LEAD, Barry… By Example…

It is becoming increasingly difficult, frustrating, and disappointing to watch Barack Obama blunder his way like Mr. Magoo through the perils that this nation is facing during his presidency. It is my hope that the declines in his favorable/unfavorable ratings amongst the electorate are indicators that perhaps others are seeing his ineptness and becoming increasingly frustrated as well. That is at least my hope, but I’m not so sure. After all, many of us saw before he was even elected the risks associated with his inexperience and lack of a track record as a true leader.

Barack Obama made many lofty promises during his campaign for the presidency as well as since he took the oath of office. No I don’t mind so much when a man says he’s going to try to do something and ultimately can do it, but I do mind when it becomes apparent that he is habitually willing to repeat the over-promise and under-deliver mantra of a common politician, especially after working so hard to paint himself as something other than your typical Washington DC sweet talking never answer the question shyster. Barack Obama promised to be different. He promised to be a uniter. He promised to change the tone in Washington. Among the many promises he’s made, it is these promises regarding his compact with the American people to strive to elevate the course of politics and the associated rhetoric in Washington DC, coupled with the 180° about-face when given an opportunity to exercise such leadership.

Every time Barack Obama speaks to the American people about civility or working together for compromise, you can damn sure bet that within 24 to 48 hours his actions will prove that he’s not the man for that task. His snide and condescending remarks come out of one side of his mouth, where just the day before he might’ve given a pep talk which urged people not to do exactly what he will do the next day.

How refreshing it is, in contrast, observe how Congressman Paul Ryan handles himself daily. In the daily tête-à-tête between Ryan and Obama indirectly via the media, it is refreshing to see this “young boy’s” faced congressman smiled politely, respond with elegance and grace and courtesy, all the while getting in his jabs so deftly and cleverly that very does he realize he’s been bitch slapped and outclassed.

Look for Barry to say one day that we shouldn’t make this battle political, and the next day turned right around and inject his own politics into it. Look for him to say one day that we should treat each other with respect and worked to meet in the middle ground, and the next day to speak disrespectfully and insist that there are simply compromises he just won’t make while suggesting others are mean evil or stupid. Or that some should go to the back of the bus… or that we will want alligators in a moat…

Every day this man changes his position or tact dependent on the situation or the crowd he’s speaking to. One day he speaks about elevating the process, the next day he’s twisting the knife in your back. It is becoming apparent that this duplicitous nature is habitual, to the level of likely being pathological. He can’t possibly think in this day and age of 24-hour media, the Internet, and small easy to hide recording devices that he can pull the wool over the eyes of the American people. Or can he? Does he think that? Does he think that the American people are really that stupid?

Actually, when it comes to making a rational decision about who should be president, analyzing their methodology of thoughts, their content of character, and their true ability to lead a nation, I think there are plenty of Americans out there that are incapable of processing that information to the level necessary to make an objective decision to kick this man out of office in 2012. Couple those incapable people with the ideologues out there who will vote for him no matter what (for example blacks, the hard left, single issue mental midgets) and you still have a large enough group of people that will make it difficult to get rid of this ass even if the economy is in the shed or, and unemployment is still above 8%. (Predictions are that it will be about 8.2 come election time.)

My whole point here really is that it’s becoming increasingly evident to more people that this man can’t lead, let alone recognize from day to day his own contradictions evidenced by his action and rhetoric. What this country needs right now is not only people with clear and concise plans of action, but a president and vice president which can truly “lead”. Leadership means that you take bold moves that are well thought out. Leadership means that you can explain your position in a manner that helps disarm your opponent’s without sharp caustic or denigrating retorts. Leaders strive not to strip others of their dignity. Leaders remain consistent. Leaders walked the walk they talk and lead by example without regard or which crowd they’re standing in front of the time.

Unfortunately our country is in one of toughest positions it’s ever been in the last 50 or 60 years. The one thing we need right now more than anything else is a president that can rise to the challenges we face. Barry can’t even rise to the challenges he faces as a man, so how can we expect him to rise to the challenge of leading this nation? If he can’t even from day-to-day, week to week, month-to-month remain consistent and rise to a higher level, how the hell does he expect to inspire others to do the same? The only thing that’s been consistent with this man is his inconsistency, and his tendency to be exactly what he promised he wasn’t- a typical politician (Chicago style, even…)

I agree with Donald Trump. Barack Obama has the potential to go down as one of the worst presidents in history. I am just very worried about what will happen to the rest of us and this nation before we can get this bumbling idiot out of office.

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