Goodbye, Geraldine

Wow. A little depressing to get the news today that Geraldine Ferraro passed at the age of 75 due to complications (pneumonia) developing from blood cancer.

Obviously, I am a conservative, but I think a lot of us are really going to miss her. Unlike so many of the partisan hack punks we have today on the left (i.e., Anthony WEENER, Barney Frank, etc…) she was the kind of person you could debate and argue with without walking away feeling like you have been soiled. She carried herself with a dignity, and her passion was always enveloped in sincerity, an intellectual presentation which was delivered with grace and fairness, as well as a little bit of glib humor here and there.

We would be far better served were the left riddled with people like her than some of the dweebs she has left behind.

Rest in peace, good Geraldine…

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