Time for the Mud-slinging to Begin

Time for the Mud-slinging to Begin

The ties that bind…

We can’t get through a whole election cycle without a little mudslinging, even if we’re talking about the McCain camp having to be the one slinging it. What would an election be without a little swift boat-like assault on your opponent?

Even though McCain has vowed to keep his campaign on the high road, surely in the coming weeks the supporters of McCain will find ways to bring out the worst news they can concerning their opponenent. But, then again, why the hell would I object to anyone trying to undermine a man who’s only claim to being President is media hype, being black, and the ability to get 92% of the black vote?

So let’s take a refresher-look at the ties that bind Obama to poor judgment, and unsavory characters, for the sake of all of those undecided voters out there.


acorn.gif In the coming weeks, much more will be coming out about ACORN, an organization which is rapidly becoming exposed to the general population as the ‘election stealing arm’ of the Democrat party.

Obama’s ties to ACORN are many. He has donated $800,000 to an ACORN organization. He worked FOR ACORN in the early 90′s, and represented them as their attorney at one point.

Here in the last week, a Federal Judge has ruled that the Secretary of State of Ohio, a democrat, violated federal law by not utilizing the tools of her office to insure that voter fraud was not taking place in Ohio’s recent onslaught of absentee ballot voting in Ohio, aided by, you guessed it, ACORN. In Las Vegas/Clark County Nevada, ACORN offices were raided under warrant due to voter fraud which included the registration of the Dallas Cowboys starting lineup. Another voter has come forward and claimed that ACORN gave him cash and cigarettes in order for him to vote 70 times. SEVENTY TIMES.

We all have heard the stories across the nation about Dems busing old folks from retirement homes, poor people to the polls, and homeless as well, all the while promising them some kind of “reward”. Democrats in congress have tried to reinstate the right to vote to felons, and tried to make it easier for illegals to slip into the electorate by making all forms of registration to vote as “easy” as possible, not little or no proof of citizenship.

Believe it people. The left is doing everything they can to steal elections, and with his support of ACORN, Obama is part of it.

William Ayers

William Ayers William Ayers is an American Terrorist. His affiliation as founder and member of the “Weather Underground” is well known to most following the election. His organization bombed public buildings in the 1960′s, and Ayers is known for claiming that he wished he’d “done more”.

Ayers has supported Obama in the past, and was involved in Obama’s campaign kickoff in he Chicago area when Obama first ran for office.

Simply a bad choice? Perhaps… but we have to look at even more bad choices, and then we might understand why Obama cannot be trusted with the keys to the free world…

“Rev.(?)” Jeremiah Wright

Jeremiah Wright The Reverend Jeremiah Wright is one of Obama’s most “colorful” supporters. Wright comes across as a radical (see a trend here?) who espouses what would appear to be, at a minimum, nearly Nazi-like racial comparative hatred. Wright’s church awarded Louis Farrakhan a lifetime achievement award, and we all know Farrakhan loves “whitie”.

While Wright has influenced Obama enough to have Obama title his book after one of Wrights speeches (“The Audacity of Hope”); while Wright has performed major religious functions for Obama’s family at Obama’s request; while Obama spent years in Wright’s pews; and while Wright was invited to but not allowed to speak at Obama’s Presidential “kickoff”, Obama still tried to portray to us that he really didn’t know who this man was, is, or stood for all of these years. Obama acted as though it was news to him that Wright espoused such views- views which would lead one to believe he not only hates white America, but America period.

Will there be more for us to tie to Obama? Is a swift boat moment coming? Personally, I think what we have is enough to sink any Presidencial hopes, but… we all know that the left is not overrun with people whose inquiring, principle driven minds will allow them to overcome blind patisanship, or hype.

So we will have to count on the clear thinking people in the center, still sitting on the fence. Are they paying attention? I hope so…

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  1. Con1 says:

    You seem to have a problem with “law”. Both the 2000 and 2004 elections were “decided” according to the law. What ACORN workers are doing is ILLEGAL.

  2. Larry says:

    You have a lot of chutzpah to call out ACORN after both 2000 and 2004 elections. You repugs have a corner on the “steal the vote” market.

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