Government and Union Workers Wages, Benefits, Helping to Destroy America

I have discussed and reported on here (this blog) before about the excessive burdens that local, municipal, state, and federal government workers place on our society, as well as the incredible burdens unions not put on business. Both of these entities (unions and government workers) receive incredible tit sucking “perks” such as 100% health care, day care, retirement at 55, and the list goes on.

Now that we are in a crunch economically in this country, people are starting to pay more attention to this waste generated by negotiated, extortion driven hijacking of public dollars, which pad the pockets of people in those groups (government, unions) reflecting wages that in some cases reach more than double what the market will bear outside the protection of the unions and government workers.

It is no wonder that people are getting infuriated, and taking to the streets (tea party) rally against this kind of absolutely stupid and unfair compensation for what is in most cases, really only moderately difficult or dangerous work, and in many cases, lacking any need for training that is demanding either financially, physically, or mentally. That is to say, these are for the most part, avg. jobs without high demands.

The left cries to the high heavens that the rich and corporations and CEO’s are taking the spoils of the poor home into their bank accounts. I beg to differ, and would contest it is the government worker and the union worker in this country that are exactly FOR the “left” what the left claims the CEO’s and such are FOR the “right”…

In addition to that, we are creating a class of people who are basically “takers” and not “makers”. Nearly 60% of the US is now dependent on the government for a tit sucking handout. Some of them realllllly need it. For a short period of time, hopefully. But, in fact, what happens when we try to ‘help’?

Unintended consequences…

In this country, the basic unemployment coverage has been extended from about 26 weeks to 99 weeks. What has happened? People who could have taken jobs stopped considering taking them, because they would be less money than unemployment. So they run the game until the time is up. People in Denmark used to be for up to 5 years. Guess how long people “chose” to be so selective as to not take jobs? You guessed it… 4 years, and about 46 weeks. Denmark kept cutting the unemployment, and the people kept finding jobs earlier. Wow.

Am I calling Americans lazy? Well, no. I am saying they will sit there and wait for the best thing they can, on everyone else’s (those who ARE working) dime.

Is America waking up?

It is time for government to be cut. Every program, every branch, every department.

It is time for unions to absorb the sting of their own greed, and pay their own benefits (both those for working and retired members) from DUES ONLY. All of the sudden, if they had to do that, that $30 and hour job would drop down to about $15, and the unions would die mostly because their “members” (many of them forced to belong) would see no benefit and instead see them for what they are- a money grubbing political machine.

At the risk of using Barry’s most annoying phrase… “Let me be clear…”

The ONLY reason unions survive is because they drive out competition, period. Many unions have dropped in number and power exponentially over the course of the last several decades, but not because of their inability to compete, at least not locally. They have dropped in numbers and power because, due to their inflated wages, their JOBS have been shipped OVERSEAS. Then, they blame the corporations for being greedy.

So what I am saying here is, the unions would rather lose jobs abroad than COMPETE, locally or otherwise. That, unfortunately, is just flat out selfish and stupid.

Government, on the other hand, but in a similar fashion, has the same kind of stranglehold on their jobs and contracts as the unions. And, the result is much the same. Bankrupt cities can’t survive and pay their benefits and wages. But the difference is, those jobs, like all of the union jobs (like those of the SEIU) cannot be shipped overseas either easily, or at all.

So I hope you can see what I am saying. The only reason these people (unions and government workers) are still allowed to basically- forgive my french- fuck this country… is because they just don’t have to compete, and nobody has made them compete.

Make no mistake. The left has its own form of greed, and it is breaking the back of the golden goose. In fact, the union burdens on products and prices far outweigh the values of inflated CEO salaries and retirements, by scores of millions of dollars, not to mention stripping competitive edges from manufacturers. How many cars do you think GM or Chrysler could sell a year if they cost 2/3rd’s of their current cost? How would workers and everyone benefit from that? Hmmmm???

Our ability to be a competitive force worldwide has been undermined by the greed of both unions and government workers, sucking up bloated benefit packages and wages that would never have survived a year in a competitive market. Every effort to reform either of these entities is met with fierce resistance akin to finding a coyote in the wild skulking over a rotting carcass, and their method to defeat those efforts always hinges on one thing- monopoly power created by extortion.

It is time for our country’s legislative arms to attack unions and government workers and agencies. It is time for their fat packages to be made accountable to reality. It is time for them to be self sufficient, and forced to take care of themselves, whether that is by forcing competition, or creating legislation that makes the unions pay for their own benefit packages for ALL employees out of dues collection from members.

I think it is time for us on the right, and those of us who want smaller government to target unions with boycotts of their goods where possible, and by voting on government representatives that will start disassembling union-like government monopolies, wages, and benefit packages.

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