Running On, or Running From?

Majority of Dems Refuse to Campaign On Preserving Their Most Important Achievement

Nearly every election cycle, what you will hear from Democrats when they are in danger of losing any kind of “majority” power is the standard mantra of fear that elucidates to those who are stupid enough to believe it that the GOP is coming after your “goodies”.

What kind of goodies?

Well, those goodies that they (Dems) constantly try to create in order to create an order or class of people that will then be “beholden” to them FOR that goody!!!


Well, how many times in your life (if you are over the age of 25, or wise enough to have paid attention to politics your whole life if UNDER 25) have you heard the following kinds of statements:

  1. “Republicans want to gut social security!”
  2. “Watch out! The GOP is going to repeal Roe vs. Wade!!!”
  3. “Be careful, seniors! Conservatives want to cut you Medicare benefits!!!

Now mind you, Dems just DID cut Medicare, and gave a boost to Medicaid. But you won’t hear that in the news very often, unless you look at the proper sources. But I digress…

What you are NOT hearing this election cycle so far are not only the “standard” mantras about what the GOP will take from you, but you are also not even hearing about the threat that the GOP and tea partier’s want to REPEAL Obama Care!!!


You mean, most on the left, and other more “blue dog” dems, are not out there touting the normal “fear” base tactics about what the right is likely to propose should they get into power? No? And at the same time, they are shunning Barry’s visits to their area, and choosing to appear without him? In fact, many of them (Dems) are stating that tax increases visa-vis allowing the expiration of the Bush tax cuts is a BAD idea!!!

Why would the left be running so far from the “most major accomplishment legislatively since the Civil Rights Act” that they won’t waste their time claiming, in ads, or on the stump, that America “better beware, or your health care rights will be greatly diminished or taken away” by the right if they come into power?

Why indeed… But of course, all of you who follow this closely know the answer.

It is because they all know it was unpopular, not read, not well legislated and vetted, and rammed down the throats of Americans because of nothing more than IDEOLOGICAL IMPETUS derived from recognition that the chance will or would not come again for DECADES. In other words, they knew the stars would not align again like this for a loooooooong time, especially once America saw how they made the sausage, and what they put in it.

Everywhere on the stump, Democrats are ignoring and evading Obama, and curiously, they are also not touting their grand generational-sized accomplishment of Obama Care, becauuuuussssse???

It, like other “acomplishments” of Barry and friends, are not popular, OR, even worse, are not working. And with the current deficits, many Americans are beginning to worry deeply about the cost of all this “stimulus” and “healthcare”.

Right now, 46% of Americans think the economy is worse than when Barry took office. 47% think it is because of Barry’s approaches and policies, while 36% think he has improved the economy. Oddly, that 36% runs just about perfectly in alignment with the number of tit sucking program leeches that vote Democrat no matter what….

Barry NOW wants to propose a $50 billion “stimulus” (they stopped calling it ‘stimulus’, as that is now unpopular) to carry out tasks such as fixing airline runways, installing high speed trains, roads, blah blah blah. In other words, that same shit that just didn’t work for about $800 billion, we want to try more of it.

Did anyone ever figure out that a majority of those jobs do NOT create long term employment, for ANYONE??? High speed railroads, maybe. But runways that are already in existence? Short term job to repair this thing, no new jobs after that. Highways and roads? Short term jobs, no long term jobs.

And the people who GET those jobs? What do THEY do? They make reeeealllly good union based government contract money, for 3-15 months, but what do they DO with that money? Well, they HOLD it of course, because they don’t know when they will work again, or if they will have a job after their “freeway” is done.

This is NOT sustainable growth.

With nothing to campaign on that they are proud of, and nothing more than rehashes of ideas that did not work the first time around, Dems are running from Barry on the campaign trail. Why?

Because America hates the ideas, and their lack of success, and this is evidenced by the fact that the majority of Dems will not campaign on preserving their most important achievement- which was, apparently, the health care bill.

