Teachers Teaching Poorly

Watching the news recently, I had the great misfortune of hearing the pathetic comments of some of those who’ve been charged with instructing our kids daily, otherwise known as teachers. With regards to the current strike. I was amazed to hear how insolent and smug these adult “children” are about their actions in the capitol of Wisconsin.

When asked whether or not they shouldn’t be in the classroom teaching, where they are contractually bound and paid to be, and subsequently asked if they should be inciting students to come join them at these rallies, many of the teachers simply responded that they are teaching, and giving these kids a “real-life education”.

Oh my God the freaking audacity.

First off, you asses do not choose what our children learn nor when they learn it. You are paid to instruct in a school curriculum that is assigned, AT the place assigned, unless given permission by parents to do otherwise. For example, taking kids out of schools to other places usually requires parental permission.

With regards to what you “think” you’re teaching these kids, I think you’re missing the mark. What you’re teaching them is that contracts don’t matter, and that foot-stomping, fit throwing, yelling at the top of your lungs when things don’t go your way is how you need to resolve matters. Your lesson of them is that you don’t have to do your job, if you don’t want to. The lesson from the Democratic senators who left the state is that if you don’t like the rules or the outcome that you see coming, but it’s okay to break the rules, throw a tantrum, and essentially take your ball and go home. When lying about being sick and obtaining falsified “excuse slips” from doctors, you’re showing the kids that it’s okay to lie, it just depends on what you’re lying about. When you don’t get your way, then pretty much anything goes, and rules should be thrown out the window as well as laws as well as common sense decency morals or any sense of “doing the right thing”.

Of course many kids agree with this. They are after all, children, and that kind of activity is right in line with immaturity.

How utterly pathetic. This demonstration of willful disdain for laws, processes, and authority by teachers and elected State Sen.’s should be met full on with the fiercest, most punitive response possible. I believe people with concealed cameras or perhaps even visible handheld cameras should find and target teachers and those involved with them in this repugnant activity, Go to the capitol and course your way through the throngs of people getting as many faces of teachers on tape as possible. Get the doctors too. I would then take every tape I had and send it to every school district superintendent and school board and start demanding that these teachers be fired as well as the hospitals and any other medical facility.

I believe that the hospitals and or any independent review board that has authority over the medical profession in Wisconsin should remove the licenses of the doctors who have gone out of their way to falsify intentionally medical documents, and the teaches should be fired.

This demonstration by this childish, angry mob illustrates precisely why there should be no public sector unions allowed. Many parents across the state of Wisconsin are furious because these teachers, who are willfully not doing their job, are making it difficult for many working parents to rely on the normal schedule of school, and even worse, they’re getting paid by our tax dollars while they ran and rave. But the simpler fact is this: America is realizing that public sector Union’s who exercise their power over state governments allows for the Unions to exercise power over BOTH sides of the negotiating table, and that is why we are where we are now.

I wish Wisconsin and any other state out there all the success in the world as they go against these public-sector unions in order to strip them of their ability to monopolize services, and then extort votes from legislators via strikes, all the while using taxpayer money to be empowered to do so via their union.

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