Barry Still Can’t See The Fault Belongs To His Lack Of Leadership

Well, Barry came out after his emergency meeting with Reid and Boehner, and what he said really actually told me a lot about this not ready for prime time community organizer.

Let’s take a look at what he said about the meeting, and his perspectives on the situation. Oh, yes, accompanied by commentary from me on where he has no clue and is a hypocrite.

The President said that there was an interview tonight on a network news channel, where a man named J.T. said he was counting on his tax returns on time, and that for a family that is scraping by, not getting it on time or having it delayed would have real consequences for them. J.T said that “all this political grandstanding has effects as it trickles down to normal everyday Americans.” Of course, Barry agreed:

“I could not have said it better myself. A shutdown could have real effects on everyday Americans.”

Here’s a newsflash for you, dipstick. Nearly everything you do and have been doing has a real affect on everyday Americans. But the real time to worry about this was LAST OCTOBER when you and your liberal dipstick friends held the House, the Senate, and the White House. Great job. Great foresight. Way to do what you were elected to do.

The REASON you all didn’t do so was, you were afraid of the political ramifications for the upcoming November election. Kicked the can down the road, voted present.

The “president” continued:

“It means that small business owners who are counting on a loan, to open their business, to make payroll, to expand, suddenly they can’t do it.”

Yes. And again, this all goes back to you and your lame ass colleagues NOT doing your JOB last OCTOBER, or YOU doing YOUR job, not letting this wait until TWO DAYS before the shutdown to get serious!

“It means that folks who are possibly processing a mortgage, they might not be able to get it.”

Yes. And again, this all goes back to you and your lame ass colleagues NOT doing your JOB last OCTOBER, or YOU doing YOUR job, not letting this wait until TWO DAYS before the shutdown to get serious!

“It means that hundreds of thousands of workers across the country are without a paycheck.”

Yes, and you are just now trying to “lead”. And again, this all goes back to you and your lame ass colleagues NOT doing your JOB last OCTOBER, or YOU doing YOUR job, not letting this wait until TWO DAYS before the shutdown to get serious!

“There’s no reason why we should have a government shutdown, unless we’ve made a decision that politics is more important than folks like J.t. Henderson.”

Yes. Good point. Maybe you all should have considered that when you avoided the RESPONSIBILITY last OCTOBER for POLITICAL REASONS.

“That’s not why we’re elected, that’s not why we’re sent here. I want to meet the expectations of the American people in terms of delivering for them.”

Then you should have LED last October, and required a budget, you puss. You had your chance to meet those expectations then, when you and your party were SUPPOSED TO, and had NOTHING IN YOUR WAY. You could have passed ANYTHING you wanted, (as evidenced by Obama care), yet you (all) chose NOT to.

Good God. I have never seen a more inept double talking duplicitous piece of politically inept leadership in my life.

As usual, voting present, not leading… 14 months as a Senator, and the dipsticks that voted for this ass couldn’t see it coming, or didn’t care because he was the Messiah of their liberal agenda. so they elected him President.

God help us.

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  1. S. Nicholson says:


    Seth Meyers explained it at the correspondents’ dinner when he said, “Obama makes the Kook-Aid and everyone there (MSNBC) drinks it.” I often wonder if Obama doesn’t spike your purple Kool-Aid with mind-altering drugs because you are hyper-vigilant and ready to smash, smear and generally throttle anyone who disagrees with Obama.


    Anyway, your Lawrence O’Donnell gave us a short spot telling us how wonderful immigrants are and now we get another ad. This time it’s MSNBC anchor Chris or Ed, I get the two mixed up, and he’s telling us to say, regarding Obama, that “He’s just as much of an American as I am.”

    Of course I have to agree. Legally Obama is just as much of an American as I am. In almost every other way he stands apart from what I believe and steals my truth by saying “This is what Americans do, or say or believe” and this angers me because Obama does not speak for me. Obama’s vision of America is much different than mine.


    Who were to talking to when you made that spot? If you were talking to the birthers then you were just wasting your time. If you were talking to me (non-birther) then you were insulting me and trying to evoke pity for poor, poor Obama who has one of the most vicious, shady election teams that ever was. I’m not even sure my vote is safe because of operations like ACORN. MSNBC is a part of that vicious machine so I shouldn’t be surprised when you attack with booming voices and snarky half-truths.

