Another Way to Blame Bush

No, not that Bush… REGGIE Bush…

Whoa! Really? The word “Bush” comes up and is not being used by those on the left who want a scapegoat?

No- no… This is a different kind of story.

Reggie Bush likely will be stripped of his Heisman Trophy due to the fact he broke some rules. Now, I know that many Americans don’t care much for rules and laws, but, most of those people are in Washington D.C., with the letter “D” behind their name. But, is seems that this kind of rule and law breaking is far easier to enforce whence broken because, alas, we are talking about a millionaire athlete instead of an illegal border crosser or congressman who plays funny with the money. Yes, yes… the low fruit is far harder to accept for digestion than those fruits which cause us real pain as a country.

Bush’s crime?

Well, he and his family received apparently hundreds of thousands of dollars while he was a college athlete. ILLEGAL benefits.

Wow. Hundreds of thousands. Not just a suit. Or a car.

So the retribution has been, so far?

  1. The NCAA ordered USC to forfeit all of its victories during the time he played for them (that he “participated in”).
  2. The NCAA ordered USC to dissociate from Bush, so they returned their copy of his Heisman.
  3. The next recommendation is that the 8 member board that selected him shall remove the honor from him, and give it to Vince Young.

Again, WOW…

Clearly, what Bush and family did violated rules. But does he and all those associated (USC) deserve this? I mean, is it not possible that many in the ACLU or others on the left might consider kind of a “silly college rules” style ‘lynching’?

In fact, could they all not describe the actions of other award winners, including Heisman winner O.J. Simpson, as being worse? Could they not argue that O.J. still has- well- HAD until he sold it- his award?

Yes, you could. But the big difference? The long list of people who have not been stripped of awards and records is mostly comprised of people whose offenses took place AFTER they won the award, not DURING.

Bush – Reggie, I mean- deserves all he is getting right now.

I just wish our political process had an agency as clear minded as the NCAA to oversee it. We could clean up Washington in short order.

Sorry- but this Bush deserves the problems he created for himself.

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