A Referendum on “Dude” and his Ideological Minion’s Behavior

Yeah, Barry has been relegated to “Dude” (by John Stewart on The Daily Show). How did this man come to this? With his big tent image during the campaign, his partisan-free promise of bringing politics in Washington D.C. to a higher level, and a promise of hope? This man, the messiah, the second coming, the best thing since a tit for liberals to suck on– how did it come to THIS where he and his party leadership is going to take a spanking akin to a fraternity hazing gone bad on acid????

He did it by attacking his opponents his first two years with Chicago style mobster hatred and, quite honestly, not meeting nearly any of his promises of bringing people together.

On Tuesday, Nov. 2nd 2010, Barry and his party are going to have their hats handed to them. And, while you will see and hear myriad attempts at explaining the “why”, I doubt very much that anything from the left will even come close to the “real” reason.

They will say “It is the economy, and the mistakes of the past administration and 10 years cannot be fixed overnight.”

They will say “Mostly it is about being upset in a more general, overall manner, with Washington, but the Democrats are taking the heat because they are in charge of the White House and Congress. We always see these kinds of results in midterm elections, especially when the problem is the economy.”

Amazing, isn’t it? Nearly  NO democrat will run on anything that resembles their “accomplishments”, such as bailouts for the big three, or the stimulus, which passed with the support of only three lame, nearly liberal Senators (Collins, Snowe, Specter). You don’t hear them screaming to the high heavens how great health care was, is, or will be…

This election IS a referendum on Barry, yes. More than this, it is a referendum on Pelosi (she will lose her role, but nobody can run her out of a district as stupid as hers in the San Francisco area), and on Harry Reid as well. And, additionally, it is a referendum on their POLICIES!!!

The left thinks they can hide behind this illusion that this is all about the economy, and “not enough time” for Barry’s policies to take place/effect.


This election is a landslide, a storm, a slap in the face, and a smack-down which reflects that mostly moderates have come to realize that this a-hole was not as advertised. He did NOT work to bring people together, and in fact, worked to antagonize others. His policies were not and are not moderate, but left leaning ideological pipe-dreams made real by a level of control that has not been seen in decades in the U.S. congress.

This man did not lead, he simply shoved shit through a congress that had the ability to rubber stamp, or, even worse, break the rules of common sense and ethics to create legislation that was in fact against the will of the majority of this country.

In other words, they (Barry, Reid, Pelosi) did NOT lead— they took advantage of the situation for ideological purposes. In spite of the desires, and AT the cost of everyone else (who does not agree) with their views, this congress and Barry decided to put everything else first, ahead of jobs, AND….

…American’s are calling them on it.

Remember this… we are in a near depression sized recession, and this ass master decided to put all of his energy into health care. Said we could not ignore it, and it had to be part OF the recovery. He put health care reform FIRST. Frikking period.

He also promised we would not go above about 8% unemployment, if we followed his suggestion and legislation for the recovery bill.

He also made a lot of other promises, which he has not kept. Such as giving time for reviewing of bills; or posting them on the internet for the public; publicly viewable, on C-Span, debates for health care…

Did not happen. In fact, it didn’t even appear as though anyone tried.

This Tuesday… yes, it is a referendum on Barry, his presidency- Pelosi and Red, their leadership (or lack thereof)… and it is Americans screaming “NO!” in response to their actions.

Barry stating things like “I won the election” to John McCain when discussing healthcare with republicans in an effort to build bridges; saying republicans need to “sit in the back” when it comes to policy setting; stating to hispanics that republicans are the “enemy”… This list of “I am a typical shit-brained punk-ass kid-liar that is a typical politician that would make you think most car salesman are SAINTS”—  all of these things PROVE what I (and others) said many times while this stern-toned-speaking jackass was running for office—

He is (was) NOT ready for PRIME TIME… and this asshole was and is a class-A liar.

Barry is nothing he said he was, when it comes to positive, mainstream American thought…

And to add to this, what else happened that makes us all want to vomit, and vote these asses out?