Dems are not running on their ‘major achievement’, but ‘running from’.

Very telling, no?

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About the Author

COasis is the Conservative Oasis founder, editor, and main author.

Comments (5)

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  1. S. Nicholson says:


    The Dow is dropping. Bank of America is dealing with foreclosures which will affect all of us, strange gubernatorial candidates in NY are debating and a school is thinking of feeding its children a free dinner, as well as a free lunch, so the kids will stay for after school activities.

    I’ve come to expect sour financial news, which I contribute to an inept FEDERAL GOVERNMENT looking for someone else to blame, and THE PEOPLE for being so lazy and uninformed they didn’t do something about our cheaters, liars, thieves and just plain stupid people earlier.

    And our school children and dinner, what’s happening here? These kids have homes, don’t they? I don’t want the government and their indoctrination programs to influence our children. Can the parents and the children be bought for a free dinner? Apparently they can.

    If it’s not hard core propaganda of the variety that CNN brings, or soft core indoctrination with cute little environmental themes, I want this government to get its hands off our kids.

    I guess the government is making use of down time, when people can’t even make a living, to keep up Obama’s ideological training for our children. You have to say one thing about the Obama government, they’re tenacious and unswerving. They will not allow a crisis to skip by without trying to fill the void with new propaganda programs.

    Again, I call for austerity measures now, starting at the top. Let government do its best to make up for mistakes THEY MADE AND THE CONSEQUENCES INFLICTED UPON THE PEOPLE.

    Oh, almost forgot. Ahmadinejad of Iran and Chavez of Venezuela just got together for a little tete-a-tete about, among other things, nuclear programs. Are your ears burning yet? I’m sure they had only good things to say about the United States. Right?

  2. S. Nicholson says:


    Reality hasn’t yet reached Washington where our inept Congress keeps experimenting on us by spending money and pretending the jobs are coming. Even the President now admits there is no such thing as “shovel ready jobs.”

    The muppets could do a better job than our current bunch of vile politicians who have voted themselves large salaries they don’t deserve. Why are Charlie Rangel, Maxine Waters, Patty Murray, Barney Frank and many, many more corrupt, stupid, negligent politicians still sitting in our congress? The answer is simple. “We the People” were supposed to be good custodians of our government and we failed. We got too busy. We got neglectful. We failed to keep an eye on what was going on. We stopped educating ourselves about our government and the people we elected to represent us.


    When “The People” get neglectful and lazy the government takes over. Under adverse economic circumstances, but with a loaded ideological agenda of change, we watched the ugly process of Obamacare forced on us and realized it could get worse, a lot worse. When our children were taught Obama songs of praise we flinched. When we realized Obama had wasted a year on Obamacare instead of jobs, we flinched. When cap and trade came up we flinched. As Obama continued to ignore the trouble on the border and the illegal aliens inside our country, we flinched. We’ve been flinching ever since. Flinching is instinctive, an involuntary reaction to fear or pain and the Obama government brings us both fear and pain in heavy doses but boy — our president is a silver-tongued orator. Let’s give him that but no more.


    No thanks, Mr. President. We see where you’re going. Social justice and redistribution of wealth, no thanks. The idea that we should be ashamed for being colonialists and colonizing this country — no thanks to that one too. The indigenous people didn’t organize, fight and die to create a country but we did. The Gore climate change and greenhouse emissions story — no thanks. I don’t believe it and neither do half the scientists who study it.

    The idea that only Blacks should have their voting rights enforced and litigated by the DOJ — that’s just racist and punitive. The fact that many of your czars are communists, socialists, revolutionaries, no thanks to you and them. That’s taking us back into forms of government that never worked. You’re going backwards, you idiot, and calling it change.

    We see your programs and don’t like them. We think bills should be read before — BEFORE — they are voted on. We don’t think Nancy Pelosi should have to lie, cheat and steal to get a bill passed. If she has to go that far it means the people don’t want the bill in the first place.

