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My Conservative Ideas, Principles

Hmmm. Kind of egotistical I suppose to have a page for my thoughts. Like anyone should, or would, care about what “I” have to say about what I think…!

Still, from time to time, I have some that I think are kind of profound.

***Some are variations or direct derivations of something I have heard before… Those will have asterisks. My own will not.

But, still, they are what I think formed “me”… or, form “me” now. 

And since I am still being formed, I thought I better keep a list. I will be adding as time goes on.

So, for better or worse, here is what I would say out loud, to leave my mark.


  • ***Square corners may be pounded round. (I think this is a proverb or something. I love it. I had a child who was a corner. She is a beautiful girl, and better for having had limits set for her.)


  • ***You can place a piece of crap in a gold bowl… it is still a piece of crap.


  • ***Never wrestle with a pig in its own shit. Whether you win or lose, the pig likes it.


  • Atheists profess wisdom in their belief of nothing. I am agnostic. Even so, I prefer the potential of a God, as this gives hope, meaning, and purpose. With the atheist perspective, there is nothing. Therefore, even if there IS no God, at least our belief moves you, or others, to aspire to greater things.


  • The older I get, the more wisdom I find, the more I feel I have known too little for too long.


  • Nothing provokes anger or violence from an enemy than truth, knowledge, or understanding that you have them in a futile position.


  • Liberals support the voting rights of only those that vote for them. We all know the young vote mostly liberal. If babies could vote, Liberals would outlaw abortion tomorrow.


  • Truth is Kryptonite to Liberals.


  • When you deal in nothing but gray, you really stand nowhere and everywhere at once. It is a position of constant acquiescence.


  • I wasn’t a slave owner. You weren’t a slave. I owe you nothing but respect, like anyone else of any color.


  • Probably the only redeeming factor of abortion is that it is quite possibly the most excellent example of natural selection one could imagine.


  • When dealing with the left, I am often reminded of the affliction ADD. The left votes for something before they vote against it; for the troops, then undermine them with comments about how they are murdering folks in the dead of night, or how their mission or war is a failure or lost, while the battle still rages on… This, I call, the “ADD Patriot”.


  • In order to understand the anger of a conservative regarding government waste, all you have to do is watch someone buy a wedding cake with food stamps. And then, when you get angry about it, you are called “insensitive” and “uncaring” by the idiots on the left.


  • The best way to become a slave is let the Government, or one of its agencies, solve your problem or take care of you. If they own your program, they own your vote. Then again, I don’t know why any loser like a staunch liberal would object to being on a Government tit, or being a slave.


  • It has never made and kind of sense to me that an atheist would put so much energy into fighting a God that they say doesn’t exist. I would think they would treat it much like the Easter Bunny, or Santa Clause. But, alas, we all really know why they DO fight… They fear God. They don’t fear Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny.
  • I‘m not certain I’m bipartisan. A good idea is a good idea, a bad one is a bad one. I don’t care which party presents it. When it comes to politics, I either like it or hate it. I’m guess I’m politically bipolar.
  • Try this one on for size- Liberal politicians are fond of saying things like “I have faith in the American people”, then, they turn around and tell you Government has the solution to your problems, and that you need the Government to help you out. Brilliant. 
  • Some of the best of what we are is still held in the child that is still in us… It still needs to be governed by wisdom and restraint.
  • Liberals use the word “right” as if to imply that, if everyone can’t get what everyone else has, there is some kind of violation. They look at the Government as some kind of arbiter of fairness, much the same way a child would look at a parent and claim unfairness when one sibling gets something that they did not. Not everything you can get a license for is a “right”, nor is denying you that thing necessarily a “violation” against you. Grow up.
  • Liberals use the word “racist” very loosely, and much like so many other important words in our language, they misuse it either out of ignorance or convenience- possibly both. Often times they really mean “prejudice”. Prejudice and racist are often two very different things. I don’t find prejudice to be abnormal, or inherently unfair. If a Pit Bull bites me, next time I am near one, I might react very differently than the first time I saw one. That doesn’t mean I am on a crusade to destroy Pit Bulls, nor does it make me evil.
  •  If I come into a restaurant and find 20 couples of teenagers making out, signal outwardly my disgust, and yell “Get a room, you freaks! We don’t want to see this crap!”, most adults would laugh and say “Thanks for saying what I was thinking…” Now, how about I try the same thing in a restaurant full of gay people making out? Now, I’m a bigoted ass in the eyes of the left…
  • The Constitution and Bill of Rights, as well as any of the other amendments, were not crafted or penned in order to protect your “feelings”.
  • I have NEVER seen or met a man or woman who’s life was saved or transformed by atheism. Nobody ever came out of prison or any other low place in their lives and said “Thank nothing I found nothing…”

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