Who Stands With Obama? Why, the Elephant in the Room Does!

Those of you that read this blog will remember that the biggest complaint I had about Barry was that he was simply NOT READY FOR PRIME TIME. Meaning, he was simply inexperienced, a talking head, a great-voiced orator when on script, but essentially a mistake waiting to happen.

We are seeing now of course that I, and millions of others who knew the same thing, were right.

In the last weeks we have seen Barry’s “street cred” hit lows so low that even democrats are harassing him at events, which by the way, seem to be dwindling in attendance as well. We have seen democrats running for office running from Barry, excepting those who MUST use him because they are on the ropes, and really have not other choice. We see democratic party nominees RUNNING FROM their “accomplishments” of the last two years, as opposed to running ON them.

Remember “It’s the economy, stupid?” Well, let’s add to that “It’s everything else you have done since you took control of everything, stupid!”

Who would have thought that nearly two years ago that his wave of support for what was promised to be a populist approach would have dwindled to ridicule from his party, and a mass defection of the independents so large that there is a huge possibility that that republican sweep of 1994 will pale in comparison come this November. Who would have thought that the mistakes of the children that are the liberal wing of the democrat party would be so big as to not read bills, to circumvent normal processes like review by both houses of congress on the biggest most economically important bill in a century (health care), would come to pass? Who would have thought that a justice department would try to sweep things under the rug, when it comes to voter intimidation, after watching an administration that has the gall to nominate people like Timothy Geithner (who did not pay his taxes) to be Secretary of Treasury?

When did YOU, if you did not know he was already not ready for prime-time, discover that Barry, like the other great Barry’s (Gibb and White) has a great voice, but is simply not capable of running the show?

Some of us knew it before he was elected. Some of us saw it coming, and knew that “Change you can believe in” and “Yes we CAN!” are not plans, but slogans.

The world is unravelling under Barry; around Barry. I want this country to succeed, but I for one am quite pleased that Barry’s world is unravelling. Why?

I want the left to pay for stupidity. I want the blacks who voted somewhere around 92% for him to understand that people should be judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin, or the flowery-ness of their words, OR the opportunity to “make America right” or put making a symbolic statement over picking a qualified President.

This man was voted in for all the wrong reasons, and it will be apparent soon if it isn’t already, to many out there, that this man is nothing more than a politician with an ideological axe to grind that has nothing to do with the heartbeat of this country and his countrymen, but rather with his vision of what he thinks the world should be, which is nothing more than a huge wealth redistribution machine.

What is really appalling about that is that most of the numb-nuts in the world who want wealth redistribution think that such programs will effectively level playing fields, and make everyone “equal”, thus, eliminating the “elite”. Oddly, it will actually prop up a new elite class, who rules on high and effectively “trades” via the mechanisms of trading amongst the world the commodities of fairness as they are represented in pollution, distribution, development, environmental hinderances, etc…

In other words, a new world order will emerge if people like Barry have their way, and this is why his promise to “fundamentally transform” this country should be understood to be nothing more than a promise to put in place legislation that allows for the achievement of that goal and purpose.

American’s, many of whom voted for him, are beginning to understand that. They are seeing that his focus is more worldly and global than it is centralized. He cares more about the “group think” than “individual freedom” and “pursuit of happiness”. Health Care Reform is a good example, and Cap and Trade is even more perfect.

As Barry is fond of saying, “Let me be clear…”

Nearly nobody on the democrat side is asking Barry to fly into town to help him out… and even worse? No democrats are running on their accomplishments of the last 21 months since this dipstick and his minions took control of this country.

We all know why. And that is the elephant in the room.

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About the Author

COasis is the Conservative Oasis founder, editor, and main author.

Comments (13)

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  1. S. Nicholson says:


    If the U.S. could afford the cost it would be great for Obama and his family to spend the next two (2) years dancing in India. Instead, Mr. Obama will return and try to deliver and redeliver, and deliver again his same old, tired message about transforming America because, according to Obama and his sleepwalkers, THEY HAVEN’T COMMUNICATED WELL.

