Dumb Dems Demonstrate Dimwitted Decisions


What a vast field of stupidity to draw from. The left is rewarding us regularly and richly with opportunities to illustrate the folly of emotional driven ideology which lacks practical and logical reflection.


The latest?

YouTube Boob

How about a video overture to Iran? Wow. All I can say is “wow”. I don’t think I can recall a more feeble, childishly naive move by a President since- will, since Jimmy Buffoon Carter thought HE could negotiate with those asses. Iranian leaders largely poo-pooed Obama’s extension of the olive branch. I wonder who could have predicted that? Oh yeah… everyone but those on the far left. 

Having seen bits of the video, all I can say is that I was embarrassed. This was sophomoric, ham handed, poorly timed, and the wrong approach, if you are going to engage the Iranians. Attempting to utilize some hail mary long bomb in the form of a conciliatory video is so far from “Presidential” I am once again reminded this man was not ready for prime time. Perhaps our head idiot could send Britney Spears over there with Madonna to put on a nice show for the incredibly backwards conservative religious theocratic Islamic republic.

It is a little like the moron who reaches out his hand to a trapped animal, hoping that in fact the animal will suddenly “see things our way” and understand our positions. The left has awkwardly fumbled with such approaches before, believing that in fact such people hate us because we just haven’t been nice enough to them, as opposed to those people having a radical oppressive desire to destroy those who oppose them, or don’t think like they do. In Iran, at least in the leadership, this kind of ideological bigotry is so deeply rooted that they would make David Duke look like a little leaguer. 

The video was not played on state television in Iran. Very few viewed it. Obama’s timing, as I said, was poor. He released it on the first day of an Iranian holiday- Nowruz- during which time most Iranians are gathering with families or traveling on vacation.

Looks like Barry put as much thought into this decision as he did while vetting Geithner and Daschle. Perhaps his final four picks will fair better.


Even Dems Say Obama Wrong

Moving right along, it would appear that the effects of Obama’s rush-to-spend agenda will likely have a harsher effect on this country’s future economic situation than Barry thought. Some Senators, as well as the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) are predicting that the deficit will be larger- much larger- than Obama’s “experts” (at tax dodging?) had predicted. 

U.S. Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad said he expects the federal deficit will be $1.6 trillion higher than Obama’s “team” predicts over the next 10 years. It is important to note, Conrad is a Democrat, and it was the Democratic majority’s budget committee staff that came up with the figures.

The CBO backed this up on Friday, stating that they predict the budget shortcoming will be $1.7 trillion, and that tax revenues would drop by about $2.1 trillion over the same period. This would cause the baseline deficits to rise by 4.8 trillion, and stipulates that the reason for the problem is the President’s proposals. Public debt (relative to GDP) will rise from 57 percent to 82 percent in that same period, says the CBO. In their estimation, this would threaten the nation’s financial stability.

Sen. Judd Gregg, who apparently was bright enough to be nominated to Obama’s cabinet as commerce secretary, is in agreement. ”This clearly creates a scenario where the country’s going to go bankrupt. It’s almost that simple.”

Obama’s administration claimed that the difference was just a matter of dependence on which group of financial experts you choose to listen to. Now, that is interesting, isn’t it? I thought he was sure he was right. Now he’s saying it is subjective? Does this sound anything like Biden saying “If we do everything right, if we do it with absolute certainty, there’s still a 30 percent chance we’re going to get it wrong.”???

I’d say that with the latest assessments from other “experts”, one could argue that evidence supporting that percentage for failure just went up.



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About the Author

COasis is the Conservative Oasis founder, editor, and main author.

Comments (8)

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  1. S. Nicholson says:

    Another important insight into this president’s personal mind-set is that he can tolerate no opposition. He has been so spoiled by his synchophantic media friends and fawning fans that his feelings are immediately hurt if anyone dares to disagree.

    This president’s low tolerance for questioning and sincere voicing of disagreement is evidenced by comments he feels compelled to make about FOX News and the Tea Parties. He doesn’t want most of the nation to love him; he expects all of the nation to love him and he doesn’t understand why anyone would dare question his programs, his policies or his motives.

    Much like actors and comedians this president requires all your love. If you do not willingly give it he will seek to pull it from you by funding your special interests — anyone’s special interest.

    Applause, adulation and your love are his friends. He felt a gush of it from the world when he first took office and now he’s hooked. How far will he go for your love and how harshly will he punish those who withhold from him? I don’t know but I have a feeling we’re going to see.

  2. S. Nicholson says:

    Has anyone noticed that President Obama’s presidency has given rise to black politicians running to Cuba, as members of the black caucus did, or running to Somalia as Payne just did?

    One of them is going to get shot and create an international incident. I guess they feel they’re under the umbrella of Obama’s divine protection but this could get serious if it continues.

  3. Aknauta says:

    Great title….a true too, from the Chief to the indians. We are in Soooo much trouble. However should the the aware Democrats and Republicans in the House and Senate decide to band together to re-organize Congress, they would get the blessings of the vast majority of the Country. New leadership by people who understand Capitalism, Freedom and the Rule of Law should be an effective barrier to sophomoric leadership from above.

  4. Nalora says:

    So, let’s see, Futile “Let’s Play nice nice” message by president.
    President on Tonight show chuckling and saying how spiffy his Airforce One Jacket is…
    No one in charge of the US Treasury but foreign banks.
    Stock Market sliding.
    Dollar Dropping.
    Homeland Security declares “War on Terror” over.

    hmmm Yea, that is a lot of Change. Unfortunately that sort of change might get us all killed soon.


  5. natesac says:

    This article was buried on digg so fast it would make your head spin. After reading it top to bottom I clicked back onto digg and it was nowhere to be found. I actually had to go into my browser history just to get back to this page to comment. To whoever it is that publishes this website, I would suggest not going through the trouble of leaving a digg link. Because trash like this will never see the light of day for more than two minutes.

    • COasis says:

      Hmmm- I wonder if I should start writing things that won’t get mass buried by libs? Nope… Don’t need to. Not going to drive the content on this site based on what libs might like.

      And, after all, this article you say got buried so fast has 10 diggs less than on I wrote just before it, which made the “front page” of Digg.

      Libs bury what they don’t want to hear. Then call it biased, or lies. Never once showing where the lie or bias is. It is the “I know you are but what am I?” mentality.

      (I subsequently went and checked the traffic generated to this site from this article, from Digg linking in. It was huge.)

  6. Charly says:

    Just have to say I love the title of this one! And, of course, great post, as usual.

  7. MAS1916 says:

    Obama was nothing short of embarrassing in his Video outreach.

    Seeking a Kumbya moment with cold-blooded killers that are developing a nuclear bomb is so foolish that it defies description. This also greatly encourages those that want to kill us. If this is the best effort at dealing with a threat, then our enemies have carte-blanche (look it up lefties) to continue to build bombs and train terrorists for operations here.

    The degree to which our public schools have dumbed-down voters has reached the danger level. One mistake by a ‘touchy-feely’ President will get an awful lot of Americans killed – not to mention a new Israeli holocaust.

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