Obama Abandons His Responsibility

With two judges ruling against Obamacare and two judges ruling for, and the lawsuit of 26 states suing to have the law overturned awaiting its journey up the judicial ladder of the courts, it is apparent that what hangs in the balance is the economic health of the state’s economies, as well as our national economy. It is for this reason that this matter ought be decided in an expeditious manner, and watching Barry and Holder take the slow motion drag their feet approach is not only maddening, but I feel an example of failing to put what is the most important mandate of this or any President to carry out- that being- “Do what is best for the country…”

Akin to the hippocratic oath, “first do no harm”, a President really ought have one overreaching general tenet that he or she operates under. Regardless of political ideology, that tenet should be clear to any thinking individual who is fair minded and cares more about his/her country than he/she does about a political future for him/her and their party.

What is happening here with Barry can in no way be “what is best for the country”. There is nothing “good” to be gained by waiting, or dragging this out. So, why would they be dragging it out?

Well, a variety of reasons, pretty much all of them political.

  1. A defeat in the Supreme Court would end Barry’s chances of getting re-elected. Especially with the way things are going with the economy and the world, no sitting president is going to get re-elected right after the SCOTUS tells him he violated the Constitution in exercising his overzealous machinations. So, they are trying to get it kicked down the road to after the election.
  2. Likewise, such a defeat from the SCOTUS would damage most democrats who are up for election at the same time.
  3. The longer is sits in place, and begins to take effect, the harder it will be to undo, should the SCOTUS leave it in place, and it winds up being the responsibility of a newly elected republican congress and President to eradicate the law.

There is nothing above that appears to me to be what is “best for America”. We have states out there facing bankruptcy, and they are now feeling the heat to begin a very costly implementation of a law that may be overturned in 1-2 years? Seriously? And Barry and Holder see no problem with that kind of wasted tax payer monies?

Many from both sides of the aisle have asked and are asking Barry to get this going, so we can get it decided. Attorneys General across the nation, governors, senators, congressman and women… yet Barry seems to not care. And we know why, and it is NOT good.

Any good man (or woman) would recognize that the right thing to do is to get this decided quickly, and let the country get on with business. Regardless of how it comes out in the SCOTUS, this country needs to KNOW what they need to do or NOT do next.

Failure to expedite this is an abandonment of your duty, Barry, and this country is now suffering (and will continue to suffer and waste money) because you are an arrogant self centered egomaniacal ideological ass.

In the words of Governor Jan Brewer, “DO  -  YOUR  -  JOB!!!”

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