Dems Hint at Nuclear Option

Dems Hint at Nuclear Option

In the ongoing debacle of the unseated Michigan and Florida delegates, “the strange just keeps getting stranger.”

A recent LA Times article was headlined “Democrats Brainstorm Michigan, Florida Delegate Disputes”. I have a hard time considering the pondering of any serious issue such as this by Democrats a “brainstorm”. Perhaps a small squall, or maybe a gust of wind… but a “storm” is kind of unlikely from any group that does not recognize that they caused this problem themselves.

The Dems still try to blame Republicans for the Florida situation, stating it was a Republican controlled congress and Governor that brought the changing of the primary date. However, one has to simply remind them that it was their party that imposed the penalty. The GOP imposed a similar penalty, but only decided to remove half of their delegates.

So which party do you want running the Country? The more measured approach GOP who does not whine about the situation they created, or the whining, shortsighted, “change the rules to suit your needs” Democrats?

The situation the way it is, with Florida and Michigan delegates not available, it is becoming increasingly unlikely that either Obamalamadingdong or Hitlery Clinton will have enough delegates to claim the nomination outright.

Suggestions for solutions include:

  1. Running the primary again as it was, by the State. This won’t fly, as the State has said it won’t pay for it. Cost? A cool $25 Million.
  2. Having a mail in primary, which the State would run, but would want to be reimbursed. This is a much more cost effective solution at about $4-6 million.
  3. Run another primary and have the national party pay for it. Howard Dean says “Nope”, followed by “EEeeeyahhhiiiioooooaoaaaa!”
  4. Submit a new plan to the DNC
  5. Appeal to the 186 member “credentials committee” in August, and see what happens.

But WAIT…. There is ONE MORE rumor that has been floating around!

The Dems are threatening to submit a bill in the Florida legislature that would remove them from the national election… and that bill would also strip Florida from the election for REPUBLICANS as well. I am calling this one the “Nuclear” option, as it is overkill based on childish anger and rage.

Will they actually do it? I doubt it. Would such a bill pass? Not likely. If it did pass, would Gov. Crist sign it? No. And if HE did, would it survive the test of the courts? Nope again.

What the REAL STORY here is that Democrats would even consider such a stupid move. For this to even rise to the level of “rumor” is ludicrous. The kind of minds that come up with such things are usually found in school playgrounds, not State Legislatures.

Once again, we have yet another example of why Democrats should not be allowed to have the keys to the big toys.

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