Conservative Blog Political Potpourri, March 23rd 2008

Conservative Blog Political Potpourri, March 23rd 2008

Drawing Out the Rats

In listening to John McCain in an interview with Hannity, it dawned on me that Fox has a unique opportunity to influence the democRATS, namely Obama and Clinton, who are avoiding the network like the plague. Look at that – plague and rats in the same sentence.

Ironically, the same party (Democrat) that from time to time hints about something called the ‘fairness’ doctrine is also led by politicians who run like chickens from, well, ‘FOX’es when it comes to dealing with Fox news. They want fairness, but not in a free market. They are well aware that Fox doesn’t “play fair” by asking hard probing questions which puts them in compromising situations. Fox asks follow up questions when you dodge the question or fail to answer it. Fox plays – um – hardball. I guess Chris Mathews is going to have to come up with a new name for his show.

Anyway- I digress, so back to the ‘idea’.

Fox has access anytime to McCain, of course. And Fox has to be careful that they don’t show favoritism to McCain, as they are somewhat required to offer “equal time”. But wait a minute! What if you are having trouble not only making the horse drink, but getting him to the water as well?

Clinton and Obama surely have been asked repeatedly to come to Fox. Any show. They dodge for the aforementioned reasons. But, Fox is NOT obligated to do anything other than OFFER equal time. If the horse won’t come, it is not Fox’s fault it did not drink.

Fox should start plastering McCain all over their shows, while at the same time offering equal time to the rats on the left. They will, of course, with their election so close, avoid Fox like the plague right now, fearing any slip up under the scrutiny of hard questioning by Hume or Wallace or anyone else on their network will cost them vital points.

Likely to happen? No, I suppose not. But it sure would be fun to see the media actually play a role in forcing candidates hands…

Only 49 seconds left to buy your Obama!!!

The more I see Barack Obama, the more I have come to the conclusion that the man is one big straw man, cleverly hiding his weaknesses from the flame of scrutiny behind pompous baritone voiced speeches on high, carefully crafted, and delivered in a sermon like manner that would make the great MLK proud.

From his foreign policy gaffes to his first term status to his 20 years with Jeremy Wright to calling his grandmother a “typical white person” when comparing her with Wright’s intentionally hateful sermons, Obama has slowly eroded my fear of him in a general election.

I am not sure all of you noticed this, but when Obama was interviewed and put into a box he had no way out of, he became somewhat of a stumbling speaker… clearly thinking so hard as to what to say that he sounded to be a stuttering confused and unsure man. This is a far cry from the scripted no-eye-contact speeches he makes while staring back and forth to the little speech prompters that many public speakers use. And this is exactly why he will not go into the spotlighted microscope of Fox News. God forbid anyone throw him some controversial and difficult question he is not prepared for.

Without a playbook, without a plan and script, Obama is a “normal man”. And I don’t like normal men for President; not that normal, and especially not when they are running under the guise of “super” men.

The problem is, we live in a society that yearns for salvation from its sins of slavery, and would elevate a black man, any articulate promising black man to the Presidency even if he has no experience. We live in a country where people who burned bras will sacrifice common sense just to see the first woman President before they die.

We live in a country where people are pop-driven sound bite idiots who are not truly engaged in digging into the political process, brain dead on You Tube and American Idol and Survivor, seeking Hollywood “realities” that help them escape from their real lives… fed a diet of Home Shopping Newtwork and QVC, then washed down with a glass of Oprah which makes us all warm and fuzzy inside…

Yes, Bill Clinton was right… Obama is one big fairy tale, and Ferraro was right to say that he would not be where he is right now without being black. And how that is a slap at Obama I still don’t understand, as it was a comment on how wonderful our Country is that it can change from a country where blacks wore shackles and had their toes cut off for trying to escape into a place where a black man or woman can be President, in just over 140 years. Heck, the voting rights act of 1965 which fulfilled the promise of the 15th amendment happened only 43 years ago. Prior to that (and sometimes subsequent to that), blacks were put at great risk to even vote.

In a country that loves to root for underdogs and cheers when Herbie the Love bug beats the bigger cars, it is no wonder that the hype of the fairy tale ending has enticed so many into Obama’s camp.

Perhaps, just perhaps, many independents are wakingup from their hypnotic QVC-like trance and beginning to fear a little bit of buyers remorse should they back Obama. They shake their heads and come out of the trance they were in, and put down the phone.

Who cares if you only have 49 seconds left to make the purchase?

After all, who really needs a straw man?

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