Pelosi saying things like “we’ll have to pass the bill to know what’s in it”—

Things like the house AND Senate (controlled by democrats) allowing the Health Care bill to be passed through “as is” when they see their chances of passing it through on NORMAL, ETHICAL processes are diminished greatly by the election of Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown…

These dipsticks seriously want us all to sit out here and think that the real reason they are having their asses handed to them on Tuesday is alllllll about the economy, and hating blacks, racism, white assholes in the tea party, and just not getting their message out clearly enough. Wow…

Economy is a factor? Of course. But, keep in mind, all of the energy of the left IS and was focused on the “prizes” they could ram up our butts while they had a majority, and when they knew the majority was fleeting, they rammed it through even harder, faster, and with less regard for any sense of ethics and normalcy.

No… Tuesday, the left will get what they deserve. And I hope it is without lube.

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  1. S. Nicholson says:


    Do you have any to spare? Where is it going? The American-Jewish Society called asking for donations to help forest fire victims. I had to decline. What “extra” I have will go to my local food bank and the Salvation Army. I’m putting Americans first this year, because we need it an nobody else will.

    I tighten my belt and make priorities but my government still doesn’t seem to see the necessity. The Debt Commission has failed to coalesce and retires until the Spring. What is that all about? Why isn’t the President acting now? We have extended unemployment benefits for another thirteen (13) months as a result of the Bush tax cut compromise. Almost half this nation doesn’t pay Federal Income Taxes, around 47%.

    In the midst of a thirteen (13) trillion dollar debt, a slow economy, 9.8% unemployment, continued mortgage problems and a looming gloom and doom scenario for our future — CONGRESS WAITS FOR SPRING. Even Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, doesn’t see the “jobs problem” getting better any time soon.

    Meanwhile old Harry Reid is busy with the Dream Act and putting millions more Mexicans on our welfare rolls. Over 62% of our illegal aliens are Mexican and we don’t even know how many are here. It’s not politically correct to keep such information, you know, because we might see reality. Is it 11 million, 20 million or 30 million as a former INS agent just suggested?

    Every time you turn around some Hispanic has created another “pathway” to amnesty, or education or special perks for mostly Mexicans in my country. I have come to dislike the word “pathway.” If the American people thought it was good for America we would have “freeways” not “pathways” to the prize. Pathways have been created by footfalls, the footfalls of millions and millions of Mexicans who came here illegally and want to stay.

    And what is our President doing about the “Mexican problem”? Nothing. We have a war raging next door and Americans killed but Obama does nothing. What is he waiting for? Something advantageous to the millions of Mexicans living here illegally, I bet. Our Mexican policies seemed to be based on pathways and exceptions to the rule, every rule including the RULE OF LAW.

  2. S. Nicholson says:


    All the Democrats were screaming over on MSNBC about the Bush tax cut compromise, but then a cooler-headed bunch appeared who weren’t shouting over one another. It seems our civility to one another diminishes in direct relation to the country’s wealth and spending/taxing plans.

    It’s times like these when I give silent thanks we’re not a country where politicians slap or punch each other out on the floors of their respective legislative chambers. We haven’t slipped that far — not yet, although ripples of class warfare could be discerned in some of the rants I heard. Democrats are mad at fellow Democrats, the President, Republicans, the rich and of course the evil Tea Party whom they denounce as the consummate bogeyman.

    When I feel an ounce of sympathy for Democrats all I have to do is remember how the American people were treated when they IMPOSED Obamacare on us. I can still hear Nancy Pelosi saying it was our Christmas present and I shiver all over again. Democrats still don’t understand that they lost much more than they gained with Obamacare. They lost our respect and made us fear what was coming next. They lost our trust and made us combative and wary. Their actions created the Tea Party, what they seem to fear so badly, and the reality just seems to fly over their heads.

    Democrats no longer seem to be grounded in reality. How could they be when their far left ideology seeks utopias that will never exist — still they group to mold just such a fantasy out of dust and demands, redistribution of money and social justice, all the while berating others for their failures.

    Fear not the Tea Party my pretties, but the rag-tag band of socialists, progressives, communists, anarchists, revolutionaries, loyal to their race Latinos and loyal to their race blacks who don’t understand their very freedoms are at risk in the world Obama works for.

  3. S. Nicholson says:


    A blogger/writer named Kathleen McKinley beat me to it, but I want to add my two cents in about Bill Maher’s appearance on CNN with Fareed Zakaria on Sunday.

    Kathleen was upset about Maher’s dogged overuse of the term “teabagger” due to the negative sexual connotation but Maher succeeded in insulting more than the Tea Party on Sunday while Zakaria sat there grinning. I was disgusted.