    C’mon guys. Obama has you, your entire network, drinking the Kool-Aid and singing his praises. You are his congregation and it’s difficult to even skip across your channel without hearing the hype, the heavy emoting, the genuine anger rising like steam from your nostrils.


    Progressives and Obama say the Constitution is a “living document” that changes with the times. I say hands off the Constitution. If our Constitution changes then we have no Constitution at all.

    Using Progressive thinking, Obamacare thinking, our government can now charge us for what we don’t do because we must all pay into Obamacare and all join. My Constitution should protect me from this government grab for power and control. We’ll see when the cases get to the Supreme Court.

    Obama really does want to take care of us “from cradle to grave” just like he said. The intelligent among us know that such involvement in our lives will limit our choices and deny us freedoms but new Americans, especially poor Mexicans, and we have a lot of those, are just glad to be here for the free health care and education, and the welfare and entitlements like social security.


    This is how our “new Americans” think along with their relatives who haven’t been here long either. They won’t miss freedoms they never had, or don’t understand, and will be happy to give their votes to the man who let them in the door or across the Rio Grande.

    Is this the “change we can believe in”? Are the poor and uneducated of Mexico to decide our fate through their votes?

    Chris and Ed, is Juanita from Mexico, who just got her citizenship, “as much of an American as I am”? Legally the law says she is while every American for generations cell in my body is screaming no! no! no!

    Mr. Obama, I don’t want you to give me anything and I don’t want to be forced to give anything to someone you deign worthy. I don’t want your rules and regulations and your Constitution killing mandates.


    I want my border with Mexico under strict control. What is your plan? Surely you don’t want to continue with the drugs and killings and illegals. There’s going to be some incident that forces you to act or some tipping point where Americans rise up. What then?

    What is your plan? Where are we going with the Mexican madness? Mexico has become our parasitic twin draining the sovereignty from this nation. You, Nancy and Democrats allowed Calderone to lecture Arizona. NOW THAT’S ANTI-AMERICAN! Chris and Ed of MSNBC can say you’re just as much of an American as I am but that’s a lie.

  2. S. Nicholson says:


    Our president is still wanting that pathway to the American Dream for Mexican illegals in our country. He has announced another push and Lawrence O’Donnell of MSNBC has jumped to obey by doing a short spot reminding us that “immigrants” started this country. Thanks Lawrence, BUT ILLEGAL ALIENS DIDN’T START THIS COUNTRY so take those warm, fuzzy feelings you tried to evoke and stuff them down your throat.

    Yeah, yeah, yeah MSNBC. Same ol’, same ol’ lies and another poor Maria story. I get it. I say Mexicans because over 62% of our illegal aliens are Mexican. You know that American Dream story you never stop harping on, well — even Americans can’t get it right now because we’re broke and times are hard. Why should illegal Mexicans be given anything that Americans had to work for? Because they’re here? Why are they here? I’ll ask again, WHY ARE THEY HERE?


    George H.W. Bush (One World Order aficionado) negotiated NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement between the U.S., Canada and Mexico in 1992 but it was Bill (party in my pants) Clinton who signed it into law in 1993. Thereafter Presidents George W. (I love tamales) Bush and now Barack ( let’s be poor together) Obama who have kept the ILLEGAL ALIENS flowing in.

    Old H.W. Bush and Clinton knew that a similar agreement created the European Union and all four of these sovereignty killing presidents have kept at it to make sure that the United States becomes part of a North American Union.


    Regulations and laws in all three countries have been conformed to make sure the three countries are on the same page. Supplemental Environmental and Labor agreements have been made. They were even doing siren songs to lull Americans into Mexico to live and buy land. PUSH THE PAUSE BUTTON. Where are we now?


    Drug cartels now thrive in over 230 of our cities. Americans have been killed. Thousands of Mexicans have died. Mass graves in Mexico are found. We are warned off our own American land because drug cartels are using it. We are warned to stay out of Mexico. Even Mexican tourist destinations have been closed.

    My waitress at the Red Lobster just told me about friends, a family of four, who traveled into a Mexican border town and were robbed by the Mexican police. This happened last month.


    The original plan for the North American Union called for a fence — but not between Mexico and the U.S. The fence they wanted was between Mexico and Central America. That fence is being built on Mexico’s southern border between Mexico and Guatemala.

