Arrest the Children, Let the Adults Get to Work

What we’re witnessing in Wisconsin is truly one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever experienced politically. After a fair election in November, the elected representatives of the state Wisconsin simply wish to carry out their duties, representing the will of the constituents who elected them.

As you know, 14 Democrats left the state of Wisconsin as soon as they got wind of the fact that the Republicans were going to push through a financial bill which would substantially restrict the power of public sector unions with regard to their ability to extort from elected officials outrageous wages and benefits. And how do they carry out such extortions? By way of withholding public services through an exercise of absolute power and an unwillingness to yield- sometimes known as strikes.

Yes, they strike or threaten a strike, and the only reason that ultimately they have been able to achieve what they have over the years is simply because nearly every government agency or department that they represent has no private sector entity which competes with them, therefore making their negotiation an all or nothing deal for the public which depends on those services.

As I grin from ear to hear, I am loving watching these same people who have wielded extreme power with smirks on their faces for decades now having to accept that same feeling of powerlessness. When witnessing the fit throwing, foot stomping, angry tirades of these children in adult bodies, I am reminded of one specific image which we all have seen in our life, and that is the image of a crying baby after it has been pulled away from the tit.

These people, or at least the representatives for these people, have shouted that they just simply want to be heard. But they left the state. They shouted that this process should be allowed to have more time. That was over three weeks ago. Their willingness to break the rules of decorum and decency, leaving the state like children taking their ball and going home, and then have the audacity to be upset when the other side outsmarts them and foils their childish attempt to prevent anything from happening simply by not participating, reminds me of the child who crosses his arms hold his breath.

In one of the most incredible displays which illustrates the hypocrisy of the left, let alone the complete logical ignorance of the mindset of these people, yesterday I heard utter one of these idiots the following regarding the method by which the Republican senators in Wisconsin passed the elements of the bill that the Democrats are trying to prevent from being passed:

“It’s clear that they were trying to do everything they could to prevent us from participating in this vote.”

You have got to be freaking kidding me. Trying to do everything they can to prevent you from participating? Are you serious? How the hell did you get elected with that kind of stupid mindset which would allow you to make that kind of a claim, from another state to which you fled in order to make sure you would not be able to participate?

This is the kind of duplicitous ignorant logic that represents clearly why we have a problem in this country with liberals. They are incapable of making distinctions, especially those which require reasoning.

As for the protesters in the Capitol of Wisconsin, you are no longer operating under the Constitution or the law. You have a right to peaceably assemble. You are not allowed to prevent people freedom of movement. Your presence and actions are now threatening. Windows and doors have been broken in order to gain access. And some of your “brothers” are now sending threatening e-mails to the Republican senators, serious enough to involve the FBI.

As if we needed more evidence as to the extent to how far the demonstrators will go in Wisconsin, Jesse Jackson stated today “either we’re going to have collective bargaining through the legislative process, or were going to have collective bargaining in the streets”. Well there you have it. Mob rules. Here come the riots.

This is how these people are used to getting what they want- by organizing into the biggest group they can and stomping their feet and intimidating the other side until they just buckle. Much like the ACLU runs around brandishing their sword threatening agencies and entities with lawsuits. Rant, rave, act as though you’re on the verge of becoming the common criminal, and eventually mommy and daddy will give in and let you have that pony. We’ve all seen children throw fits in public, rolling on the floor screaming at the top of their lungs because they couldn’t get their “treat”. This is the “adult” version.

You are children in adult bodies, becoming unhinged because you realize that the power that you felt you had for decades you really do not have. Easy come, easy go, and your anger comes from the fact that the curtain has been pulled back on your “Oz” of pay and benefits, revealing that your great wizard who threatens strikes and usually can get whatever it wants, is nothing more than an illusion, and the PEOPLE HAVE FIGURED THAT OUT.

Now that your pursed lips are being ripped from the nipple you are resorting to criminal activities, and I would be there will be more. It’s time for the governor to order the state police to remove every one of you from the Capitol, even if you have to be dragged out like a sack of dog food and cast upon the steps. I’ve heard many of you screaming “this is how democracy works”. Now you’re going to find out how democracy really works. You allow people to do their jobs, you remove the criminals who are trying to obstruct the performance of those jobs, and you live with the results of an election and the actions of elected official. Live with it like adults.

You have other recourses in order to try and rectify the situation, such as recall elections, or organizing for the next election, but your actions right now do not rise above that of a common petty criminal or insolent teenager.

But you are right about one thing. This IS how democracy works. Now it’s time for elected officials to do their jobs show up for work and vote. And it’s time for you children to get the hell out of the way and let them do it or be arrested.

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  1. This is how these people are used to getting what they want- by organizing into the biggest group they can and stomping their feet and intimidating the other side until they just buckle.

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