    I don’t think the DOJ should be suing Arizona. Central America and South America have more stringent immigrant requirements than we do. Why should America be open to third-world countries and why should Arizona bear the huge cost economically and culturally because of its geographical location just across the border? We’re not blind. We see California is going broke and we see all the cultural problems brought by diversity, diversity, diversity WHICH I DO NOT WORSHIP.


    Yep. That’s just what Obama is trying to do by casting out the Constitution, the work ethic, moving backwards into socialism, redistributing money, putting government into our personal lives, regulating to the point of strangulation, modifying our behavior and juggling all the pretty balls of race high in the air before they crash against one another.

    It’s not working but if you had another term would you FORCE your programs and ideology on us? That’s what I’m afraid of. Joy Behar of “The View” and “The Joy Behar Show” is the perfect example of how liberal Democrats do business.

    Yesterday Joy and Whoopi Goldberg walked off the set of “The View” when their guest, Bill O’Reilly, said that “Muslims killed us on 9/11.” Joy and Whoopi screamed and the show dissolved into chaos. Joy said, “I just can’t sit here” and took her dumpy, diva self away with a slower to rise Whoopi Goldberg right behind.

    It immediately reminded me of how Obama and his cadre of lefties do business. Quick to scream, quick to judge, quick to take offense, it’s their way or the highway and conversation or discussion is not welcome from anyone on the right. It’s a we’re right and you’re always wrong kind of thinking. It’s a politically correct kind of twist. It’s a I love Obama and if you say anything about him I’ll mangle you mentality.

    Walking off was their first instinct but they came back. I wasn’t watching by then nor could I have cared less. Joy showed us who she is. I’m going with the guy who said “not all Muslims are terrorists but all the terrorists were Muslims.”

    Joy and Whoopi need to take a good look at themselves, and their behavior, and what it says about them.

  3. S. Nicholson says:


    Oh, yes, Mr. President. Roll up those shirt sleeves and show us how hard your mouth is working. You’ve probably never done a hard day’s worth of physical labor in your life but that mouth of yours keep flapping out the agenda you’re selling. Some actually believe you and don’t understand where your kind of control is leading.


    I thought we were already doing those. Weren’t we supposed to do those from the beginning of the money grabs? Now you’re on to infrastructure and railroads, runways and roads. I bet Hilda Solis, your Secretary of Labor is smiling. Think of all the jobs this agenda will give to illegal aliens living here. I know when roads are repaired here in Arizona all I see are Mexicans working on them.


    I know CNN is helping your agenda. With Rick Sanchez and his poor, poor illegal alien features gone you’ve got Dr. Sanjay Gupta taking up the slack. What’s different is your approach. Gupta just did a wonderful, wonderful illegal alien story about Dr. Q, a man who climbed the fence at the age of 19 and became a brain surgeon. Now that’s an “invitation” to climb the fence if I’ve ever heard one. Come on over Mexico and you can become a brain surgeon too.

    Tell me, how many millions of illegal aliens from Mexico do we have to invite over before we get one brain surgeon? How many Mexican lives do we have to subsidize? How much crime and stolen I.D.’s do we have to tolerate? How many dream acts do we have to legislate? How many American deaths do we have to dismiss? How crowded do our schools have to get? How many welfare programs do we have to stretch? How much Spanish do we have to print?

    Will someone please tell Dr. Sanjay Gupta that he is acting as a propaganda tool for CNN and I don’t appreciate it. Will someone please tell Dr. Gupta that I dismiss his “wonderful, wonderful” illegal alien story on Dr. Q as pure propaganda. Will someone remind Dr. Gupta what happened to CNN’s last propaganda tool called Rick Sanchez.

    Will someone remind Dr. Gupta that we are a nation of laws — even though our Department of Justice and President Obama ignore those laws. Dr. Gupta is also the man who did lots of Mexican flu stories last year. You remember H1N1, don’t you?

