Budget Battle Blues

Let’s look at some ideas on the current budget battle.

1. You can’t say, whether you are the President, or Harry Reid, or Nancy Pelosi, or anyone else, that you have met the Republicans halfway. Why? Because if the GOP goal of $100 Billion is to be believed, then you can’t as a liberal dipstick Democrat at this point choose as YOUR starting point “$0″.  Zero is an untenable starting point. It is irresponsible. Period. Everyone in America that follows this economic battle knows this. This argument that “halfway” should be somewhere between “stupid” or “irresponsibly no reduction at all”  and the $100+ billion of the GOP just shows you how damn stupid our opponents are. Or wait- maybe it is more an indication of the stupidity of those who vote for them.

2. I know it has been said and said and said, but, let’s face it. The ONLY reason we are talking about the budget now is because the Democrats, who held ALL THREE BRANCHES OF CONGRESS FOR TWO YEARS, did NOT pass a budget during that time. One of the few times in American history where congressional slack ass dogs and their leadership didn’t do their job. The reasons why? Most likely because they FIRST needed to put all their energy into a once in a lifetime opportunity to get a ideological piece of legislation that would never pass any other time, passed- Obama Care. The second reason why? They KNEW that actually working through a budget which would force them to look at harsh economic realities, face the deficits that we saw coming, and would not only derail the Obama Care deal, but in addition to that, they KNEW that the choices they would be forced to take would be difficult. Let’s face it-  ”difficult” and “Democrat” just don’t go well together.

3. The obvious- the biggest cuts have to come from their biggest tits. The “biggies” of the budget are some of their pet perennial political fear mongering fodder. They don’t have the balls to cut it, and they know that making the GOP cut it will make their job easier in the future, when they claim we want grandma to eat cat food. The standard GOP favorite in that part of the budget is the military, but I think every serious thinking man and woman that is on the conservative side WOULD consider military cuts. But try to cut Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security, let alone Planned Parenthood, NPR, and other liberal pet projetcts, annnnnnnd WATCH OUT!

Bottom line is, the Dems are making a calculated risk that they will be right, now, as they have been in the past, that America will respond to their scare tactics, that the GOP are mean bastards that are going to steal from the needy, innocent, and old.

The REAL bottom line is, most of America gets it. We CANNOT sustain a broad base of handouts, even those that make sense, when we do not have a thriving economy. A thriving economy IS the reason why we could have ever entertained such programs in the first place. The only way back to a thriving economy is a lower corporate tax base, lower taxes in general, AND cuts in entitlement programs that show our creditors that WE are responsible long term…

If the President thinks the cuts Boehner and the GOP in the house are punitive, and excessive, well… good luck with re-election…

The country is getting it, because the country is seeing the same kind of need for cuts in THEIR lives… The Dems are NOT getting it, and want to play politics, protecting their tit bases which help keep them getting re-elected…

It will be obvious this time around. This election cycle, the middle and the right will combine their powers because reasonable thinking people will see that what the left wants to do is protect their base, not the country.

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