Time to Overhaul Sheila Jackson Lee

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I’m putting this in “entertainment” because this is truly laughable, and honestly an embarrassment to my sensibilities as a modern-day ‘post slavery’ American.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, in response one of the latest Super Bowl ads, is taking offense to one particular ad from Pepsi. In the add, a black couple sits down at a park bench, and when the black man notices a white female jogger who runs by them and sits on the bench next to them, he looks over at her and smiles back when she smiles at him. Following this, the black man, for reasons that are intrinsic to every man who ‘has a woman’, realizes what he’s done and looks back at his woman (the black woman)  who stares back at him coldly and in astonishment, and then in response to that tosses a Pepsi can at his head.

The black man ducks, and the Pepsi can strikes the white woman square in the head, knocking her out onto the ground. At this point the black couple looks at each other, and out of an apparent collective fear for what the woman has done in hitting the other woman in the head with the can, make a mad dash to exit the scene.

For whatever reason representative Jackson-Lee has determined that this is offensive to black people, and worthy of floor time in the House of Representatives. I for one am tired of these ’21st-century’ black representatives and leaders like Jackson-Lee, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and others, who constantly insist on taking us backwards into a racial remembrance which, were they to have it their way, would never be forgotten primarily due to the fact that this is one effective tool that they just can’t stand to give up. For hell’s sake, this was just a damn commercial, and to read into it purposefully a racial connotation is just another example of how “these people”, i. e., Jackson-Lee, Sharpton, Jackson and others, constantly try to pound out a rhythm of racism on a drum that is long worn out, and no longer has a place in a society which is tired of being anchored down by people like them who are incapable of recognizing that “letting go and moving on” is one of the only things preventing them from “letting go and moving on”.

If if Ms. Jackson Lee really wants an example of racism, how about this one? “Why don’t you loosen your Aunt Jemima tight-ass hair bun long enough that your brain can get enough oxygen to understand that it was just a commercial, and not a ‘finger in your eye’ that some black men find white women to be more attractive than some black women.”

Let me qualify that statement by saying that the only reason I made it is because I believe that this is exactly why Ms. Jackson Lee was upset. I believe she was focusing on stereotypes that exist in the black world, and that black women abhor. By doing so, and responding to said commercial, Ms. Jackson Lee perpetuated racism in this country, as opposed to help eliminate it. She did so solely for the purpose of preserving her “tool” of racism.

People like this have no place in our society, and Ms. Jackson Lee’s prior actions which have shown us other examples of or inability to be a responsible, reasonable adult, especially when it comes to issues and matters of race, are exactly the reason we have no place for people like this in Congress.

Were she not so repeatedly stupid, this might be funny. Wake up America, and vote scumbags like her out.

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  1. S. Nicholson says:

    I had to laugh at your Aunt Jemima reference. Once, long ago in a simpler world, it was Halloween. We made our own costumes and I had picked up a black mask with the idea of being Aunt Jemima just like on the pancake box. I must have been about nine or ten.

    I tied on a small inner tube at my waist, wore the bright scarf tied at the front and a colorful skirt. Everywhere I went people laughed and pointed and although there was an air of something I couldn’t quite name, I won 2nd place in the costume contest.

    That evening I won my gold fish, Elmer, by throwing ping-pong balls into fish bowls. I am struck by the innocence of it all back then and how today I might be ripped to shreds.

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