Political Correctness or Idiotic Semantics?

The Obama administration seems to be taking a different tack on the “global war on terror”. Our world has run amok with the idiocy of watering down the truth with kinder, gentler, more “fair” words and terminology. These hyper-sensitivities have permeated nearly every aspect of our lives, to the extent that they now seem to provide more comic than emotional relief to those exposed to it.

In order to elevate garbage men, we call them “urban sanitation engineers”. It’s not abortion, it’s “Pro-Choice”. Not illegal aliens, but “migrant worker” or “temporary worker”. Those of us who have found humor in such endeavors take it farther- short people are “vertically challenged”. We have little league games where people no longer keep score, and grading systems in schools where they have done away with A through F, and replaced it with “objective” grading systems where the student can be WRONG about 2+2=4, but if they can expound on it with an explanation showing some form of semblence of rational thinking as to how the HELL they got to FIVE as the answer, well, they will get partial credit.

One would think we would be immune from such stupidity at the upper echelons of Government which deal with issues as serious as terror; terrorists; terror groups; states which sponsor terror. But no- Obama and his “fairness” brigade, fresh from a worldwide tour where they spent their time apologizing for America, are now undertaking the revamping of our “war on terror” lingo.

From here on out, we’re going to go with- are you ready? “Overseas Contingency Operation”. And, to top that, instead of “terror attack”, let’s go with “Man Caused” (or “Man Made”) “Disasters”. The jury seems to still be out on which one, but- the use of “terror” is just improper now.

Here are some man made disasters: fires; mine collapses; auto pileups; space shullte explosions; floods due to engineering failures; explosions; droughts due to poor management of resources… not planes into buildings for the purpose of killing people. That would be like changing the term “holocaust” or “genocide” to “category specific man caused population management”.

Seriously. This is the bang for your buck that you got for “Change you can believe in”.

First off, let me point out to our ignorant (intellectually challenged) imbecile democrats (intelligence deprived overgrown toddlers) that the war on terror, as it were, is NOT limited to “overseas” actions. Our borders and ports are very much an element of any plan to protect America from threats abroad. So is the internet, and our banking electronic communication systems, our power grids, nuclear plants, schools, etc… If they need any reminder of that vulnerability, they just need look at the New York skyline for what is missing. That “man caused disaster” did not happen “overseas”, and future attacks will not be limited to “over there” either.

Secondly, to see two buildings of that stature be impaled by two commercial jetliners, and subsequently watch them implode and disintegrate, pulverizing some 2974 innocent human beings into pulp… anyone, and I mean ANYONE, trying to categorize that as a “man caused disaster” should be immediately removed from office and dragged to the darkest alley in New York.

These are the people appointed by Obama. They presumably have paid all their taxes, but apparently rank just above the Geico Cavemen in mental acuity. This is the President that 69 million people voted for (and nearly 60 million voted against.) These are the people with your borders and foreign policy under their guidance. This is the man who constantly says the American people rejected everything from the previous administration and voted for everything he and his ilk stand for in the last election. 

This is the duplicitous talk you get, when you have an ignorant electorate gyrating on hype, without scrutinizing the substance of the man they are hoisting up. In fact, Obama himself may just turn out to be a ‘man caused disaster’, but we have to wait a while longer to see what happens next.

Now, I am off to get some info on the growing swine flu epidemic. Wait… let me rethink that, so I don’t piss off the pigs and viruses… “Stout Bodied Omnivore Acute Febrile Virus Impairment”. Wish me luck.

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COasis is the Conservative Oasis founder, editor, and main author.

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  1. S. Nicholson says:


    Many have complained that our “two-party” system of voing is no longer working but if we look closer it’s ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION AND WAVES OF AMNESTY that have tilted our democracy (actually a democratic republic).

    Millions of ILLEGAL ALIENS wait in the wings to become naturalized citizens and over 50% are from Mexico. They come here because our federal government has failed to protect our borders and our citizens and they have irrevocably altered our voting system and therefore our country and the direction it’s going.

    I propose that voting rights be withheld from naturalized citizens for at least 10 years. My vote is precious to me and it is being erased by Mexicans who come here expecting to be cared for and be gifted with all the rights of establised citizens whose families have built this country, given their life’s blood in war, speak English and want what’s best for America, not just for one people — Mexicans.

