Deciphering Obama’s White Lies

Deciphering Obama's White Lies

Straight and to the point:

Obama is a Harvard educated attorney. Attorneys are trained in the use of words, their meanings, and how to tell a story or point of view without compromising a position, so they can go back later and say “I never said that…”, or serve some other purpose. Attorneys rarely say ANYTHING that puts them in a corner.

No, in fact, their job is to put others in a corner.

Let’s be real clear here. What Obama has and has not said about Dr. Jeremiah Wright (I am demoting the man from “Reverend”, after seeing the vile hatred he preaches from the altar) is very, very revealing. And I feel Obama is intentionally being deceitful in order to PRESERVE votes.

And I am not talking about ‘black’ votes. Obama is now at risk of losing support of moderate democrats all over the Country, black and white and hispanic- because he has now come down from on high, from his “Hope” and “Yes we can” position to one we all recognize…

…and that is the position of clever wordsmith lawyer politician working hard to cover his tail by tailoring responses that deceive the comman man, or anyone who is not paying attention.

The one-term Senator Obama is working hard at lying, without getting caught. How novel. How very “un-establishment”. How very “un-Washington”.

Just to show my fairness, the most recent Republican scumbag to do this is Senator Larry “wide-stance” Craig. You all remember him as being the “I did it, no wait, now that it is going public, no I didn’t do it” solicitor of homosexual sex in a public bathroom. I don’t care if he was homosexual. I do care if he was doing weird crap in a public bathroom (because KIDS go into public bathrooms) but I would not otherwise care that he was doing what he was doing as long as he keeps it to himself and his freaky friend.

What I cared about was (Ken Starr Drumroll here) LYING about it.

Eliot Spitzer- well, I guess we could give him some credit for telling the truth, but… he really only did so when it was time to say “I am sorry- that I got caught“… The chance for getting around this being about zero, Spitzer came out and did the noble thing… and admitted it. And of course, I am being sarcastic about him being noble, as he had no choice.

Now, Obama has had his chance too. But, he has failed, and I think, I really suspect, that we will find out more over the coming days to what degree he has failed. I suspect there will be some who, here and there, may be able to testify as to Obama’s presence at some of Wright’s sermons.

But, alas, all Hussein has to do then is say “I was not paying attention,” and he will be exonerated.

However, we will continue with what we have. I intend to point-counterpoint several quotes from Obama here. So here we go:

Source: Chicago Sun Times

(Keep in mind, this is Obama saying he never heard ANY of the offending sermons)

Obama: “If I had heard Rev. Wright making these statements when I was in the pews,” Obama said, “I would have talked to him afterwards and said, ‘I am very troubled by these statements.’ “

Note the keyword “when I was in the pews”… this does not mean Obama NEVER heard these comments. He is giving himself cover. If in fact he was NOT in the congregation at the time, he will later say “I did not hear them first hand, so I could not take them at face value. I will not condemn a man for second hand information.” That sounds wonderfully magnanimous, but it does not excuse someone, who wants to be President, from taking this topic up with his pastor- whether he heard it FIRST hand or second hand.

Source: Fox News with Major Garrett

Obama: “None of these statements were ones that I had heard myself personally, in the pews.”

So, we are to believe none of them were first hand, at least not in a church sermon. Note that he does NOT say “I never heard anything like this from the Reverend at any other time.

Obama: “One of them I had heard about after I started running for President, and I put out a statement at that time condemning them.”

So we have now heard the words “none” and “one”. This means, Obama has denounced just ONE of the statements, prior to now. But he has been “running” for President for some time, and this means he has had a LOT of time to denounce ALL of the other statements that the blogosphere and cable news networks (well, Fox.. the rest are political whimps) have been putting out.

Even MORE damning is, Obama said on August 9th, 2007:

“The violence of 9/11 was inexcusable and without justification,” adding “It sounds like [Wright] was trying to be provocative.”

BUT- those remarks by Wright were MADE in 2001. 2001… and just NOW (in the last year) Obama is either finding OUT about them, or responding to them? And this is his OWN church? And his OWN pastor?

You just found this OUT, Barack?

In addition to that, accordingt to ABC’s Brian Ross (relative to a recent interview), “Obama never once said that he specifically disagreed with the Reverend’s statements.”

And you want to run MY Country? This Country? Our Country?
HELL no.

I never thought I would say this, but please BRING on Hillary. At this point, she scares me less…

And that is scary in and of itself…

This is the best the left can offer…. keep saying this over and over…

“This is the best the left can offer…”

“This is the best the left can offer…”

“This is the best the left can offer…”

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COasis is the Conservative Oasis founder, editor, and main author.

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  1. Lib1 says:

    she’s not stupid, just misguided. A hateful, failed party, an enept President. I briefly watched Fox news during the election. They could not get off the topic that Obama was the President elect and he had ties to Ayers and other radicals –and the American public is just gonna have to come to terms with this. Unreal.

    Ohh God, the Oprah monster is gonna get you. She’s gonna entertain you to death.

    I’m a registered Democrat. I went to the local gun shop. I like AR-15′s, m-4,s, AK’s, yada. The gun dealer told several interested buyers that “Obama’s People” aren’t letting in a shippment of arms from overseas. It’s supposivley sitting in New York harbor –not able to unload.

  2. Wesley Bankston says:

    you’re fucking ridiculously stupid

  3. Gina says:

    So now Wright’s, Oprah’s and Obama’s true colors are finally coming to light. Regarding Wright … what a hypocrite … what a deceitful manipulative womanizer … what a cheat … what a disgusting example of repeated exploitation of the vulnerable. Regarding Obama … who not only chose this man as his mentor, advisor, pastor and friend … FOR TWENTY YEARS … what a gross lack of judgement, or is this a case of hypocrisy and just looking the other way? Keep America strong and safe, elect McCain/Palin in November … No Wright, no Farrakahn, no Ayers, no Rezko, no mean Michelle, NOBAMA

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