Is Obama’s Glass Half Full, or Empty? (He’s NOT Black)

Is Obama's Glass Half Full, or Empty? (He's NOT Black)

Geraldine Ferraro has really, unwittingly, put her foot in it.

In speaking of Obama recently, Ferraro stated that if Obama “was a white man he wouldn’t be in this position.” (See my article “Because he is Black” to see where I hit on this in a different, more direct way, long before Ferraro got into it.)

Now, while the rest of the world argues about what she meant, I will tell you the truth, and also perhaps make you think by asking you a question that nobody else is asking. But more on that later.

First off, I don’t particularly like Ferraro, but she is an honest intelligent woman, and a fierce political fighter. And anytime I can get honest from the left, I take it.

Secondly, Ferraro is anything but racist. I am certain that she meant something else altogether, and was trying to make a point that Obama’s rise in popularity has more to do with the hype of a black man running successfully for the nomination of a political party than it does with substance and experience. And being a woman who has run for one of the highest offices any woman has run for, she has some experience in understanding politics when it comes to bias and bigotry.

I then watched Obama on TV make an attempt at humor by stating that he was now going to “have some grits.” Most people might laugh, but my inner intellect was calculating and churning with a problem.

  1. WHY is so much being made of Barack Obama being the first black man to have so much success in politics, and…
  2. Why are people flocking to him under the hype of hope which is lofted by him being black and running freely and safely in a country that less than a hundred years ago lynched and burned blacks, and..
  3. WHY is he making jokes which allow him to get mileage from “being black”, especially when, he is… are you ready for this?


I know that many people know this, but Obama’s mother is a white woman from Kansas.

What I think is puzzling is why a man who is very particular about how he communicates what, and clearly he is a man who holds strong opinions based on some kind of inner principle about being honest with his convictions- for example, not holding his hand over his heart during the pledge, or not wearing an American Flag lapel pin— why such a man would run as a “black”, and never make reference to the fact he is half white?

Wouldn’t this make sense for a man trying to “unite” people?

Something is not passing the smell test here. Is this not almost hypocritical to have a candidate that is partly propped up by being “black”, supported widely by blacks for BEING black, and then acting offended when someone makes some kind of comment about his blackness being part of the reason for being where is currently, while all the while he is half white?

Can you say “opportunist”?

This reminds me of women who will get mad at men who treat them like sex objects, all the while wearing short skirts and low cut blouses in the work place so they can use their sexuality like a tool, or even a weapon.

Is there not something creepily deceptive and disingenuous about running as a black man when you are just as much a “white man”? And, for those blacks who are voting for him because he is black, is there not something almost laughable about them uniting behind him so strongly?

What kind of Trojan Horse is this man?

Focus here, people. This situation says something about our country; it says something about the blacks who flock around a man who is half white and and running as a black; and it speaks about the character of the man himself.

This is unsettling to me. If it is not for you, I would suggest your threshold for irony is higher than mine.

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COasis is the Conservative Oasis founder, editor, and main author.

Comments (3)

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  1. Con1 says:

    And they were correct. You are not black. Their statement could be a confirmation of their doubt that you were black. You yourself said they often weren’t sure what you are.

    And, I never said he isn’t uniting anyone because he won’t say he is mulatto. I am saying very pointedly that he uses his race to his advantage when it is to his advantage, discounts it otherwise, and claims he is black when he in fact is not.

    Personally, I don’t really care what he or you are. I just want the press and the candidate and the voters who support him to be intellectually honest.

    He’s still the President elect, and that is all that really matters. A little intellectual honesty would be nice though.

  2. Lisa R says:

    this writing is totally tongue in cheek. for so long this country has deemed that people with a drop of black blood be dismissed as a Black. Now, that we have accepted that classification, you want to take it back. Now you say that this Black man isn’t “uniting” races because he doesn’t say he is mulatto. What a joke you are.

    My mother is white and my father is black. Most people wonder what my race is, thinking I’m hispanic or middle eastern, some even just assume I’m a tanned white woman. But as soon as they get up the courage to ask (which I don’t mind) and they discover my biracial parentage, they don’t say “oh. you’re a mulatto… or you’re biracial, or you’re half-white” The typical response is, “Oh. I didn’t think you were black.”

    I think your glass is half empty.

  3. Infidel says:

    I have to agree the man is white. He carries a white womens mitocondrial DNA. He just looks black. I don’t know why the Black and MSM folks are so taken in by this shuckster. As far as the glass being half full. Politically, its half empty, since he is after all half white which won’t get him the “guilty feeling white vote” which the MSM has invented. Probably not really such a thing. This is all pretty confusing. Maybe he should give another talk on his racism problem and how the good reverend influenced it? I heard it was a duzy and that he tossed his lilly white grandma under the bus.


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