Impeach Obama

In what I consider to be a stupidly bold move by a president who is already riddled with criticism over his inability to follow what would be considered the rule of law in this country, Pres. Obama today directed the Justice Department to stop defending the Defense of Marriage Act, otherwise known as DOMA. He did so on the grounds that he feels the law is “unconstitutional”.

This would be amazing were not for the fact that this asshole has spent much of his adult life taunting authority and legal precedent under the auspices of “civil disobedience”. It’s beyond my comprehension how a sitting president can direct the policies of a nation from on high, as though he were on some kind of throne, with a scofflaw like attitude towards what is a perfectly legitimate legislative act.

This is law. It was passed by a Congress and the Senate. It was signed by a president. A Democratic president. Bill Clinton. Even if it’s wrong, the recourse to fix it is through legislative or judicial action. Since the left and those that neither is coming anytime soon, our current White House resident has determined that it’s time for him to take action, all on his own.

This kind activity, by this dumb ass, elected by a bunch of other dumb asses, reeks of the insolent attitude which is inherently found in the childish behavior of the dumb ass left. In other words, “we follow laws, unless we don’t like the laws, and then we fight the laws I breaking the laws, and call it civil disobedience”.

We are nation of laws. The left has shown over and over that they do not care one whit for laws of this country when the laws don’t go their way. They think that marching people in public squares and circles in order try make a point, all the while breaking the law and contracts they signed, is fine. They also think that it is fine for president to be a scofflaw, or their elected officials to be scofflaws.

Today on Fox news, Alan Colmes stated that he felt that the president’s demand that the Justice Department stop defending the Defense of Marriage Act was an exercise of “checks and balances”. Now, I find Alan Colmes to be a barely tolerable liberal idiot that occasionally makes reasonable arguments, but in this case he could not be more wrong. “Checks and balances” refers to a process which reflects on legislative, presidential, judicial actions which happen within a certain timeframe, or legislative process. To suggest that any president now or in the future can declare any law unconstitutional and therefore stipulate that the Justice Department should stop defending or prosecuting on the basis of that law, is absolutely freaking preposterous. To suggest that the concept of “checks and balances” in a democratic three party system allows a ‘future’ president to declare a law unconstitutional is preposterous and idiotic.

In other words, if you are the President, and you have sworn to uphold the laws of the United States, that is not your job to doubt, question, pontificate, or challenge any law that is currently active. Your job is to either enforce the law and try to change it, or just enforce the law and leave it as it is. In either case you need to enforce the law, first.

What we’re talking about here with regards to Alan Combs point of view and the left liberal point of view is the rules really don’t matter. Laws don’t matter. Processes and accepted moral and ethical standards don’t matter. What matters is getting your own way. What matters is foot-stomping, fit throwing, all the while hiding your activities under the umbrella description of “civil disobedience”.

Laws are laws. We are a nation of laws. The fact that we are a nation of laws makes us the country we are.

I suggest we start implementing legal punitive processes against every entity in this country which will not abide by the law. That means the president, the Atty. Gen., the teachers in Wisconsin, the Democrat senators in Wisconsin, and any other elected official or appointed official which will not perform their duties as prescribed by law.

Yes, I am saying impeach Barack Obama. He has officially come out asking for the Justice Department to stop enforcing a legitimately passed law, a law which was passed with checks and balances in place and exercised.

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