    Sorry President Obama, you’ve communicated quite well and now that we understand more about your agenda I can say, without a doubt, I don’t like it and I don’t want it so please spare us more droning speeches. Are you going to keep playing dumb or are you going to step into reality and face the problem: YOUR AGENDA IS MOVING THIS COUNTRY IN THE WRONG DIRECTION.


    Already we hear the screaming from both the left and the right: Don’t touch my sacred cow! You spoiled, corrupt politicians are just like little children. You all say you see the necessity but scream don’t start here, don’t start with my pork or special interests.

    Well children, grow up and that means you too, Mitch McConnell. Now is the time, now is the hour. Man up and stop sitting on the fence. Just do it.

    Cut the earmarks to zero, zilch, nil and nada. Oh, that one’s too small to cut? Forget it. Start somewhere, anywhere. Start with NPR (National Public Radio) and put one foot in front of the other and move ahead. Move bravely to earmarks. C’mon, you can do it. Be brave. You idiots have lived in your warm Washington bubble for so long you’re afraid to crawl out from under the corruption. EARMARKS ARE NOTHING MORE THAN BRIBES AND REWARDS FOR VOTES.

    After you cut through NPR and earmarks you might want to start drawing up plans for the big ones like Medicare, Social Security, Health Care, and Defense but before you get there keep cutting the small ones until you see a dent in the budget and some real savings. Starting seems to be your problem so if you need a kick in the butt, just call me. I’ll help. I would love to help. You government types have done a number on me and this country and I want to reciprocate.


    Joy Behar, Democratic political activist, foul-mouthed co-host and political dunce who asks the hard-hitting questions like: What do you think of Sarah Palin doing X,Y and Z and what do you think of Bristol Palin doing X, Y and Z, pronounced your name as “bone-er.” Joy will catch on. She’s just a little slow or perhaps it was a joke. Joy is such a little red-haired minx.

    Anyway — if you want to retain the good will of the Tea Party you’d better stay on the path. People like me, lots of people like me, are watching. When you go to pick the next House Appropriations Chairman don’t pick another earmarks champion.


    Don’t come back here and pretend the people just don’t understand. That little ploy is getting very, very stale. Tuesday was the people’s aknowledgement that they understand very, very well.

    You can either help the majority of the people or you can continue to stand like a cement wall of an ideologue against them and pretend and play your games.

  2. S. Nicholson says:


    Last night Joy Behar let us know that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) doesn’t find the word “Bitch” objectionable — even when it’s used as a political profanity. The FCC is answerable to Congress and we all know what our Congress has become so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

    Still, I would have thought that Barbara Walters would set a higher standard for her co-hosts. I would have thought that ABC would try NOT to offend their viewers. I would have thought that Joy’s co-hosts would have the guts to tell Joy her mouth set a new low in broadcast history.

    Joy is still out there on her new show trying to defend herself. Joy thinks its gotten “mean and nasty out there” with the political ads but she doesn’t see herself as part of the problem. Tunnel vision is great when you’re Joy Behar. Joy, caught in some kind of uberworld vortex is unable to differentiate between right and wrong and is perplexed that anyone would find her language objectionable.

    The way Joy used the word “Bitch” was profane, mean and nasty. It was done because Joy could get away with it. It was done because Joy thinks her political opinion supersedes everyone else’s and she must influence the world with her great wisdom while she can.

    Go ahead Barbara Walters. You have allowed your show to get out of control and into the clutches of one foul-mouthed, antagonistic lump of a woman who will not be satisfied until everyone is politically correct to her strict specifications and agrees with her.

    Please have the frog kiss Princess Behar as soon as possible so Joy can wake up to the real world where we don’t call people out on national TV because we don’t agree with their politics and we certainly don’t call them bitches.