    My disgust drove me to Wikipedia where I looked Mr. Maher up. I had seen his pasty face before but never took the time to watch his shows. Now don’t get me wrong, I have known CNN to be a “bully” channel for a long time, ever since they allowed their numerous guests to appear and call Americans racists and bigots with regard to illegal immigration. I wasn’t surprised, just disgusted because I thought Fareed Zakaria was better than that. Evidently he’s just another liberal willing to allow his guests to insult others.

    In the short time Maher appeared he was able to insult religion by reminding us that the “flock” equals “sheep” and that “tea baggers” don’t know their taxes have gone down. Maher also got in a plug for global warming and Glenn Beck’s name was mentioned — but then all liberals get points for mentioning Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin, don’t they? Isn’t that what the cool, popular left does these days?

    A line from the movie “The Sum of All Fears” comes to mind. Ben Affleck’s character is summoned to a high priority government meeting but is warned before he goes in, “… words have a habit of being turned into politics.” I think that’s what bothers me most about liberals like Bill Maher, they’re too numerous in the media. They are legion and the insulting words of bias, mockery and denigration never stop.

    If I didn’t know better I’d think there were more of them than regular people like me. I have to remind myself that all the “alphabet” stations are highly compromised and slanted. Their propaganda is presented like fact. Their indoctrination never stops and they swamp us by number on our televisions.

    I was going to tell you a little about Maher’s life but he’s not worth it. He’s a comedian some have elevated to political commentator status but if you listen to what he says you’ll find he’s no more politically astute than the next guy. Maher uses words to insult and wound and for that I’ll not applaud him. His delivery is dry and sharp, like a pronouncement from on high, and I suppose those “lost in the wilderness” think he’s relevant but he’s just repetitive.

  4. S. Nicholson says:


    “Stop the hate.” That’s what the Characters Unite ad campaign tells us and I would take them at their word if the Mexican bloc hadn’t used that exact theme on me for the last five (5) years. Say the word “hate” and my ears start to vibrate. That’s how attuned I’ve become to anything the La Raza crowd says, especially any theme they try to drum into my head. Over 62% of our illegal aliens are from Mexico.


    I like all the characters in the ad program and I like most of their TV shows. When you go online they say their mission is “to combat intolerance, prejudice and discrimination” but I become a little “intolerant” when they use a theme straight out of the Hispanic playbook. Silly me.

    Stop the hate? I feel insulted when this ad is directed at the American people in general. It suggests that Americans have been found guilty of “hate” without a jury trial and I disagree. I believe Americans are some of the most tolerant people in the world.

    When I look at the list of their “Partners” I become suspicious. I see La Raza (The Race),the Southern Poverty Law Center (civil rights), GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation), the Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) and the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) among others. We know that all the aforementioned are groups that scream about discrimination,whether true or not, advance name-calling, are very political,and feel they have an axe to grind. America has thwarted their efforts to get what they want; therefore, AMERICANS ARE HATERS. Sorry, but that doesn’t make sense.


    When I look a little closer I see that the USA Network is owned by NBC Universal and General Electric (GE) owns 80% of NBC Universal. GE wants to be the biggest and best in going green and make the most bucks and it can when partnered with Obama and this administration. Everyone agrees that NBC is in the tank for Obama and that GE lobbies hard for Cap and Trade, a scheme to charge for puffs of smoke and raise our energy bills to sky high levels.


    I guess it depends on where NBC is going with this campaign. First and foremost they should know I already feel insulted
    and I’ve become cautious. I wonder if the actors in the campaign know they’re being used for politics.

    Since going green, climate change and Cap and Trade are on the menu I wonder how it will be incorporated. The ad campaign is using Twitter and Facebook to advance the cause. These are social networks. Is the campaign trying to bring warm, fuzzy-wuzzy Democrats together and attract young people? When will the “green bomb” be dropped?


    Well guys, I don’t need to take a pledge to be kind and fair to all human beings of all colors.

    Since all of the groups I just mentioned above are active political players and want something from me, you and America, I don’t trust the campaign’s motives. I don’t like being called a hater and I don’t like all the connections leading to Obama, politics and Cap and Trade. Telling kids to stop bullying is one thing, accusing me of hating is another.

    Dear Characters Unite — you started with the wrong premise.