    Dr. Gupta did not dwell on the fact that this flu originated in the squalid, dirty conditions of Mexican city life under unsanitary conditions where no one picked up on the fact that people were dying from it. Dr. Gupta didn’t dwell on the fact that Mexicans brought it here because our borders are wide open.

    Keep up the propaganda for Mexico, CNN. We’re watching and we see your agenda. Maybe Rick’s salsa music is gone but Dr. Sanjay Gupta will wear the sombrero for Mexico and slant everything to let us know just how wonderful illegal aliens are.


    I used to work where we heard at least one lawyer joke a day. I don’t have a lawyer joke for Eric Holder, just one more sleazy lawyer who happens to work for Barack Obama. When a President attacks a state of the union for acting to protect itself there’s nothing to laugh about.

    When South American countries, some of the worst of the worst where human rights are concerned, try to weigh in on Arizona’s SB 1070 I get a little sick to my stomach. Still, birds of a feather flock together and Eric Holder and Obama are flocking with South American countries against Arizona. What does that tell you about where our rights and sovereignty are going?

  4. S. Nicholson says:


    The clock is ticking and a giant snowball of debt, that could translate into super-inflation, is coming at us full bore.

    I don’t want it to get to the point where Americans are rioting in the streets. What are you doing about it? You act like it’s just business as usual, that we really have money to give away in foreign aid, that we really have money to play games at the border, that it was prudent to force us on Obamacare, one more huge entitlement program we can’t afford.

    It’s time for you to stop acting like the president and be the president. Oh, yes, education is good and not drinking sugary soda pop is good and — what the fooey are you doing? Now is not the time for entitlement programs, race-based giveaways, and more spending. Now, right now, you need to tackle the hard stuff.

    Start by going into those entitlement programs and weeding out the fraud and corruption. Then and only then write new legislation to make them fit into the budget. Some will scream but there’s going to be more screaming and pain for everybody down the line if you don’t do it.

    Make the DOJ clean up voter rolls. I know that some places have 30% more people voting than living there. Make our votes safe.

    Many of your “czars” are expendable and working on programs we don’t have the money to implement. Get rid of them and their salaries. Reduce the size of government. Stop pandering to Hispanics.

    You have only one priority right now and that’s to help us find our economic legs before we become permanently crippled. Understand that we don’t trust government with our money. We see the pork, the bridges to nowhere, the waste, the perks based on race or political advantage and it makes us angry.

    Christopher Coates, who testified before the civil rights commission , said …”that with the U.S. becoming increasingly diverse, it is absolutely essential that the law be enforced equally…” I agree with him and I thank him for testifying, which has probably made him a pariah in the DOJ.

    Your Department of Justice, under Eric Holder, is not functioning well. If Holder declines to bring voting rights cases against African-American defendants until the day when the socio-economic status of blacks in Mississippi is the same as whites then we are in for a long siege of “injustice.” I am told this is how some in the DOJ think.

    In a horrible economy Holder brings pain and strain to an overburdened Arizona. He persecutes as well as prosecutes. To solve this problem all you have to do is get control of the border but it’s not happening, despite what a brightly feathered Janet Napolitano says.

    There’s so much you could do, but won’t, because your far-left agenda calls you to build all the infrastructure for your programs we can’t afford and probably won’t like. You are placing your agenda over the welfare of the American people and it’s not working.

    You are the president. Get out there and stand in front of that snowball before it hits. No, place Nancy Pelosi in front, along with Harry Reid and save yourself because you are the president.

    Seriously — now is the time to implement an austerity program before it’s too late.

  5. jim says:

    I believe the reason no body saying anything is a sign that they know [the not so healthy care] is crap…and they hope somebody will fix it or scrap it..As for the 50 billion…how about paybacks for the unions…and that’s all I got to say about that.

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