  3. S. Nicholson says:


    Yes, I expected voter fraud incidents and my TV news confirms my belief that the majority are coming from the Dems. Eric Holder knew this would be a problem but he’s much too busy suing Arizona and fellow Americans to be concerned. Unbelievable! This will be especially troublesome since many of the races will be so close. Is this still America or are we a third-world country?

    Meanwhile Joy (Josephina) Behar continues to thumb her nose at the rest of America by getting away with calling Sharron Angle a “bitch.” I haven’t heard a peep out of ABC or Barbara Walters for that matter. Maybe, because it was political name-calling, lefty Joy will be excused by obsessive-progressives like ABC and Walters. If a conservative had done the deed we would see her displayed and hanging from the rafters of ABC. Joy and Whoopi would be throwing darts at the dead body and shouting Bitch, Bitch, Bitch and Yes, we can.

    Joy Behar is a belligerent, unrepentant bully of a woman who sees herself as Josephina from the block. It’s not that Joy looks trashy but she is trashy and coarse in looks, manner and voice. If you get the best of her, as Sharron Angle did with the flowers, Joy will retaliate with more name-calling. It’s what Democrats do best; what CNN and now ABC does best.

    I guess ABC and Walters accept “Bitch” as mainstream language to be used by all. Walters allowed Joy to sit there like a malignant oracle and spout off with a second “bitch” slur at Angle. Perhaps Barbara has a problem with dementia or old age, something she needs to look into. I thought the media had standards. Why isn’t someone looking into ABC’s bad judgment?

    I just can’t accept the dual standard ABC and Walters have set. Joy has misused her status as co-host to brand others with foul names and no one should accept it, least of all the other women who sit with Joy and are guilty by saying nothing. What is wrong with you people? Do you want me on TV calling out your mothers and calling them bitches? Does ABC want their female staff known as bitches? “Come meet the bitches at ABC.” Does that sound right? Are male ABC workers married to bitches?

    C’mon people. Get this one right. Stand up for what is acceptable and right even if it hurts.

  4. S. Nicholson says:


    Joy Behar dragged “The View” down to an all-time low in civility, good taste and common sense when she called Sharron Angle a “bitch” not once, but twice, on this ABC production.

    It crossed my mind that the controversy Joy Behar created on The View might be a ploy to create higher ratings for her struggling “Joy Behar” show. Then I saw that Joy’s show filled the time slot once held by CNN Headline News, CNN being the bully channel.

    I call CNN “The bully channel” because they did nothing but call people bigots, racists,Islamphobes and taunt the Tea Parties for an entire year. If ever there was a channel that loved to call people names it was CNN but now they’ve switched tactics. They suddenly presented anti-bullying programs and stopped the name calling. Firing Rick Sanchez was another surprise move they made.

    With Joy Behar CNN gets to call names again, as evidenced by Joy’s big, filthy mouth. Joy used the word “bitch” with the aplomb of a self-taught abuser. Joy will bully us with more NEWS FROM THE LEFT acting in tandem with CNN’s regular news from the left. If I don’t get enough “gay, gay, gay” on CNN I can pick up some more “gay,gay, gay” with Joy Behar. It’s akin to being caught in lefty cross-fire. Viewers will get shot with Democratic Party propaganda either way.

    What really disturbs me is ABC allowing Joy Behar to set standards of speech for “The View.” Maybe Joy bullied ABC and Barbara Walters too. Joy has offended many people, including the Catholic Church, and now Joy gets to offend the rest of us on HLN, a CNN sister network.

    Way to go CNN! Your news anchors can look smart again and Joy can take up the 3rd grade name-calling slack. That CNN is always looking for a new front to attack from so they can become a winner. Oh, gush, gush, gush CNN — you’re so cool. It’s too bad you had to drag the bottom of the pond to find Behar but she’s perfect for you.

