Conditional Support, Conditional Americans

Conditional Support, Conditional Americans

Since the inception of the “new” Congress- since the trustworthy Democrats have taken over, and even long before that, we have heard “We support the troops”… followed by many actions that show they do NOT support the troops. You would think these folks would have enough sense to understand that actions speak louder than words.


On a tangential but relevant point which I will tie in later, I remember seeing a series of commercials in the last couple of years, where “Americans” of many different dissent stated “I- am American!”. Over and over, some new face, that was of another nationality than the forbidden white male, stated “I- am American”…


And- follow me here- since the beginning of the ‘second’ Gulf War, we have a congress full of Democrats now, who still remember the stings of the wounds that were left from treating US Soldiers like fecal matter after the Vietnam war— these folks are insisting that they “Support the Troops!”


Well, how could these two possibly be tied together?


Right now, we have a couple of different ideological battles being waged. One at home (immigration), and one abroad (the war on terror). And tied to both of these battles are ideological components which politicians are eager to take advantage of, even if they DON’T really mean what they are saying.


Concerning the troop support, as I said before, most liberals are still stinging from the disrespect they gave our troops after Vietnam. Therefore, they have learned that for political expediency, one must say over and over “We support the troops”, even if just a facade.

However, appropriations bill after bill comes to the floor, and the Democratic leadership (i.e., Soros employees) try again and again to tie something “special” to the “support”. Pork, earmarks, special social program funding, or dates of withdrawal.


This is NOT support… it is “a deal” being offered… it is CONDITIONAL support?


Now how do the “I am American” commericals tie in?


When I first saw those commercials, I thought “yeah, we are a pretty cool country, full of all kinds of people”. But then, after a short bit of time, I realized that the people who are giving us trouble (i.e., current immigration problems) are NOT Americans. But we will get to that in a minute.

Simply obtaining citizenship does not make you “American”, in my opinion. Being “American” has a lot more to do than obtaining a simple document. Being American means abiding by laws; paying taxes; voting; staying informed and educated (the best you can); standing up and speaking for or against what you feel strongly about (within the law); and assimilating into our society, rather than dictating we need to assimilate to YOU.

Back to the illegals that are here now, clearly if you broke laws to come here, and continue to not only break the laws while you are here, as well as taking the freebies that citizens have available to them, then you are not American. You are a lawbreaker, and a thief. And therefore, I don’t even care if you obtain citizenship in the future… to me, you will still not be an “American”.


You can say  ”I am American” until you are blue in the face, but in reality, your actions will dictate whether or not you are truly American.

This applies to troop support as well. You can say all day long that you support the troops, but if you do not wish them to be victorious (regardless of whether or not you agree with the battles chosen), and if you will not unconditionally fund their needs, they you do NOT support the troops. Period.

To close the equation, I will simply add this. We are a representative Republic, not a “Democracy”. This means, you vote for your representatives, and they in turn make the decisions in Washington. Win or lose, agree or not, you have to accept those decisions, even those of war. Sometimes swallowing this is difficult to do. But real Americans know how.

First and foremost on your mind, as an American, should be the preservation of this Country- and this is done (sometimes) with our military.

If you cannot support our troops, then you are not, in my mind, “Amercian”.

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