  5. S. Nicholson says:


    Eric “I’ll do it my way” Holder, our illustrious Attorney General, failed to prove that terrorist, Ahmed Ghalilani, was guilty of 284 of the 285 counts Ghaliani was charged with. Holder and friends are calling it a win; most agree it was an embarrassment. Obviously the trial was held in the wrong venue.

    Among Holder’s other accomplishments are 1) suing Arizona and 2) refusing to file charges in one blatant case of voter intimidation where the victims were white.

    Keep it up Holder, this is your legacy. I live in Arizona and I can’t wait until Obama and friends see you as the impediment to justice you really are. You waste the people’s money and time and listen to no one.


    One “ethics” violation might be a mistake. Two are suspicious but you were found guilty of 11 violations of House Rules. What do you call that?

    I call it a deep and abiding disregard for the people, his fellows, and The House. Those pesky rules don’t apply to you, do they Charlie?


    The Transportation Security Administration continues to defend its touchy-feely pat downs and full-body scans. Public opposition mounts. What’s a Janet Napolitano to do?

    Meanwhile El AL, Israel Airlines Ltd., brings us a choice of a better and proven method of screening that includes PROFILING, PROFILING, PROFILING.

    I don’t know if it’s because we’re so obsessed with political correctness, or because money has already been invested, or because we insist on bending over backwards to please our terrorists, or because we’re just stupid — BUT THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT WON’T LISTEN TO COMMON SENSE.

    Obama, Holder, Pelosi — no one in the Obama government listens to common sense. They all seem to be driven on a one-way path to destruction.

  6. S. Nicholson says:


    Evidently you’ve never been broke, really broke where a quarter found in the pillow cushions of your couch could make the difference between eating and not eating.

    Our nation is broke but we call millions in earmarks “chump change.” We are still giving out millions in foreign aid when our own people, actual Americans, are being chased from their homes, are losing their jobs or are hungry and don’t know where the next meal is coming from. We keep giving out unemployment checks but we can’t do it forever. Don’t tell me the Palestinian Authority deserves the millions you’ve sent them more than our own citizens do, Hillary Clinton.

    You politicians need to get your heads on straight. Chump change adds up and you’d better believe it. Congress, when all is said and done your job will be to see that the “savings” go toward the debt and the deficit and NOT into some government coffer that wastes or abuses it. The American people are not making sacrifices so that government can overindulge and waste our money again.

    When you talk about “chump change” it makes me realize you’ve been living in high-style for too long. It makes me realize you’re out of touch with real Americans. It makes me understand that you’re incapable of knowing what to do with a dollar because a dollar is nothing to you.

    Come live in the real world you pampered, overpaid, government-types and stop whining and playing give-away games with the people’s money. THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT MADE US BROKE AND NOW THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT CAN JUST SHUT UP AND GET THE JOB DONE.

  7. S. Nicholson says:


    I ran into my favorite Muslim at the “Quick Stop” last night. He greeted me with a smile and was trying to tell me something while I was trying to choose the right candy bar. I wanted chocolate but this store often sells old chocolate, fossilized by the sun that hits it through the windows, and you can’t be sure until you open it.

    “I can’t hear you,” I told him as he was jabbering at me. “There’s noise from the vents over my head.”

    I finally gathered my cache of junk food that included cupcakes and sunflower seeds and started for the counter. I wondered how long the government would allow me such “bad food” and that made it all the more desirable. I rationalized by thinking that I had to enjoy this while I could, before my nanny state and the food police got me. Didn’t they just ban “Happy Meals” in San Francisco”?

    My favorite Muslim’s smile told me all had been forgiven since our last dust-up when he challenged me by asking when was Israel ever a country? Oddly enough I had received an answer to that question on “Law and Order” the previous night, or at least a point for rebuttal, and I was ready to give it.

    I placed my junk on the counter and we both began talking at the same time. He’s a happy, committed young Muslim who can get fiery and defiant when he talks about Islam or Israel. Of course Islam and the inner-workings of his mind were exactly what I wanted to understand.

    We got into it. I gave him my rebuttal and our voices rose. An innocent infidel walked in the door but immediately backed up a step when he heard us. We were keeping the new customer away from the counter and I decided to be polite and excuse myself for the night.

    We parted friends and I left the new customer on his own. I have no idea where these conversations are going with my Muslim friend and we agree on nothing except that we both like America.


    I watched the second part of the piece Beck is doing on George Soros. I am still trying to digest it. Beck often presents what could happen, or what might happen if the stars align and he drops all the facts in your lap and has you verify, study and reach your own conclusion.