  5. S. Nicholson says:


    Thank you Joy Behar for letting us know you were once Josephina Victoria Occhiuto from Brooklyn and that Whoopi Goldberg was once Caryn Elaine Johnson from the projects. Both of you have come far but you, Josephina, are taking a nose dive by abusing your privilege of being on my TV.

    And you actually have a Masters in English — well, shame on you Josephina for setting such a bad example. Did you call yourself a “street fighter”? Is that one of the requirements for being on “The View.” Do you really think any childhood disadvantage you might have had gives you the right to call people dirty names on TV? Plenty of us grew up poor and did without but we don’t have filthy mouths.

    No, Joy, I think you’ve developed a big head from too much attention. And what’s with your penchant for letting your audience know, at the drop of a hat, that you have a boyfriend and your sex life is great? That smacks of insecurity to me.

    In short, Joy, you are still rude, crude and lewd and calling other people “bitch,” over politics exemplifies a rotten attitude, poor self-control and arrogance. You are no longer a lounge act in a smoky bar room and need to behave as if you have some small degree of refinement and common sense.

    You owe Angle an apology. You owe me an apology. Street fighting was what you did as a child. Now you’re a grown-up. Try acting like one.

    No more excuses Josephina. No more friends coming to prop you up. No more poor little me junk. No more avoiding the issue. YOU WERE WRONG!

  6. S. Nicholson says:


    The more I think about Joy Behar the angrier I get but here Joy Behar has the advantage. I won’t call her a bitch even though I’d like to call her much worse.


    Doesn’t ABC realize Joy Behar’s dirty mouth reflects on their network? Doesn’t Barbara Walters realize Joy’s profanity reflects on her show? Don’t the other co-hosts realize Joy Behar’s toilet mouth reflects on all of them?

    How can Democrats call for civil discourse when they have someone like Joy Behar representing their cause? How can President Barack Obama call for bi-partisanship when all he wants is the other side to sign-off on bad policies the people don’t want so that the blame can be spread around?

    Why is Barbara Walters stooping to an all-time low on her show? Why hasn’t Joy Behar been told to shut up? Maybe she has. On her last show she didn’t have anyone defending her actions as she did after her walk-out on Bill O’Reilly. Maybe Joy couldn’t find a fellow lefty to tell her calling Angle a “bitch” was the right thing to do. Maybe Joy’s new show has gone to her head and she thinks she can walk on water.

    Who knows what runs through the head of a Joy Behar but it was disturbing to see Joy “leading” The View with her story about getting flowers from Angle. Is Joy now in control of “The View” as well as “The Joy Behar Show?”

    Would someone please tell me what’s going on? If Behar’s language is going to be the norm for ABC and The View I’ll just bash my televison set in now with a hammer. If Joy Behar is going to walk away unscathed for behavior befitting a foul-mouthed POLITICAL shrew then tell me now.

    Doesn’t Joy realize we all get angry but we control ourselves. If Joy can’t control herself then get her off my TV while there is still some hope for intelligent conversation. Joy Behar needs her head checked. Someone must have told her she was special and could say or do anything she pleased — and Joy was stupid enough to believe them.


  7. S. Nicholson says:


    That’s what “The View” co-host, Joy Behar, told ex-president Jimmy Carter when she interviewed him on her “Joy Behar Show.”

    Joy was speaking of ads she considered nasty but can there be anything nastier than Joy calling Sharron Angle, a Harry Reid rival, a “Bitch” on national TV and telling Angle she would go to hell? Joy got away with calling Angle a “Bitch” not once but twice on “The View.”

    I thought there were standards on The View. I thought people were penalized for using profanity on TV. I thought Joy had some class. I thought Barbara Walters had some class, or at least pretended to. What makes Joy Behar think she can break rules and trample on others?