    All this was considered “conspiracy theory” not too long ago and they’ve been careful to keep it out of the news. Now that conspiracy theory becomes reality I wonder what’s next. It’s apparent the lives of Americans and mostly Mexicans have been sacrificed for this North American Union but hey — when you’re building a New World Order and a North American Union does life really count?

  3. S. Nicholson says:


    ROD BLAGOJEVICH: The hair that wore the man.

    CLIMATE CONTROL: Can someone do something about that black cloud called Obamacare?

    NEW EXCUSES: I’m late because I forgot to plug in my car.


    I wanted to lecture the Middle East on that old saying: If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes but it may be too cryptic for them. And then I’m thinking, what about us. Where are the term limits? Why are lobbyists still running the show? Why are Democrats so mean? Why do Bill Maher and Joy Behar get away with speaking ugly? Shouldn’t GE, our president’s best green friend, give us some money since they paid no taxes or should Americans just ban buying GE products?

    Today we seem to be at war with everyone, even ourselves. I think we’re broke but my neighbor doesn’t. I think we should be drilling and using our own resources but my neighbor disagrees. I want my Mexican border closed tight and the leeches sent home; my neighbor weeps at the idea.

    My country is slipping away and turning into Obamaland and I don’t recognize it. I’ve only been to a few foreign countries and I was always glad to get home. Will I feel the same when Obama gets through with us?

  4. S. Nicholson says:


    Here we go again. More hate from the Hispanic bloc and more name calling. More marches and more speeches until the American people are all Mexicans or until we all roll over and give up.


    Congratulations American politicians. You have allowed Mexico every access into this country and forced Americans to pay with taxes, schools, welfare, disease, multicultural unrest and an expensive fence that doesn’t work. You have played us, screwed us and lied for what? Are we to become a region, the U.S., Canada and Mexico all working together in a North American union that is both political and economic? Do you really think we won’t notice that our SOVEREIGNTY HAS BEEN COMPROMISED, JUST GIVEN AWAY FOR AN IDEA BELOVED BY THE FEW ELITES WITH DREAMS OF A WORLD GOVERNMENT?


    Oh, yes, President Obama. Here we go again. It’s time for you to make your move to please the Hispanic bloc and Mexico and to gather your votes. I say MEXICO because over 62% of OUR ILLEGAL ALIENS ARE FROM MEXICO. Mexico keeps moving in and we do nothing.

    Fox and Calderon said they sent us their best with directions on how to get here and link up with our welfare programs, you know, all the perks Mexicans get for stepping over the border.


    NO PATHWAY TO CITIZENSHIP! IT’S ILLEGAL, STUPID! Fox and Calderone sent us their poorest and most uneducated, the ones MEXICO refuses to help, knowing that there was an unwritten deal to take them in for political and economic reasons, i.e. a North American Region/Union and knowing that Americans would be forced to support them as they walked in with nothing. Mexico looks out for Mexicans; the United States looks out for Mexicans. WHO LOOKS OUT FOR THE UNITED STATES? Surely not presidents like Clinton, both Bushes and now Obama.

    Americans have been taken advantage of, used and played to satisfy the dreams of one world order deal makers. No wonder Calderon didn’t flinch when he stood before an American Congress and told us he didn’t like Arizona’s new immigration law. SINCE WHEN DO THE LEADERS OF FOREIGN COUNTRIES HAVE THE RIGHT TO CRITIQUE OUR LAWS? Why did that witch, Nancy Pelosi, stand and applaud along with her minions. What in the hell are Democrats doing? We often say “This is America” with reference to our freedoms, but how much longer will America be America? Obama, our socialist president, is taking away our choices and growing government to regulate us to death along with Mexico which moves more Mexicans in day-by-day. Once Maria is in the country she sends for her mother and all her cousins.


    Don’t start your push for a pathway to citizenship again, you harpy of a ravenous president, who will not stop until Mexicans, Mexico, and elites are full and burping with pleasure. AND — DON’T CALL ME A RACIST!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. S. Nicholson says:


    Well — it seems that Reverend Wright, Barack Obama’s mentor and spiritual leader of many years, didn’t think much of “Them Jews.”

    Are you, President Obama, a closet anti-Semite? That’s what Reverend Wright taught, isn’t it, anti-Semitism? Who are you, President Obama, because I don’t feel I know you at all. Lately so many of your contradictory statements have been highlighted that I wonder how you manage to remember what you believe. As a senator, raising the debt ceiling was the result of incompetent government according to you. Now that you want the ceiling raised how would you describe your government?