    How unique! Beck wants you to think for yourself and he’s kind enough to give you the puzzle pieces (called research) which he does for you. I know I should be alarmed by the depth and breadth of this old billionaire’s involvement in my government, his friendship with my President, the many, many, entities he controls or funds, his past history of playing with a country’s currency, and his one world order commitment.

    I AM ALARMED — but somehow it hasn’t all sunk in yet. Part of me says call the FBI, the CIA and the NSA and warn them that Soros is loose in America and has his jaundiced eyes on this country’s future for nefarious, world changing reasons but so what. Soros hasn’t broken the law or has he?

    Why is Soros in America buying up entities that influence our political system for control and power?

  8. S. Nicholson says:


    It’s a fascinating story backed with research and quotes and Glenn Beck is telling it. For those who automatically dismiss Beck as a “conspiracy theory” sort of guy then expand your minds and walk on the dark side for an hour tomorrow.

    I allow myself to watch Glenn Beck because I’m an adult and know how to separate fact from fiction. Some don’t have that ability. Some people are propaganda sponges and some will believe anything a friend tells them.

    Come meet George Soros who says, “The main obstacle to a stable and just one world order is the United States.” It seems that old Georgie Boy has been trying to fix the U.S. and put us in our little niche. Our President thinks Georgie is great and so does Hillary Clinton.

    If a global society without borders and probably lots of “one size fits all” rules is your cup of tea then Mr. Soros is your man. If you don’t mind your country taking orders from a global master on the other side of the world then George Soros is for you.

  9. S. Nicholson says:


    Jobs, jobs, jobs and the economy. No one “specifically” knows how to get jobs or fix the economy. Obama keeps failing with his cadre of thinkers who only know how to spend money.

    Get a clue, President Obama. You need some new thinkers in there. You need to break out of the framework that doesn’t work. I just heard Donald Trump on TV and he has some ideas — good ideas — and he tells us the Chinese can’t believe what their fortune cookies are saying — AMERICANS ARE STUPID TO ALLOW THE CHINESE TO GET AWAY WITH THEIR UNFAIR PRACTICES.

    Now, Mr. Obama, you certainly have access to some of the best thinkers in this nation, and the world for that matter, so why don’t you enlist them? Your economic advisers are not doing well and your posse of social justice czars only know how to redistribute money, so YOU NEED HELP.

    Be humble enough to get some new minds working for America. If you think your way is the only way, you will continue to hurt all of us.


    Legislation is not written in stone and can be changed or repealed — but it takes ten (10) times the effort to undo something than to make it.

    Mr. Obama, save this nation the struggle and time by laying open that monstrosity of a bill THAT YOU DIDN’T HAVE TIME TO READ, and allow it to be done over. I know you are loath to do that because you consider it the jewel in the crown of your accomplishments but you are wrong. That bill will become the alabatross around your neck for the rest of your presidency if you don’t act now and with real regard for the wishes of the people.


    Yes, Muslims will try to push Sharia law in Oklahoma, maybe not today but tomorrow, and all the people wanted to do with STATE QUESTION 755 was avoid the problem, the arguing, the litigation, but they got it anyway. Now Muneer Awad, State Director for CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations), is suing.

    Some of you would rather call “the question” a mess than take care of the problem of Sharia law that will surely come your way. Some of you don’t understand what CAIR is and where it was founded. CAIR is a terrorist supporting front organization and yes, Mr. Awad looks all nicey-nicey in his suit, BUT CAIR IS NOT YOUR FRIEND.

    Now you’ve got a lawsuit because citizens were only trying to insulate their judiciary and stave off what is coming to every state in this union as Islam marches across and makes its demands. It’s the same in every country they go to and it’s smart to try something pre-emptive.

    So Oklahoma, shut up and fix it. Try to preserve anything that protects. Islam is not shy and they have Allah with them so get tough now.

  10. S. Nicholson says:


    Thank you, Mitch McConnell, for telling it straight. Obama still doesn’t get it. He may never get it but here’s the truth: The American people thank the Republicans for saying no to bad legislation and bad ideas.

    No is a good word, as worthy as any other, and when applied to bad legislation it is a courageous and laudable word. “The party of no” and “obstructionists” are just more misleading labels Democrats use to beat Republicans over the head when they’re told no.