    The “she can’t help it because she’s a comedian ruse,” doesn’t work. Joy is an obsessive-progressive Democrat with her panties in a twist and she just can’t control her mouth. Joy has a third-grade mentality which means retaliation by name-calling. We’ve already seen how Joy reacts to discourse she doesn’t agree with, by walking off the set as she did when Bill O’Reilly said “Muslims killed Americans on 9/11.” Joy doesn’t debate; she picks up her marbles and skips away like a third-grader. With Joy it’s her way or the highway, mirroring the way our President, Barack Obama, does business.

    Can you imagine how The View would be if they all sat around calling each other “Bitches” when they didn’t agree? What is Barbara Walters thinking? Perhaps Walters thinks it’s just fine to call Angle a bitch because Angle is a Republican and the show leans left? Perhaps Behar is trying to mainstream “bitch” into our everyday vocabularies?

    Perhaps — just perhaps, the entire group of ladies comprising The View should take a look at themselves and decide where the show is going because I don’t want Joy Behar on my TV.

    Perhaps — just perhaps, Joy Behar should apologize for her dirty mouth and Barbara Walters should do the same.

    Joy, we all get angry in this political atmosphere but we don’t all name-call like third graders. Some of us can control ourselves. We don’t think we’re special and can take liberties with our speech as you do. Some of us don’t wear our anger on our sleeves and lash out whenever possible.


  8. S. Nicholson says:

    WE WON!

    Yes, President Obama, believe me when I say I know you won. You will go down in history as the most divisive, polarizing president this nation has ever endured. Even now you taunt us with comments like “… the GOP can come along for the ride but must sit in the back of the bus,” and directing Latinos to vote, “… punish your enemies and reward your friends.”


    Because you won we must see comedian Joy Behar call Sharron Angle, of Nevada, a “bitch” on national TV because Behar didn’t like an ad Angle ran. Then, to punctuate her sexist, dirty stupidity, Behar again called Angle a “bitch” on “The View.”

    Who runs The View and do they have any standards? If Walters is running it then she’s running it poorly. Being a comedian or a zombie obsessive-progressive is no excuse to spew her politically driven trash talk. There’s civil speech and then there’s Joy’s speech. Where does this woman get off and why do you allow her to vent her nastiness on your show? Maybe Joy has outgrown you. She has her own show now where she invites liberals to tell her what she wants to hear and to giggle and gossip like a teenager. Let Joy stand or fall on her own merits alone.

    The only thing bright about Joy Behar is her red hair that comes out of a bottle. Otherwise Joy is brash, crass, and now crude. Everything about Joy is coarse including her voice, her manner and her speech. And yet Joy, who has done nothing laudable to speak of, thinks she has the right to police my speech with her form of politically correct censorship. Did someone die and make this dumpy, very ordinary woman queen or does her bravado come from being yet another in a herd of Democrats who demand that everyone think and believe as they do?


    You wanted to kill the movement before it began. CNN, your favorite channel, pretended for a full year that the Tea Party didn’t exist and had talking heads call participants every name in the book including racists.

    The Tea Party is something you created, Mr. Obama. You made it as surely as the sun rises. It is the backlash to your overspending ways, the liberties you’ve taken with the American people and the bias you’ve shown for your friends and supporters.

    The more you denigrate it the faster it will grow. This country is in real trouble and we’ve seen that you’ve done nothing but make it worse. You pay no attention to the people and just go your merry way in the direction you want.


    You are supposed to represent all of the people but you play president’s pet and take care of your friends and Latinos for political advantage while you make fun of the rest of us.

    We are not the enemy. We are the people of this country and we want a fair shake. DON’T MAKE US YOUR ENEMY LIKE YOU’VE MADE ARIZONA YOUR ENEMY. Don’t you understand that you are working for an entire country — not just your friends?

  9. S. Nicholson says:


    When you appeared on “The View” you were your usual flippant, assertive self. You probably wanted to entertain, engage with the ladies, and I’m sure you expected a large degree of attention to match your stature and the fact you were the sole male present.

