This Is Your Country

Elections have consequences. You hear that thrown around by both sides for a variety of reasons. 

Right now, some things are happening in this country that are very disturbing. Even more disturbing is that more is likely coming. Soon. 


This is your country… one where the new President promised transparency, but all the operations seem to go on behind closed doors.

This is your country… one where Al Franken might be a Senator. Al Franken. Via election theft.

This is your country… one where that voting theft will continue as the Dems expand the right for homeless and illegals to vote. Where they will work to take the right to vote privately and anonymously on union ballots. Where they will likely work to “create” fairness on the radio by forcing broadcasters to control quantity of types of speech with the “fairness doctrine”. Where the stimulus just created thousands of government jobs, meaning people who have those jobs will be beholden to the keepers of the purse in the future. Add to that, attempting to take over the monitoring of the census.

This is your country… one where the Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Diane Feinstein, CA., can leak classified intelligence that confirms drone missions are taking place, originating from Pakistan airbases. Good job. Can my feeble minded grandma get a job in the Senate too?

This is your country… one where our brilliant leader sets deadlines which are not thought out yet. Such as, closing Gitmo in a year, but not knowing where he will put those folks. Or, telegraphing to the enemy that most troops will be home for the next Superbowl.

This is your country… one where Democrat Governors try to sell Senate seats, then deny it to the end. Then, later, it comes out, that Blago’s brother indeed asked Burris for $10k. Just as accused. Democrat. Chicago. Nuff said.

This is your country… one where Mr. Integrity and “Change” promises that we, the American public, will have 5 days to review proposed legislation- but instead rams through a stimulus behind closed doors. Mr. Second Coming also promised congress 48 hours to read bills. But, they got less than 12 for the stimulus.

This is your country… one where a nominee withdraws for principled reasons, then the White House starts lieing immediately to try to save face.

This is your country… one where the largest economic package in our history has just been passed, but if you lined up everyone in congress and asked them if they have read the bill, you would get about a 96% “no” response.

This is your country… one where the President states that we can appear to have two sets of rules, when Tom Daschle withdraws for tax problems. However, Mr. Integrity still went through with his OTHER nominee who had tax problems, Timothy Geithner.

This is your country… one where $78 billion going missing and/or wasted in the bank bailout stimulus is answered by a bill that will spend around $800 billion to try to “buy” our way out of trouble.

This is your country… one where the top two people in Obama’s chain of command both vigorously stated that he was not ready for the job. They happily smiled and took jobs from him. You know them. Vice President Biden and Secretary of State Clinton.

This is your country… one where the President says on national television that there are “no earmarks” in the bill, when in fact, there are billions in special interest projects. But, we should be used to lies from Democrat Presidents, on television, shouldn’t we?


You’ve been Chicago-ized, America. And Mr. Integrity is right- it IS going to get a lot worse, before it gets better. But I am not talking solely about the economy. The fact he has over three years left is proof enough it will get worse. The fact that the Dims control the House and Senate is proof enough it will continue to get worse.

Change? Yeah, right.


Surely I have missed some, or even many. What atrocities are YOU thinking about that illustrate the mess the Democrats represent for this country???



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About the Author

COasis is the Conservative Oasis founder, editor, and main author.

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  1. S. Nicholson says:

    This is my country? I’m not so sure anymore. That’s why I went to a Tea Party yesterday evening and it was great. I thought all of Prescott, AZ was asleep but evidently there are others who are very, very disturbed about what is going on.

    During the day I watched some of the coverage by Glenn Beck and Neil Cavuto on FOX and then I accidently dropped into a Tea Party interview done by Susan Roesgen of CNN. What a shock!

    Roesgen approached a man holding his small daughter in his arms, asked a question, then cut him off and interjected her own argument in a caustic, confrontational manner. After that she fairly threw her hands up in the air as if talking to this man was more than she could bear. Roesgen said something like, ” See what I have to deal with,” (paraphrasing) and the screen jumped back to the newsroom where Kyra Phillips made a face and echoed Roesgen’s sentiments.

    I was stunned. I had seen nothing like this when Hispanic protestors, many illegal, were interviewed as they marched in our streets. I had seen none of this in-your-face, rude and nasty coverage when other groups were interviewed.

    Evidently Roesgen’s nasty posture got back to FOX news asap and they’ve played the clip of Roesgen several times and commented on it. Behind the scenes there’s been a feud between the two networks, FOX and CNN, over ratings and FOX won. CNN executives are really lousy losers.

    I thought Ted Turner still owned CNN so I went to the net where I found Time Warner now controls as the world’s 3rd largest media and entertainment conglomorate and it is all making sense now. This huge global, international company is busy, in my living room, trying to influence my thinking on the domestic front. That’s the reason everything is skewed, tilted, slanted and spun from the European/Elitist/Globalist view and why I end up emailing them and swearing at my TV.

    I should have done my homework sooner. No wonder the poor, cute little Latina stories are in my face. No wonder Rick Sanchez has never met an illegal alien he hasn’t shed a tear for. No wonder Roesgen felt entitled to dismiss Tea Party attendees and treat them with disdain.

    Disenfranchised by their representatives and without a voice, Americans like me who don’t like big government, don’t like the bailouts, don’t like what Obama is doing with our money, don’t like being taxed at the state level for the government’s failure to close our borders, detest the deficit and being owned by China finally got a chance to speak out and it felt damn good.

    Now that I understand who and what CNN is I won’t be watching, except for the Lou Dobbs Show, which I like. If you watch CNN be sure to read between the lines. They’ve got an agenda and believe me, it’s not in the best interests of this country unless you own an international company or are an illegal alien.

  2. S. Nicholson says:

    Off Subject –

    I came looking for new ideas and intelligent argument. Instead my posts seem to be a death knell for any thread.

    With few exceptions you seem to have more “tweeters” than thinkers.

    I’ll stop posting.

  3. lonestar says:

    Well said. Honestly it’s not only scary to think of where we’re headed but how fast we’re getting there.

    My thoughts on the topic are here:

    and here:

  4. Cathy says:

    “You’ve been Chicago-ized, America. And Mr. Integrity is right- it IS going to get a lot worse, before it gets better.”

    It’s all so depressing…

    Good post.

  5. Mike K says:

    Ha ha ha, That’s the funniest thing I’ve read for ages. Talk about election theft, conservatives should know all about that, or have you forgotten the partisan supreme court in 2000 and the dodgy voting machines of 2004? And as for the sentence “where a nominee withdraws for principled reasons”, you could you ever have written those words about the Bush administration? And accusing Obama of “taking hard decisions without thinking things through properly”, you’re conveniently forgetting that we invaded Iraq without having the faintest idea what to replace the old regime with.

    And about homeless people not having the vote, which part of the constitution suggests that homeless people shouldn’t have the vote? And for every reason you can give to exclude a certain category of person, e.g. the homeless, I can come up with a reason to disenfranchise another group, say the redneck conservatives.

  6. What am I thinking about?

    How fear seems to be driving the country, immobilizing the public while things happen that we would not ordinarily allow to happen. For example, the bailouts and stimulus package used taxpayer money (our money) to fund the biggest power grab in history, giving the government oversight into finite operations of private companies and making government obligation take priority over shareholder accountability (also our money). At the same time, various sectors of private industry have been all but vilified. And that, seems to be for starters.


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