    Don’t good parents tell their children no when those children run into the street? Will the Democratic Party ever stop the name-calling when they don’t get their way?

    Compromise, negotiate, bi-partisanship, give-in — none of these words mean something inherently good. None of these words are markers, in and of themselves, to be praised. What they describe is something you might consider if the people want you to. Believe it or not, President Obama, some ideas, truths and conclusions ARE NOT TO BE NEGOTIATED FOR THE SAKE OF NEGOTIATION.

    Go ahead. Call us obstructionists. Call us the party of no. If it’s necessary we want our representatives to say NO, NO, AND NO AGAIN. We want our representatives to stop playing political games with our lives while this nation’s choices dwindle away.

    The hour is growing late for you, Mr. President, to do something substantive to preserve the integrity of this nation. You and your people have been playing political games and it must stop!

  11. S. Nicholson says:


    Unfortunately “being nice” means nothing to ugly, mouth twisted left, obsessive/progressives like the infamous Joy Behar who thinks she can get away with anything.

    The FCC was wrong. Barbara Walters, once respected journalist, was wrong and may have lost her cognitive abilities. ABC was wrong. They were all wrong when they allowed Joy Behar, nasty political bully, to call Sharron Angle a “Bitch” on national TV.

    And the ladies of “The View” showed me a view that made my blood boil when they DID NOTHING. The Edmund Burke quote saying, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” is aptly applied to those stupid women devoid of common sense. Whoopi Goldberg, Barbara Walters, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Sherri Shepard need to claim the title of “stupid bitches” which Joy Behar threw at Sharron Angle without batting an eyelash. I’m not saying Behar is “evil” because she’s too stupid to be evil. Like Obama she wears blinders and can’t see beyond them. Joy knows one truth, her truth, and everybody else be damned. Ideologue. Ideologue. Ideologue.

    Ladies, you may accept trash talk and sexist, foul-mouthed language but I don’t. You may allow your children to call people bitches but I don’t. You may use the word “bitch” with playful camaraderie, but I don’t. Joy is Joy and she’s used to playing to drunks in lounges, but I’m not drunk. Joy was offensive and out of line but you allowed it and said nothing. Don’t you ladies, and I use “ladies” loosely, have any common sense? Do you really think you’re so entertaining that people don’t notice how stupid you are?

    I’ve had it with you idiots. The Dems have taken civil discourse to new lows in this politically charged atmosphere. If MSNBC, CNN and now ABC wonder why Fox beats them out of ratings it’s simple: Fox doesn’t call people names. It doesn’t label people. It had more sense than to call the Tea Party “astroturf.” Fox doesn’t do the poor, poor illegal alien propaganda. Fox doesn’t do the poor, poor gays indoctrination and misinformation for the Democratic cause.

    For the most part Fox treats their viewers like adults and not like propaganda absorbing sponges. MSNBC, ABC and CNN must think people are really, really stupid, just like Homer Simpson. ABC invites people to join in the name-calling when they accept trashy language like Behar let loose with BECAUSE OF POLITICS.

    For awhile there all Olbermann and others on MSNBC did was scream so loudly I had to turn the volume down. Someone had given them a louder is better mandate and they really believed it. For awhile there all CNN did was call people racists and bigots. I guess they thought if they did it often enough it would stick, but it didn’t.

    Get a clue MSNBC, ABC and CNN. Treat your viewers like grown-ups. Leave out the indoctrination for a cause or else stop complaining about your ratings. Do you know that saying about doing the same thing over and over again and BEING STUPID ENOUGH TO EXPECT DIFFERENT RESULTS?

    CNN, ABC and MSNBC — you are getting the results you deserve. The majority of the people are just not stupid enough to serve your purposes. Maybe you need to vet them and ask for viewers with IQ’s under 70. They can be your base while the smarter ones boss them around and tell them what to say and what to do. Joy Behar would be good at that. I can see her snapping her whip and yelling about political correctness. I can see poor Behar jumping up and leaving because she was offended. JOY — DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW MUCH YOU OFFEND ME?

    Get off my TV, Joy Behar. Your Ronald McDonald hair and your mouth offend me. No matter how HLN-CNN package you, you will always be the woman who sunk civil discourse on ABC’s “The View.” So Joy, don’t tell us how mean and nasty its gotten out there without looking at yourself in the mirror.