    Hooray! You got more than you bargained for. Your statement that “Muslims killed Americans on 9/11″ was politically incorrect and sent Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar ballistic. These dogma-ridden women simply could no longer bear being on the same stage with you and had to leave. Looking back, they might have been laughable if they weren’t so obsessively outraged by the politically correct doctrine they had imposed on themselves and wanted to impose on others. Their reaction was almost physically systemic.


    Almost immediately people stepped forward to defend Juan. It was easy. Even though I seldom agreed with Juan I liked his style. He never baited people. He didn’t name-call. He was never mean-spirited. Juan argued lucidly, steadfastly and honestly for an idea he believed in. How could you dislike the guy?

    With a little investigation it was obvious that National Public Radio (NPR) had gone far-left, had taken money from far-left George Soros and their spokeswoman was snotty-mean with her “psychiatrist” slur. Soros was becoming far too entrenched in American media and government, had too many billions to throw around, and he hated Fox News. The Council on American-Islamic Relations was named again and again as a front organization for Hamas, a terrorist organization, and therefore garnered no sympathy from me. I believed that Americans were smart enough to know that not all Muslims are terrorists.

    It was easy to see who the “bad guys” were and Juan Williams certainly wasn’t one of them. To get to this conclusion I had to do a little homework but it was all worth it and I learned something.

    Now, if National Public Radio continues as it is, I will know its gone far left and no loner speaks to me, who is financing it and who it bends to. I believe it should be defunded as quickly as possible. If far-left donors want to fund far-left radio then fine but don’t send my money to them.

  10. S. Nicholson says:


    It started with the appearance of Bill O’Reilly on “The View” and ended with the firing of Juan Williams by National Public Radio (NPR). It’s about politically correct absurdities, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), George Soros, the shady billionaire with his fingers in our government and media, and Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg, two divas on “The View,” who walked out on O’Reilly because their ultra-sensitive, politically correct dogma led them by their noses from the stage.

    Let’s get this straight. We’re talking about the same Whoopi Goldberg who cannot always control her potty mouth and the same coarse, lefty, Joy Behar who have appointed themselves the politically correct police and must run roughshod over the rest of us. Together they barely make one sentient human being but they do have four legs between them and are capable of walking out in the middle of a show if they don’t agree with what you say. Their “View” is one “View” and everyone else can just shut up. They demonstrate how the Dems put healthcare through and destroy the myth they actually want bi-partisanship. I was especially transfixed by Whoopi’s imitation of an angry spider about to pounce and Joy’s ballerina pose before she left.

    Anyway, Joy and Whoopi don’t count. This is about Juan and the rest of the players. NPR offered several reasons for firing Juan but it was his comment about Muslims that defined the firing. Juan said, “[W]hen I get on the plane, I got to tell you, if I see people who are in Muslim garb and I think, you know, they are identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims, I get worried. I get nervous.”


    NPR does. Hamas does. You know Hamas, don’t you? They are the Palestinian Islamist organization that wants to replace Israel with an Islamic Palestinian state. The are an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood and are sometimes called the Islamic Resistance Movement. They are fundamentalists and the U.S. has declared them a TERRORIST ORGANIZATION. Hamas controls the Palestinian Parliament.

    CAIR IS A TERRORIST SUPPORTING FRONT ORGANIZATION FOR HAMAS. Why Fox News and CNN legitimize them by allowing their people on to speak, I don’t know. Hamas wants to overthrow the U.S. goverment and replace it with an Islamist theocracy. CAIR was founded by Hamas supporters.

    CAIR complained about the comments Juan Williams made on “The Factor” and NPR used that to fire Williams. So who cares about what CAIR thinks? I guess NPR (National Public Radio)does. CAIR pretends its aim is to protect the civil rights of Muslims and I’m sure it does as long as those rights benefit the terrorists within Hamas and widens their agenda.


