Dem’s Setting Up Republicans- But Not How the Media is Telling You

Regarding the current budget discussions on Capitol Hill, many in the media are trying to tell you that the left is trying to set up the republicans by showing that the tea party element that was elected last November is going to be the reason that the government will shut down, if indeed it does. What I find lacking in the analyzation of this theory by the media types, including Fox and other cable outlets, is that they are missing the simpler story, the one that Americans need to hear.

What the Dems are doing is indeed trying to paint the picture that the newly elected tea party types are the problem, not a solution. But I feel there is another underlying method to their (Dems) madness. And that is- beat the other side to the “punch”, even if there was no “punch” to really talk about.

What do I mean?

OK. Simple. Tell the world that YOU, the Dems, have a deal that is close. That’s it. That’s the whole plan.

Yup. That simple. Lie. Say you have a deal that is close and therefore, have political cover when the government DOES shut down. You can then say, as Dems, “we HAD a deal, we were sooooooo close, but the radical elements on the other side derailed it”.

Yes, this is close to what the story coming out of the media outlets sounds like, but it is a bit different, has a bit of a twist. The reality is, there IS no deal that is close. You (Dems) just SAY you have one close, working “behind the scenes”, and this creates the ILLUSION that you were working on a sweet compromise deal with the “reasonable people”. You convince the American people that “well, we tried soooo hard, and were it not for those difficult partisan crazies on the right, especially those unreasonable tea party folks, we would have gotten America’s work done!” SHAME on them!”

All the while, America buys it hook, line and sinker, forgetting to ask for proof that there WAS a deal close.

Speaker of the House Boehner says there is no deal close. Barry and Reid say there is. Reid says they will “work through the weekend” to find a compromise, all the while forgetting that he is trying right now to compromise with the House, instead of trying to get a workable bill through the damn Senate. Oh and by the way, thanks for your hard work through the weekend, ya overpaid frikkin’ partisan suit.

Barry, his sails full of wind from a really paltry report on unemployment under his belt, is trying to set it up as though this stalling by the right is going to re-stall the economy, when, as he put it:

“Given the encouraging news we received today on jobs, it would be the height of irresponsibility to halt our economic momentum because of the same old Washington politics,”

Wait a minute Barry boy. Allllll the other indicators are saying that we are headed for a double dip recession. This sounds a lot like a politically motivated partisan set up wherein one calls the other party “politically motivated partisan’s” for their positions.

Other statements by Barry on this topic?

“It can’t be “my way or the highway” politics…”

Translation? “Please don’t try to treat me/us on this issue like I/we treated you for two years on health care talks.” You ass-head. You had TWO YEARS to pass ANY budget you WANTED. You instead chose to bend the country over, and, well… the rest is for adults only and you adults can figure out the imagery…

“We know that a compromise is within reach. And we also know that if these budget negotiations break down, it could shut down the government and jeopardize our economic recovery.”

Translation? “Shit. This thing is about to tank again, isn’t it? Who can I blame… hmmmm.. Wait! Republicans, who haven’t controlled anything for a good while now! And at the same time, I can pretend we are close on a compromise that does not exist!!!”

Here is my question. I want it answered.

All of you saying that you are “close” to a compromise? DEFINE IT. With WHOM. What does it LOOK LIKE.

Why isn’t our media DEMANDING that we hear answers to those questions?

And why is much of America stupid enough to buy into this kind of a “we were close” setup?

Wake up.

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  1. S. Nicholson says:


    This fine Saturday morning CNN tells me Donald Trump made a speech in Las Vegas and used the “F” word many times. (They played clips) Since serious contenders for the presidency try not to be vulgar, they conclude Donald Trump is not a serious candidate.


    I don’t know if Trump is serious but I’m laughing at Democrats today. They must be shocked, not at the “F” word but at the fact that a self-proclaimed Republican would dare use it. Vulgarisms are only for Democratic comedians like Bill Maher who called Sarah Palin a c*nt, for Joy Behar who called a politician a b*tch and for Janeane Garofalo who has called Republicans every dirty name in her nasty vocabulary.

    I mean really, being vulgar is the domain of Democratic comedians, Hollywood, Californians, and the unwashed masses — isn’t it? The common folk use the “F” word like it was nothing and maybe tomorrow it will be in the dictionary but in the meantime it still offends, shocks some, and we still hold our elected officials, especially presidents and Republicans, to a higher standard.


    So what is CNN trying to tell us? That Mr. Trump is not serious or that Trump is trying to steal the commonly vulgar and the cool folk away by using their language?

    Can Republicans be just as vulgar and gross as Democrats? Sure they can but most try not to offend in that way. Democrats offend daily and consider themselves cool.

    So what does Trump think he’s doing? I don’t know but I don’t think it will hurt the GOP one little tad. Keep kicking in doors, Mr. Trump. It might spur our worthless Congress to stand up for America and Americans for a change.

  2. S. Nicholson says:


    NOW I’ve come to the point where I scream at the TV when Obama comes on — just like I used to scream at the TV when Bush came on. They just keep dishing out the BS and think we’ll believe it.

    LISTEN Obama, we know you could have done that budget way back in October of last year when Democrats controlled everything but you chose, for POLITICAL REASONS, not to do it. Don’t you dare blame Republicans or the Tea Party now. You talk out of both sides of your mouth with a forked tongue and I really don’t know how you’re able to keep a straight face, except for the fact that you’ve had lots of practice.

    You take care of business just like you did with Obamacare, sloppily, at the last minute and pushing and shoving all the way. You are the “my way or the highway” guy, not Boehner. If it were left up to Democrats we would just keep printing money for you to slip to your Unions, GE and the rest of your friends.

    Right now every 40 cents of every dollar you spend IS BORROWED and you won’t do anything — anyhting real — to curb your spending. Short of arm wrestling you to the ground, what are Republicans supposed to do?


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