Obama IS for Big Business???

I find the irony of what I am seeing and hearing from Barry’s trip abroad just flat out stunning. I can’t believe the left can get away with this kind of duplicitous logic without the press and others on their side seeing the hypocrisy of their positions.

On this current trip abroad, Barack Obama has been cited stating that, alas, as the United States goes, so does the rest of the world. Barry said, and it is really, really important that you read and understand the following, because it shows us many things about Barry, and his duplicitous, hypocritical nature and logic… as well as illustrating that he just does NOT get it:

“We all now recognize that the foundation for a strong and durable recovery will not materialize if American households stop saving and go back to spending based on borrowing,” he said.
“Yet no one country can achieve our joint objective of a strong, sustainable, and balanced recovery on its own.”Just as the United States (must) change, so too must those economies that have previously relied on exports to offset weaknesses in their own demand.”

Now, I want to first point out the hypocrisy of Barry and the logic of the left, when it comes to big business, corporate America, and such.

Here is our President, talking to the rest of the world, stating without falter, that in fact the rest of the world depends on the US for a strong recovery. Yes, indeed, as the machine that the US is goes, so goes the rest of the world. That is to say, the US economy is a biiiiiiiiig capitalistic machine, which depends on foreign governments trading fairly, and not undermining our ability to fairly DO business with them. Barry is trying to make other countries understand that, in order for THEM to do well, the US has to do well, and if you keep undervaluing our dollar by enforcing trade regulations, etc., the US will do poorly, and, ergo, so will YOU (the other countries).

Now, let’s jump home.

The left hates corporate America, thinks of them as the big fat cats, money hungry a-holes that rob from the poor to steal for the rich, don’t play on a level playing field, and that their needs to be some regulation that levels things out, such as higher corporate taxes, the undermining of corporate strength and the redistribution to unions and “the people”, etc… In other words, big corporations are the problem, not the solution.

But Barry says that the big corporation that IS America IS the solution. Abroad, the left seems to argue that the same ideals that make America a global interest, one which makes others that are complaining about the big machine that IS America dependent on the HEALTH and well being OF the machine that is America.

Now, how is it that, when Barry comes home, he doesn’t see that “as big business in the US goes, so goes the little man who is complaining about not getting enough?” How is it that Barry can go abroad and complain that other countries should not be trying to hamstring the big machine that is America, when he and his ilk are, in this country, hell bent on hamstringing the same big machines???

Unbelievable. Abroad, Barry says “hands off the machine, please, because if you don’t leave us alone, it will hurt you…” At home, the left does all it can to hinder and redistribute the control and power and wealth of the same machines.

This man is not ready for prime time, never has been, and is not the man (or woman) we need right now to lead us out of this.

I do understand that he was basically chiding foreign countries for purposefully changing currency values and affecting negatively trade agreements in order to make their weak economies more capable of competing for the world’s trade. But again, what he is accusing them of is nothing more than a global example of what we on the right here at home complain about, and that is redistribution of wealth, legislation of “fairness” to try to create a “social justice”, prop up the weak guy, whatever you want to call it.

I sure hope many of you can see the irony of this…

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COasis is the Conservative Oasis founder, editor, and main author.

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  1. S. Nicholson says:


    I’ve watched him flub up for two (2) years and still don’t know what the man is about. All I know is he caters to unions and special interests, he puts minorities above the majority, he sometimes acts in race-biased ways, he behaves like he’s ashamed of America, he puts the needs and wants of the people of Mexico above the needs of American citizens, he is often so cold and aloof I wonder if he’s enlisted in the Soros One World Order club for the elite and multi-billionaire types. What in the hell is Obama about?


    When I learned more about George Soros and his network of influence on our electoral system and everything political I was repulsed. How could this be? How could this be and my news media had failed to keep me informed?

    I mean just look how Soros is using his billions. He either created, funded, subsidized or joined: The Soros Foundation, the Open Society Institute, the Democracy Alliance,, America Coming Together, America Votes, The Center for American Progress AND THESE ARE JUST A FEW. How much control and influence does Soros need and what is he using it for besides strengthening the Democratic Party for power? Even more frightening — can a multi-billionaire buy a country? We know Soros has destroyed the economy of several countries but can he buy America or is Obama just handing it over for votes?

    Here’s what columnist James H. Walsh had to say: “The Soros open-society concept requires that the U.S. be removed as a superpower and that the American people BE SUBJECTED TO the will and wants of all the world’s people.” I put “BE SUBJECTED TO” in caps because that’s what I’m feeling right now: that Obama and Soros are putting me under the control of others. Here’s what “subjected to” means: 1. Being in a position or in circumstances that place one under the power or authority of another or others.

    I’ve already been “subjected to” Obamacare but I guess that’s not enough. I mean just think about it. We’re already trying to get rid of one entitlement, social security, right after our idiot government “subjects us to” another entitlement, Obamacare. It doesn’t make sense. We know or should know by now that government administers nothing well and that prices always climb when government is involved. Thieves, liars and cheats have already banded together to find ways to cheat Obamacare because government is so large and cumbersome it never polices its entitlements as it should.

    Here’s something else Mr. Walsh said when referring to George Soros: “Essential to an open society is destruction of the nation-state authority, family structure and religious beliefs, thus rendering national culture, heritage and ethos meaningless.” (ethos=fundamental values)


    I can’t. I don’t like Soros’s open society, which also includes open borders, and I don’t want one world order. Obama seems to be guiding this country to the edge of a cliff and I don’t know if he wants us all to jump off or turn on each other. Either way is madness but so was Obamacare and the way Nancy Pelosi delivered it by saying, “You have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it.”

    Will the real Obama please stand up and tell us where he’s leading us to.

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