    Soros, a Hungarian-American currency speculator, stock investor, and social activist was born in Budapest in 1930. He is also a holocaust survivor who is accused of collaboration with the Nazis. Soros has been called the “King of Special Interest” and “The Puppeteer Behind Obama.” Soros is sometimes described as a “famous anti-American leftist who is buying and influencing the news.”

    George Soros recently gave 1 million to liberal Media Matters to stop the growing popularity of Fox News.

    National Public Radio (NPR) just received a 1.8 million grant from Soros’s Open Society Foundation for an “impact of government” initiative so Soros’s DNA is all over the firing of Juan Williams. The grant is supposed to cover the buying of 100 “Political Reporters” for NPR.


    Who or what really got Juan Williams fired. Was it Juan’s statement on flying with Muslims? No — too innocuous, too iffy.

    Was it CAIR’s complaint? I hope not because if NPR follows the wishes of a terrorist-supporting organization then NPR should not exist on public funds. In fact, if NPR is that stupid it shouldn’t exist at all.

    Was it the promise of more Soros money based on the billionaire’s hate-on for Fox News? Even the LA Examiner says …”Soros money now beginning to turn screws and place pressure…”


    You bet! Today isn’t soon enough for me. Let Soros fund them. They can rename themselves.

  11. S. Nicholson says:


    Juan Williams, a frequent guest of the O’Reilly Factor and a journalist and political commentator for FOX News channel, was fired ostensibly by NPR for stating his opinion on the O’Reilly Factor.

    Here’s what Juan said: “[W]hen I get on the plane, I got to tell you, if I see people who are in Muslim garb and I think, you know, they are identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims, I get worried. I get nervous.”

    “Politically Correct” censorship does not allow for truth and human feelings and Juan broke the rule. Juan said how he actually felt. In the politically correct world of Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg you are taught NOT to see what you see, NOT to feel what you feel. That’s why political correctness is often followed by a headache and two aspirin.

    Apples are really oranges and nothing is as it appears. Some fall into the politically correct mode easily, especially if they have something to defend or protect or if reality and truth are not compatible with their agenda. Others, like me, just shake their heads at these seriously demented, self-censoring sheep.

    Juan, the firing should not have happened and I know many who feel the same. You were always moderate and thoughtful with your opinions and I enjoyed listening to you. With George Soros and CAIR after you, and especially with Soros getting his money into NPR, you are just the example these politically correct, censoring lefties want to shut up.

    National Public Radio (NPR) just received a 1.8 million grant from Soros’s Open Society Foundation for an “impact of government” initiative so Soros’s DNA is all over the firing of Juan Williams. The grant is supposed to cover the buying of 100 “Political Reporters” for NPR.

    Soros, a Hungarian-American currency speculator, stock investor, and social activist was born in Budapest in 1930. He is also a holocaust survivor who is accused of collaboration with the Nazis. Soros has been called the “King of Special Interest” and “The Puppeteer Behind Obama.” Soros is sometimes described as a “famous anti-American leftist who is buying and influencing the news.”

    The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) was also offended by Juan’s truth and opinion. CAIR has been outed as a terrorist supporting front organization actively supporting terrorists. CAIR was founded by Hamas supporters who seek the overthrow of U.S. government in order to replace it with an Islamist theocracy. As Michelle Malkin says: “Political Correctness is the handmaiden of terror.”

    I denounce George Soros and his billions to be used for propaganda, CAIR and its terrorists for living in a country they want to overthrow, and finally Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar for being too stupid to function.



  12. S. Nicholson says:


    Mexico is in crisis and the killing is spreading to America while our government fails to protect us.

    Is this where conspiracy theory meets reality and we hand Mexico billions to build a fence separating Mexico from Central America. In this scenario there is no need for an American-Mexican fence and we all become one happy family CALLED THE NORTH AMERICAN UNION WHICH INCLUDES AMERICA, CANADA AND MEXICO.