    I’ll tell you one thing, if that stupid flotilla of left-wing activists causes any trouble with Israel I’LL BLAME YOU AND YOUR INACTION.

  6. S. Nicholson says:


    I stand with Israel. I stand with Israel against the “Freedom Flotilla” of 15 ships that is about to invade. These “lefty” activists know the last flotilla resulted in death and trouble SO THEY CAN’T WAIT TO START MORE TROUBLE. IT IS AN ACT OF PROVOCATION.

    Where is Obama’s voice in this?

    I stand with Israel. I stand with Israel against those who would try to destroy Israel’s ability to defend herself. Israel has built her defenses along the Jordan river and those defenses are strategic and necessary. ISRAEL IS ENTITLED TO DEFENSIBLE BORDERS.

    Where is Obama’s voice in this?

    I don’t understand. Obama can jump into civil war in Libya, spend a cool million a day and refuse to call it a war, BUT CAN’T SPEAK A FEW WORDS IN SUPPORT AND IN DEFENSE OF ISRAEL.


    According to authority, the only country in the middle east that has an established democracy IS ISRAEL. Do you really believe Egypt and Libya have any idea what a democracy is? Both Libya and Egypt are full of Muslims who WANT TO DESTROY THE ONLY DEMOCRACY IN THE MIDDLE EAST.

    “I will give my life; I will give my blood; I will give my soul,” they cry. Yes, but for what? For another tyrant or king? For an Islamist state? For hate and killing that never ends? Keep your blood, you idiot children, AND GROW UP.

    Please, President Obama, speak up for our friend and ally Israel, THE ONLY DEMOCRACY IN THE MIDDLE EAST. You know the country I’m talking about.

  7. I very much like this observation in your post: “not ready for prime time community organizer.” I think you’ve pegged the problem and described it accurately.

    Ol’ Barry has a problem in 2012 – he’s never had to run on his record before. He’s never held a job where he was in it long enough to be accountable for his performance.


  8. [...] Barry Still Can’t See The Fault Belongs To His Lack Of Leadership ( [...]

  9. S. Nicholson says:


    Our down-to-the-line budget battle needn’t have happened if you had done your JOB LAST YEAR. Then you step in, all tight-lipped and staccato-voiced, to play your role as Strict Big Daddy. You chide. You stress the time constraint — ONE YOU CREATED — and you act like it’s everyone else’s fault but your own. The Republicans have every right to stand strong against your ineptitude because your favorite role, beyond being Big Daddy, is being Generous Santa Claus.


    We’re broke you game players. Forty cents of every dollar spent is borrowed. Mr. Obama, your role as Generous Santa Claus is over. Your role as Strict Big Daddy shouldn’t be necessary IF YOU DO YOUR JOB.


    That’s a role you can continue just as long as you face the reality of our domestic problems, especially Over- Spending.

    People aren’t going to feel sexy or think you’re sexy while they’re standing in line for gas they can’t afford or lining up for a six dollar loaf of bread. You didn’t do your job with the budget because your own commission came back and told you the hard facts: IMPORTANT CUTS HAVE TO BE MADE AND THEY WILL BE FELT. THAT MEANS AMERICANS MAY NOT LIKE YOU AS MUCH AS THEY DO NOW. OH, DEAR; OH DEAR.

    Instead of facing those hard facts, and delivering them to the American people, you put off the hard job and ran away, just the way you showed those Wisconsin state legislators to do. OUR GOVERNMENT PLAYS HIDE-AND-SEEK WITH BUDGET PROBLEMS. How sick is that? Where are the adults?


    What is that all about? We’ve already been terrorized when the bottom of our economic system fell out and banks died through MAN-MADE GOVERNMENT ERROR. Fannie and Freddie are terrorist organizations as far as I’m concerned and you keep them afloat. The I Love Everyone; Give Everyone a Home Socialist/Democratic thinking that pervades this nation is not an import and is a disease in Obama government.

    Get Harry and Nancy’s stupid game-playing pleas off my TV. Its been EMERGENCY-EMERGENCY EVER SINCE THEY SHOWED UP. The Obamacare bill was an EMERGENCY. The stimulus money was an EMERGENCY AND NOW GOVERNMENT SHUT-DOWN IS AN EMERGENCY.

    You’ve cried EMERGENCY one too many times you players and I’m tired of being TERRORIZED AND PLAYED!

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