Charlie Sheen Has Lost His Shine

Oh Charlie. Why don’t you just put a gun to it and pull the trigger?

I am not sure which is worse- watching this narcissistic self-important arrogant egotist self implode, or watching the whole country obsess about watching him implode. What’s that, you say? I’m writing about him? No, actually, I want to write about this country.

Perhaps we are a bit like Nero’s Rome, able to watch while it burns. Or maybe we need a release, and this guy is like a bad car wreck that we have to slow down and rubberneck for. Or maybe some of us in this country need to see someone else be more screwed up than we are, so we don’t feel so bad. Whatever it is, it is almost disgusting to watch so much of a nation swoon and obsess with the madman rock and roll superstar antics of what is actually a spoiled angry misguided prick who also happens to be a junky.

Maybe this is our new normal. Maybe this is what we want in this country, because we are bored with everything else- been there, done that, something new please.

We have as a country regressed intellectually I think. We don’t, I believe,  still treat ourselves to the penchant of a mild mannered, wise and thoughtful reprise to a more gentle and innocent introspection of ourselves. We want to be wowed. We don’t think about why, or the consequences. We just want to be wowed. Show me the freak show! Show me the daredevil that is really jsut a dumbass! Show me the disintegrating millionaire Hollywood asshole! Show me the whore, the junky, the youthful superstar sweetheart that has turned into the bitch who shows her crotch as she gets out of the car! Show me the mouthy arrogant insolent child with a checkbook that contains more zeros than they could ever appreciate strung out on crack and wearing clothes that would cost most people a months salary.

I for one am tired of (and have been for a long time) our country having a segment of our population that makes these kinds of classless a-holes even more famous than they were, by creating a demand for their punk-ish indignant attitude towards their fame and power.

I wish the man no real harm. At the risk of sounding awkward and alien, as a “fellow human” I feel a little bit of sorrow and empathy for him. Other than that, just disgust. Not so much with his actions (while many of those are pretty “out there”), but with his mocking disdain for everyone around him. In other words, he has no remorse, so I have little care.

It is sad that an ass like this can bring down and affect so negatively so many others. Even more sad is that so many in this country play a part in elevating him to almost a “reality show of his own” status.

If there is a lesson to be learned from those like Charlie Sheen, it is that we should not aspire to be like him, and that we should let him go. I mean, really… go… just go…

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  1. S. Nicholson says:

    I agree and think this nation’s obsession with Mr. Sheen says more about the ignorance and decadence of the American people than it does about a victim of addiction like Mr. Sheen. CNN should know that I don’t enjoy watching Mr. Sheen implode on my TV.

    Pity? Yes — but enough is enough and channels like HLN-CNN, that perpetuate this dogged determination to document Mr. Sheen at his worst and craziest, simply cater to people who enjoy watching train wrecks and the pain and destruction that results.

    When news is slow HLN-CNN often invents controversy that pits people against one another to attract lame-brain viewers who have nothing better to do than to take a side. Who does it better, Aniston or Jolie, is just one example of HLN’s need to milk a topic to its death. HLN walks hand-in-hand with other stations that titillate with the cheaper-to-make “reality shows.”

    To put my feelings about HLN in a context the majority of their viewers can understand, “HLN-CNN, YOU SUCK.”

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