    We’re watching because you’re trying to dismantle our Constitution by allowing Latin American countries to weigh in on the Arizona law. We’re watching because you will not build a fence. We’re watching because everything Obama does is for Mexican citizens living in America. We’re watching because the U.S. Federal Government sides with Latin America and Mexico against THE STATE OF ARIZONA.

    We’re watching because this will be the final blow to our sovereignty. We’re watching because you will not tell us the truth. We’re watching because Mexico’s drug cartel crisis has been laid in our lap. We’re watching because we don’t trust you. We’re watching because American citizens are being killed. We’re watching because our land has been invaded and all you do is post warning signs.

    Is this the crisis you’ve been waiting for, the one that makes it possible for you to PUSH TROUGH SOMETHING THAT WOULD NOT OTHERWISE BE TOLERATED?

  13. S. Nicholson says:


    Today the President spoke on the economy with stats that say 15 million are out of work and another 9.5 million Americans work part-time and are looking for full-time employment. Obama used fantasy numbers that equate to magic and the supernatural and I don’t believe a word he says.


    Why don’t your magical czars come up with some ideas? After all, they know how to start revolutions, “nudge” us into obeying the will of the government, get out the vote, create good little socialists and communists and they never let “a serious crisis go to waste.” Oh, yes. Those crises are the opportunity to push through something that would not be otherwise accepted.

    Still — they have no idea how to get our economy going again because, as a talking head just said, “they’ve never even run a lemonade stand before.” They have no idea what they’re doing. They are theorists, propagandists, political gamers and radicals and they dwell in the middle of your fantasy which is failing.


    The people of this country are paying for the huge mistakes of government. While the people were out working to make a living, some idiot at Fannie or Freddie said, “everyone should be able to buy a home” and it began.

    If only I could get my hands on that idiot, and the idiots who agreed with him, I might be in prison today but I am left frustrated. As far as I can see few paid for the idea that brought this nation to an economic breaking point.

    Yes, it did happen on George Bush’s watch but he got to walk out like he had done nothing wrong. I don’t understand how Bush has the guts to show his face in public. I don’t remember hearing an apology either. Did Bush ever apologize? I don’t feel like anyone was held accountable and responsible. MY GOVERNMENT DID THIS TO ME, THE PRESIDENT, HIS MEN, HIS CONGRESS AND NO ONE IN GOVERNMENT TAKES RESPONSIBILITY OR PAYS.


    I don’t know. I don’t know where the economy is going tomorrow because I don’t think Obama knows either. I don’t think Obama knows what he is doing except following an agenda he will not let out of his grasp, an agenda that grows government, grabs power, narrows our choices and turns us into what?

    The manufacturing is not coming back. The jobs are gone. It’s not going to turn around overnight and I think we should all hunker down and survive as best we can.

    My local movie theater closed for repairs and never reopened. All around me the economy is shrinking. Outlying malls are doing poorly while downtown takes more of the business. My auto shop says they’re alright. The extra business from builders is gone but he has a base of long-time customers. Some survive; some don’t.


    Yesterday’s Republican and Democrat must not get another chance. They are too entrenched in party politics, special interests and doing favors for the special few.

    We need an honest, principled, trustworthy man or woman who will put America first. Do we have any out there? Well, we’d better be looking because I don’t think Obama will do a second term unless some miracle comes to pass.


    We used to recognize that borders, language and culture made a nation but not so much today where “diversity” is sacred, Spanish is printed for the many from Mexico, and everyone wants to fly his own flag. No wonder out country isn’t working. Races stand against other races and Obama’s strong favoritism for Mexicans has made everything worse.

    The murder of David Hartley at Falcon Lake, thought to be at the hands of drug cartel members, disturbs me. Another American life is gone because Obama will not take control of our borders.

    Before there can be any immigration reform this nation must control, completely control its borders and ports. When is this going to happen?

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