  12. S. Nicholson says:


    Which is he? One pundit said we’re about to find out and I agree. Will Obama move more towards the middle and actually listen to the people or will he CLING to his big gun agenda and his RELIGION of European-style government?


    Obama sees hope after this election. Now the Republicans will have to sign their names to bad Obama policies he tries to push through or else be labeled the party of no and obstructionists while gridlock ensues.

    C’mon Obama. You’ll have to take labeling and name-calling to a new height to make this false accusation. You didn’t need Republican votes to cram healthcare in and when anyone objected you reminded them that “You won” and could do as you pleased. YOU DID AS YOU PLEASED! You did as you pleased from the moment you got into office. You loosened Attorney General Eric Holder on us to do as he pleased and sue Arizona. You loosened gay and illegal alien propaganda on us from our liberal media. You pounded us day after day. MSNBC’s people screamed. CNN’s people were name-callers and propaganda producers.

    Now you think you can continue to do as you please with Republicans signing on to break the gridlock AND AVOID BEING LABELED. YOU’RE WRONG! At least I hope you’re wrong and that’s what this election was all about.

    The American people are not going to continue to allow you to push us around and ignore us while you turn this country into something we don’t even recognize.


    No, Mr. President. Compromise is what got us to the point we have to concede drug corridors to Mexico. Compromise is what is getting our citizens killed. Compromise is what is holding our borders open. “Already some are saying what will we do without our illegal aliens; we need them.” I say you’re nuts.

    This country lets in more legal immigrants than any other in the world. This country needs to get control of immigration and illegal immigration. This country is in trouble and you, Mr. Obama, make the problem worse with your insatiable need for more Mexican votes. You promise them everything and to keep your promises you take from actual citizens to give Mexicans a form of government they don’t understand because they think it’s all about welfare. This is compromise we can’t afford.


    Shovel ready jobs? What a joke. Healthcare was akin to having a hot poker applied to our butts. Pelosi became a caricature of a human being with her pass it before you read it logic. Eric Holder became the biased, punitive old uncle with a stick in his hand. We found your ACORN machine and all its tentacles were making our votes worthless. We learned that Cap and Trade was a Ponzi scheme to redistribute money and tax us.

    I will never forget the beer summit and the Gates/Crowley dust-up where you said the “police acted stupidly.” That was your first reaction, your gut reaction and it showed who you were. You have continued from there to pit race against race and create the most divisive government I have ever known. You scare the hell out of me, Mr. President.


    Is it any wonder the people don’t respect government and the Congress? All you idiots were hired to look out for America and American interests while we worked our butts off and companies were reorganized and downsized.

    We did work our butts off while the money drifted to the top and our salaries were frozen but we made a mistake. We should not have trusted our government to government politicians. The people needed to do their job of oversight because we were given “A Republic … for as long as we can keep it.”

    Yes, the people goofed too but now we’re trying to correct that mistake. That’s why the Tea Party sprung up. That’s why people are demanding to be heard. That’s why regular citizens, not politicians, are becoming active in government. We knew our Constitution gave us something no other country had to a greater degree, OUR FREEDOM.

    When the Joy Behar’s of the world try to tell me how to think and call people bitches I get mad. When someone like Nancy Pelosi forces healthcare down my throat I get mad. When CNN calls me, on a daily basis, a racist, a bigot and an Islamophobe I get mad. I could easily make three paragraphs out of “I get mad” but you understand, don’t you?

    The name-calling, the heavy hand on my shoulder and in my wallet have to stop. Bully tactics and label and isolate “Rules for Radicals” have to stop. You have to stop playing the people because we’ve caught on and we see what you’re doing.


    I don’t know. It’s an opportunity to begin again. Too many billionaires have their hands in the pie. The media has become a pox on us all. Obama uses cute phrases like “shovel ready jobs” and then declares there was no such thing.

    It’s all confusing and mean-spirited. Just look at Joy Behar. Death throes from the left will be abusive and loud. They don’t concede; they get even. The Dem machine will be thinking up new tricks to control and confine. Control is their objective.

    Now if you stupid Republicans would just sit down and shut up we could have a new and wonderful world run by Democrats. Republicans might even be able to talk as long as they’re politically correct.

    Anyway — let’s see if our government can get the economy going again. Illegal aliens need jobs. ON A MORE SERIOUS NOTE: IT’S THE ECONOMY AND JOBS FIRST, STUPID!


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