it.

    Next week Obama’s writers will give us “Galactic Values or European Values or Mexican Values” but they will all be a way to lump us into the collective and control, just like Pelosi wears her little bracelet as a badge of solidarity against Arizona’s law.

    I will say it again, Mr. President, do not tell me what my values are because they are very different from yours. I believe in an America run by Americans, not by Mexicans. I think it was “anti-American” to allow Presidente Calderon to address AZ law. I think the bracelets are childish, high school clique tokens of a hive mentality that makes no sense.


    Mr. President, you were reluctant and miserly in your response to Arizona’s problems. You make some wonder if you represent Mexico or the United States. You leave our borders open for foreign countries like Pakistan and Iran. You have done nothing about Anchor Babies. You have done nothing constructive except to say you want “Comprehensive Reform” which is another word for amnesty. I do not reward lawbreakers but you do and you bend over backwards to protect them. YOUR VALUES ARE NOT MY VALUES! Tell that to your speech writers. YOU DO NOT SPEAK FOR ME, MR. PRESIDENT, SO STOP TRYING. I don’t think you and the hive have the slightest idea WHAT AMERICANS THINK.


    I have said it before and I will say it again, wherever Islam goes trouble will soon follow. It happened that way in the UK and it will happen that way here. Jihad is a Muslim tenent and as long as it is taught and repeated in mosques, as long as it remains in the book without being stricken IT WILL CAUSE DEATH.

    Any American-Muslim, disenchanted with his life in America, may choose jihad. Nidal Malik Hasan is the perfect example and there will be many others unless you understand. Jihad is the coward’s way out. Jihad is a child having a temper tantrum and shouting “it’s not fair. It’s not fair.”

    The mosque being debated in NY is a dirty joke on America and the 9/11 victims. The mosque, almost on top of the dead, is an obscene gesture aimed at America. Those accepting this seemingly benign Muslim mosque are more than stupid. How many Muslim terrorists, with murder in their hearts, will come to worship there and plan other atrocities? How many Muslims will come so they can admire the deadly handiwork of their Muslim brothers? Are New Yorkers nuts?

  40. S. Nicholson says:


    In the beginning of the regime they kept saying: WE WON; WE RULE. To prove this they crammed Obamacare down our throats and pretended they didn’t notice that most of the people didn’t want it. The cramming was done in such a dirty, ugly way they offended almost everyone — but they didn’t care. THEY ARE THE BORG.

    When Calderone spoke they wore their little “solidarity” bracelets against the new AZ law and gave standing ovations to the man next door, the Mexican who has 13-20 million reasons to support illegal Mexicans in this country. He knows his Mexicans may become American citizens but THEY WILL ALWAYS BE HIS MEXICANS BECAUSE OF LANGUAGE, CULTURE, AND THE FACT THEIR RELATIVES LIVE IN MEXICO.

    Poor Obama. He had to do something — something that would protect a few Americans but not anger his Mexicans. The Hispanic voting bloc owns him but then he does represent Americans too. Oh dear, what to do — what to do? He could no longer pretend he didn’t see the border problem.

    Obama decided to toss out 1,200 troops to AZ right after the Republicans left? I don’t think so. I think CO is right and Obama took the opportunity to cover his Borg butt. It was simply a way to pacify the howling people for a moment. Obama tossed a bone to AZ and said gnaw on that and leave me alone for awhile.

    In the meantime the “A” word has come up and illegals are running for their prize: Amnesty. It’s like yelling “Here, kitty, kitty, kitty” into a Mexican alley. They will climb, swim, run, lie and steal to be taken care of, from cradle to grave, by the great Obama.

    I’m surprised the Catholic Church hasn’t made a saint out of Obama. I’m surprised Mexicans haven’t made up a folk song with guitars in his honor. I’m surprised Gutierrez, Menendez and Richardson, political Hispanics for Hispanics, don’t fall to their knees and kiss his hand.

    I sure hope Obama doesn’t try to declare himself president for life, or president of the world. I mean seriously, this man’s ego will not stop and the eyes of his followers are always glazed over with pious reverence. In the early days, when Nancy sat behind him as he spoke, I thought her face might actually freeze into the hideous smile she reserved for her god.

    Well, here we go. Obama lies and stirs up the Mexican mob, the SEIU and race baits. No one is safe. If Obama’s voice reaches you, you will be touched. This community organizer turned president will not rest until he has his hand in everyone’s pocket and owns all of us.

  41. S. Nicholson says:


    Star Trek must have had the Democratic Party in mind when they created the “Borg.” This “collective” with a “hive mentality” has no desire for “negotiation or reason.” In fact they don’t use reason, they use “talking points” which they repeat over and over until you want to pull your hair out.

    Big Obama keeps saying the AZ law “has the possibility for discrimination” and Keith Olbermann, Borg news anchor, keeps repeating “show your papers.” Gee guys, anything is possible but you make no sense. To keep repeating the same sad statements, that make no sense, MAKES NO SENSE.

    Making sense is not high on the list of Borg objectives. They want assimilation and to remind you “RESISTANCE IS FUTILE.”

    Thank you “Star Trek” for creating creatures that are just like our interconnected collective of Democrats who work with a “hive mentality” to control. I’m pretty sure they each receive a “daily memo” to remind them of their talking points. Why else would they keep repeating the same stale words that make no sense.

    Down with the Borg!

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