Fundamentally Change vs. Restore America

They’ve nailed it.

“Restore” America. It’s – well, it’s perfect.

I’m sure others are saying it, but Beck and Palin have struck a chord. We need not to “fundamentally change” America… we need to restore her.

We’ve lost our way. Collectively, all politics aside, most Americans who have deep family tree style roots here in this country know, intuitively, we have lost our way. I am not so sure that many of those who have come here in the last 30-40 years via immigration have the same sense, because quite honestly, so many of them want America to be the big tit to suck on.

If you’re not one of them, please take no offense. It is just that so much of our country has been diluted because of people who no longer want to come here and “be” Americans, but rather, “get” American tit money, and make this like the country they came from. What made this country great, with regards to immigrants, was that their first goal was to BE Americans, and adjust TO America, not the other way around.

We have in “power” right now a sect of people who feel that it is their duty, and that it is the “manifest destiny” of this country, to “change” and transform. Oddly enough, the term “manifest destiny” was used by Democrats in power in the 1840′s to justify the war with Mexico. I wonder how many Mexicans know that… And even more odd is the fact that the left leaning end of the Democrat party now thinks it is some kind of manifest destiny to “fundamentally change” this great country, by trying on the one hand to push the envelope of the Constitution, while at the same time, turning their backs on written law(s).

So- Change. Why? Why would we need to “change”?

Well, in their view, what it really comes down to is a redistribution of wealth, power, and administering “social justice”, which is really just another term for things like “affirmative action” and “welfare” and an excuse to tweak our tax structure to move money from one group to another.

This runs so counter to what makes this country great. Government programs do not make this country great. Robin Hood style taxation does not make this country great. Bailouts do not make this country great. Health care programs, which in the end are nothing more than another form of a redistributive fiduciary mechanism, do not make this country great.

What makes this country great?

Individual empowerment and freedoms. This all runs back to the concept “all men are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights”. Another is “E Pluribus Unum” or “Out of many, one”, referring to first the individual (the “many” are the many of ‘us’ individually, giving power “up” to the “one”, which is the government), which makes a great power in a group, not the other way around. “Equal Justice For All”, which is carved into the Supreme Court building in Washington DC, a concept which is also alluded to in our pledge of allegiance, “with liberty, and justice for all.”

The common themes… individual freedoms… individual power… individual hope and opportunity… and individual protections. You have the power, to be what you can be within whatever limits God gave you… and you also have the responsibility to make it happen, IF YOU WANT IT. It is NOT the duty of the government to prop you up if you fail for any reason, excepting those reasons tied to injustice against you. And in those cases, you have the law, which is PART of our wonderful system, to help you rectify any wrongs against you.

And if you look at the Bill of Rights, so much of it IS protection… from the government

Our founding fathers understood that if the government got too big, and it obtained too much stake in your day to day decisions concerning your livelihood and ability to be free from the government, that you would become, alas, beholden to those in the legislative branch, and therefore, dependent; encumbered; indentured; a slave.

That is where we are, and are headed. And, in defense of Barry, it is not all his fault, and we have not found ourselves here just under his watch. No- he has merely awakened the conscience of this nation, not by taking actions which are inspiring, but by taking actions which have alarmed the masses to take to the streets.

No- it is not a Democrat or Republican thing. Both parties truly have failed us. Or better said, we have failed ourselves, as our own apathy as a voting populace has allowed this to happen.

Perhaps part of the great ‘awakening’ is also attributable to the great influence of the “new” media, as that tool itself has had a huge impact on getting information and truth out there, as well as lies dispelled, and has forced the mainstream media in many cases to report things they normally otherwise would have ignored.

So when we look to this notion of “fundamentally transforming” America, again we have to ask, “Why?”

At the core of the left, their reasoning is to, in a nutshell, level the playing field between the “haves” and “have nots”. Period. And without going into a long diatribe as to why that has soooooo many unintended consequences and really does nothing but create a dependent class of people out of people who might otherwise be quite capable on their own, I will tell you just this:

It takes away the freedoms and necessary drive to excel of so many people it is almost a crime against society.

The best things in life come from the need, the necessity, to survive. “Necessity is the mother of invention” is destroyed when a socialist mechanism takes away the desire to “get ahead” by using your talents to ‘create’. We don’t create things just to make things easier… we also create things so we can make MONEY.

This country has a long legacy of amazing achievements. Some regarding the physical, such as our space program, nuclear research, the industrial revolution, medical progress… and some that are philosophical or spiritual, or even political, like the equal rights movement, the civil war, and the civil rights movement.

Those things did not take place in SPITE of the great foundation of our country, which is essentially our Constitution… they took place because of it. We don’t need to “change” this country fundamentally, and this is essentially proven by the litany of accomplishments of our great country has achieved even in the face of opposition driven by fear or ingrained societal “norms”.

This country can take care of itself, without those who feel a “fundamental” change is needed, just by exercising its collective conscience politically. That is the great power of our Constitution— it is the power of people, individuals first, then in masses (E Pluribus Unum) and groups. It is bottom up, not top down.

Those who would “remake” this country, because they feel it has failed— they need to be stopped, before they make the “bottom” beholden to the “top”, effectively making a large enough “slave” core to insure power for those who govern those indentured servants, forever.

What we need is not a fundamental change of this country…

No… what we need is a fundamental change of Washington, and our electorate. And hopefully those we put in with this “change” will put their hearts into “restoring” the core qualities of this country.

Get involved. Be involved. Stay involved. Encourage others to do the same.

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  1. S. Nicholson says:

    Thank you. One great article with the possibility to bore into the consciousness of some of those who have no idea what America is about.

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