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While I do not always agree with Judge Andrew Napolitano (he is often more libertarian than I) I have to say that if you are not watching “Freedom Watch” on Fox, you definitely SHOULD BE.

The show is absolutely wonderful.

I am a bit of a Fox News junkie. Yes, you liberal asses, I DO listen to other news sources… you HAVE to if you want to know how screwed up the “other side” is, and listening to the other outlets shows us where they omit and selectively edit and editorialize to make their point sound more “sane”. But I tell you I am a bit of a Fox News junkie mainly because I feel the need to explain that I have some pretty high regard for certain elements and segments of Fox News throughout the day, and that for the first time in a long time, I have found a new Fox show that is a MUST SEE.

Napolitano and his guests focus on the meat and potatoes I need to hear about with regards to what is happening in this country. No- scratch that. No potatoes. ALL MEAT. RED MEAT.

Basically, with the exception of our financial situation, this country is in the throes of an inner battle which has to do with mostly freedoms, rights, and the war between liberal and conservative thought with regards to those issues- freedoms, rights, etc… And arguably, our financial situation is tied intrinsically to those issues as well.

The courts, immigration, financial legislation and the rights of congress, the 14th amendment, 2nd, 1st, 4th, are the soup du jour on Freedom Watch, with an umbrella like sensitivity to the size and power of the federal government, the implications of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, States Rights, etc…, are what you can expect to digest in the one hour show. It is- at least in times like these- an amazing show, hosted brilliantly by the Wolfman Jack looking Napolitano.

Watch it. Tivo it. DVR it. Don’t miss it…

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  1. S. Nicholson says:


    Well, Donald Trump, you went swimming with sharks when you attended the White House Correspondent’s Dinner and you got bitten. You were already bigger than life, with a tinge of that “rock star glow,” and there can only be one rock star on the dais. Right now that rock star is Barack Obama. A pretender to the throne will be hammered, especially one who has led less than a conventional life.


    If you play chess you know you have to protect your king. This idea carries over into politics but never so ardently and so demonstrably as now in these politically polluted waters. The oily sewage of nasty politics sticks to everyone who gets close or dares speak up.

    There are people who like Obama, people who love Obama and the most frightening animal of all, people who seem to worship Obama and act as his self-appointed guardians. Just mention Obama’s name with the slightest derision and these people pounce at will. They are zealots, devotees, and they have chosen their untouchable one. I’ve never seen politics like this before and I hope to never see it again when Obama is gone.


    Get back. Don’t get too close. Don’t ask him that. You can’t use that word. You can’t say that. The media won’t strain themselves looking for truth and facts and they don’t want anyone else to do it either. Admonitions from Obama’s guardians abound. His writers and worshippers have made weapons out of words. The word “racist” is his biggest gun and this word has been expanded to include anyone who disagrees with Obama policies and dares to speak. Of course this is illogical but so are Obama worshippers. Tin gods and their worshippers don’t have to be logical, just cool.


    Donald, with your life and your money I wouldn’t risk losing a limb. If Obama gets his way America won’t be a country you’ll want to live in anyway. I don’t have your money so I’m stuck screaming in the wilderness.

    I know it hurt to be called a racist over terminology but words are weapons now. Is it black or African-American or are both interchangeable now? I don’t give a damn. I think African-American is a misnomer, a drudged up and fabricated mistake. If you’re an American you’re an American, and color and origin have nothing to do with it.


    Sharks do that you know and so it was at the Correspondent’s dinner. You understand that CNN and MSNBC are Obama guardians and devotees, don’t you? You understand that the Left owns most of the media and what they don’t own they want to crush or silence?

    Over on MSNBC they are loud, proud liars and CNN is less loud but just as relentless. Both use smear techniques and they bully with name-calling. As Seth Meyers put it at the dinner when he spoke of the MSNBC after-party, “President Obama makes the Kool-Aid and everyone there drinks it.”

    Chin up, Mr. Trump. I appreciated your efforts in the straight talk category. Obama lost my respect and support when he dumped Obamacare on us, in the manner he and Pelosi did, and then I heard of his other ideas for the “ordinary people” like me and I saw his slipshod work. Keep speaking up, Mr. Trump. Don’t let the sharks silence you. We all need the guts to keep speaking up.

  2. S. Nicholson says:


    I also appreciate Judge Andrew Napolitano and his straightforward delivery. I also enjoyed John Stossel’s piece on “freeloading.” Stossel has a nice voice and a kind way about him, even if his words paint a dismal and outrageous picture. And hey — I appreciate Lou Dobbs any day of the week. Dobbs is a man I trust.

    Thanks FOX. You have a great line-up going for you. If only the confused Dems would pop on over and see what they’re missing. Of course the hard core couldn’t tell anyone they watched because of the ridicule they’d get. I wonder what it’s like being one dog in a pack and having to answer to the alpha elites who surround you?

    I’m bracing up for Obama’s next election attack. I wonder how many mentally ill people they’ll get to vote. I wonder if Michelle will wow us with her bright smile and toned arms and shoulders. I wonder what ACORN calls itself now. I wonder if they’ll go back to name calling which CNN has abstained from for awhile. I wonder just how nasty, as point man for propaganda, Anderson Cooper will get.

    Oh, the fun and glory of it all.

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