The Wisconsin Union Standoff

Let’s take some quotes from news wires regarding Wisconsin collective bargaining bill lately (for public sector unions), and just go ahead and give you my two cents worth on them…


“They are trying to bust our union,” Cooper said. “That is huge.”

Yes. Well wait. No. Your union can stand. It just can’t negotiate for anything other than wage increases, commensurate with inflation or cost of living raises. There is no way in hell that a union, whose dues are forcefully collected from employees who have no choice, should be able to spend millions to prop up and elect politicians, and then “negotiate” with those same politicians they OWN for WAGES, BENEFITS, RETIREMENT, etc… America is waking up to this, and it is time to take collective bargaining from public sector unions (read: GOVERNMENT WORKER UNIONS).

“Union leaders say they would make pension and health care concessions if they can keep their bargaining rights, but Walker has refused to compromise.”

Yeah- um… let me help you with that. If we DON’T take away your ability to send millions of dollars collected without complete consent from your members to political candidates, we are just going to wind up with the SAME problem again… Kicking the can down the road is not going to work now. You are “willing” to accept the concessions because honestly, you know your union’s head is on the chopping block. In other words, how does it feel to be on the end of the stick that you all usually put US up against? How does it feel to be told “NO- our way or ELSE.”?????

“Several Democratic senators said the layoffs threat wasn’t enough to bring them back to Madison. Sen. Chris Larson stopped short of calling it a bluff, but said he believes Walker hoped to pit middle-class workers against one another.”

Pit middle-class worker against one another? No. This is about pitting UNION GOVERNMENT WORKERS WITH WORLD CLASS PAY AND BENEFITS against regular folks who have to PAY FOR THE TIT YOU SUCK ON! Note to public sector unions…. WE outnumber YOU. So we will win the war of “who’s the most pissed off and able to make a difference?”

“There’s no reason for him to take my rights away,” she said of Walker. “There’s no reason for layoffs. He’s being more stubborn than some of my kindergartners are.”

Stubborn? A reference to kindergartners? Seriously? I bet you are just fine with those lame ass children in adult bodies that are Wisconsin state senators that are hiding out of state right now? Seriously? You want to talk about stubborn childishness? Were I the governor, I would HIRE a bounty hunter or P.I. to bring a state senator back by FORCE to the chamber, make the vote happen, and then just deal with the lawsuit after the fact. Maybe one of you great Badger Cheeseheads can hire one on your own, and make this happen… Yes… FORCE a democrat body into the chamber…

One last note for you union asses. You don’t have “rights”. You have allowances directed by laws, that you wrestled via extorting moneys due to threatening the public with cessation of those services. Those laws can be changed, and we, the public that outnumbers you, are working on changing them.

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  1. Civil Bob says:

    State and local governments use taxpayer money to administer services, but they gave up control of those services long ago, as we saw in Wisconsin when schools were shut down by teachers calling in sick. The president has been pushing to raise teacher salaries, and asserts that teachers are underpaid, but what sticks in the public memory is allegiance to union bosses who coerce states into doling out absurdly generous wages and benefits.

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