    The more we try to ignore race and identity politics the more it raises its ugly head. Obama pandered to Hispanics because he needed their votes and now he panders to them and ILLEGAL ALIENS who will be future voters. The power of the Mexican vote is that it’s made cumulative through past amnesties and therefore supported by other naturalized Mexicans.

    Should ILLEGAL ALIENS be pampered, elevated and promised amnesty because they hold the key to a candidates success? No! It’s the people of this nation who should be listened to. The political fate of this nation should not rest with Mexico and Mexicans.

    New tenure and longevity laws would bring us into balance and deny the ability of Mexico and Mexicans to decide our fate. New immigration laws would stop birthright citizenship and amnesties.

    At least 12-20 million ILLEGAL ALIENS wait for their amnesty and to cast a vote for the candiate who offers them the most. Once they have that vote they and their Mexican relatives, already here in the U.S., will impose their will on established citizens. This cannot be allowed. Our forefathers did not forsee the de facto take over of this country by Mexico. Our forefathers did not contemplate that our government would fail us so demonstrably.

  2. S. Nicholson says:

    And the craziness continues, not just with semantics and kinder, gentler words that mislead, but with a backlash against some groups expressing themselves.

    Susan Roesgen, CNN reporter who became infamous for her “attitude” when she covered a TEA PARTY gathering, is back again. She appeared on HLN this morning to report on Drew Peterson who was recently arrested.

    Susan had disappeared for awhile after her clip of the Tea Party interview which was splashed all over TV and the internet because it showed her intense and combative reaction to her fellow Americans.

    People asked, Hispanics and Hispanic illegals march and they are treated well, why not me? Blacks march and make demands and are treated with respect, why not me? Unfortunately Tea Party people were of all races but mostly white and Susan couldn’t understand why these “white people” weren’t happy.

    We had our messiah, didn’t we? Shouldn’t all be well with the world? Shouldn’t we gaze upon Obama with wide-eyed wonder like Nancy Pelosi does. Damn, the woman looks almost smitten as she rises to a higher celestial plain as he speaks. When she and Obama are together I watch her more than I do him. Her facial expressions are priceless and akin to orgasmic.

    Anyway, something is very wrong here and I don’t know how to frame it. Geraldo Rivera said, “America doesn’t like brown people.” If you oppose any of Obama’s policies people will say you don’t like black people. I don’t think Susan Roesgen dislikes white people because she is white, so what’s going on?

    Why must every criticism, every word of opposition be met with a racial accusation? Are Obama supporters so entranced, so enthralled they cannot bear a single word against their messiah? Are they so racially hypersensitive they believe everything is about race? Has our politically correct atmosphere charged them with acting as the “racial police” to protect special races?

    I don’t care what color Obama is. If he’s wrong he’s wrong and as long as I’m allowed to express myself I’ll shout it from the rooftops.

    As a white person I feel pushed around, manipulated, ignored and if I dare complain I’m called names. Calderone and Fox of Mexico seem to have more pull in this country than I do. I’m just a dumb, white citizen and I should sit down and shut up.

    Sometimes, in the deep of the night, I lie there and wonder what will happen to my country as every race but mine makes their demands on us and Obama rushes to fulfill their every wish. Even his crooked little ACORNs get a piece of the action (taxpayer money) and nobody says a word.

  3. MissManchester says:

    I love the way this mini picture captures the Obama arrogance perfectly. The man truly believes he is the “chosen one,” and perhaps that’s for good reason. He may have been told so for his entire lifetime.

  4. John P. says:

    Man Caused Disaster? What about all those women terrorists?

  5. S. Nicholson says:

    The “stout bodied da-da da-da da” continues to kill in Mexico but see if you can find out why (1) it attacks healthy young men and why (2) it’s not killing in the U.S.

    If Mexico drinks too much the U.S. hiccups. Divorce me from Mexico! The U.S. wants alimony. No more conjugal jobs. Connubial bliss is dead. Mexico broke my heart and stole my money. My passion, along with my “compassion” is dead. Not this decade dear, I have a headache.

    Sorry. I couldn’t stop.

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